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Custom Illustrations by Design Pickle: On-demand, custom illustrations for one flat rate. Our team of world-class artists are added to your Design Pickle account with just a click — giving you the ability to request high-quality artwork unlike any other.

100% custom. 100% yours.

What You’ll Get

Professional Illustrators

World-class illustrators and vector artists — managed by Design Pickle for you.

100% Original Artwork

Say goodbye to ordinary stock vectors and hello to completely custom artwork — yours to keep.

Built Into Design Pickle

Request custom illustrations straight from our platform. No need to use more software.

Flexible Subscription

Request as many illustrations as needed — all for a simple monthly flat rate.

All Original Illustrations

Custom Illustrations by Design Pickle provides 100% original and created from scratch following  your specific needs. Our illustrators can help you diversify the quality and style of your brand — while making you stand out from the competition.

Scope Of Work

Curious about what you can create? Here are some examples:


  • Portrait Illustration
  • Product Illustration
  • Photorealistic Illustration
  • Custom Brand Illustration
  • Mascot or Character Illustration
  • Comic Illustration
  • Tattoo Art




  • Custom Typography
  • Custom Line Art
  • Custom Floor Plans
  • Merch Illustrations
  • Storybook Illustrations
  • Illustrated Manuals
  • Coloring Books
  • And Much More!



Exclusive Early Access

As a valued Design Pickle user, you’re getting exclusive access to Custom Illustrations before anyone else. Get on-demand, professional, 100% custom illustrations — yours to keep forever (and major bragging rights).

Custom Artwork Made Easy

If you’ve ever made a Design Pickle request, then you’re ahead of the curve: Custom Illustrations is built into Design Pickle’s platform, so requesting world-class custom illustrations is just a few clicks away. And of course — always one simple flat rate.

What’s The Difference Between Graphic Design And Illustration?

Illustrations can be used in graphic design or an entire piece of content can be an illustration. For example, a graphic novel is an illustrated book, but the cover of a graphic novel and the layout of the panels inside of it are designed and illustrated.

Graphic Design

  • Manipulation of creative assets
  • Branding Implementation
  • Image development
  • Commercial
  • Layout and composition
  • Conveys a message
  • Technical


  • Creation of creative assets
  • Brand ideation
  • Image creation
  • Fine art
  • Integrated into a composition
  • Invokes emotion
  • Conceptual

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