A Deep Dive into the Minds of Creative Campaigns and Companies

Blending exploration, education, and a dash of fun, Jar of Genius is your go-to for staying informed, entertained, and inspired where creativity and technology converge. Dive in with Design Pickle’s CEO, Russ Perry, to hear the trends, tech, and visionary influencers shaping the creative horizon.

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Jar of Genius

Powered by Design Pickle, hosted by Russ Perry, this exciting, nerdy podcast shines a spotlight on the intersection of creativity and technology. If you leverage, make, or sell creativity or technology, you won’t want to miss this monthly deep dive, full of unfettered opinions from pros and spicy data-backed trends!

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Russ is looking for interviewees whos lives are impacted by the daily dueling forces of creativity and technology. How do these worlds collide in your neighborhood, your job, your hobbies? What tools, processes, policies and strategies do you employ that are pioneering the future? If you have a strong stance with experienced-based opinions, great! Russ will dive into your areas of interest related to your skills, knowledge, and expertise. We’ll craft a topic and narrative together that resonates with you, excites you, and matches the tempo of the podcast. We expect quippy exchanges, humor in every anecdote, and lots of real world examples with data and research to back it up. If you’re interested, please send your inquiries here.