Design Pickle is the world’s #1 graphic design platform that provides unlimited, high-quality design work for thousands of businesses for a flat rate. Founded in 2015 by Russ Perry, Design Pickle was born from the idea that everybody needs access to seamless, reliable and professional graphic design on a consistent basis.

Design Pickle Facts

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona

498,000+ requests completed

400+ full-time staff — and growing!

#345 on Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies

Our Core Values

We Are Friendly

We aim for Mister-Rogers-Level friendliness; every interaction comes from a place of inclusion, empathy, kindness, and respect.

We Are Smart-Working

We are resourceful, efficient, and committed to constant improvement by leveraging our time, technology, and resources.

We Are Trustworthy

We speak from the heart, operate with integrity, and guide every decision, conversation, and action with honesty (even when no one is looking).

We Are Helpful

We embrace our collective responsibility to delight customers, support our teammates, and give back to the community.

We Are Tenacious

We are ambitious creators with grit by the jarful. We take ownership of our decisions and grow from our mistakes.

Our Vision

Our jobs go far beyond Adobe files. Design Pickle is powered through our purpose: To change lives through creativity. We believe in giving back to our community and are dedicated to helping others grow with our products, support, and resources.

Our Purpose

Design Pickle’s mission is to be the most helpful creative company in the world. We are committed to achieving our mission through a three-pronged strategy:

01 Deliver

World-class creative services, products, and careers.

02 Create

Original content to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform others.

03 Advance

The vocation of graphic design around the globe.

Russ Perry


Jim Pedicone

Chief of Staff

Dave Ball

Growth Director

Alex Guevara

Customer Experience Director

Kate Rooney

Brand Director

Nico Moore

Global Operations Director

Ryan Andersen

Lead Engineer

Frank Pace

Finance Director

Erin Steinbruegge

Director of Marketing

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Mikhail San Diego

Mikhail San Diego

Graphic Designer

Meet Our Designer Of The Month

Mikhail has far too many good attributes, and what makes him stand out is his balanced approach in everything. His constant pursuit of learning actuates innovativeness, and his commitment to his role breeds a team with the same vision and values.

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