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Design Pickle is the secret weapon for businesses and agencies looking to get design completed without breaking the bank. This page will walk you through the Design Pickle process and show you how to get the most out of our unlimited design services.

  • How the Design Pickle process works

  • What kind of requests you can make with our model

  • If unlimited graphic design service is right for you and your business

  • Maximize your ROI of future marketing campaigns

  • Avoid costly revisions and time-sucking stress


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The leading flat-rate creative services company

Trusted by thousands of brands, Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design service that offers high-quality, cost-effective, and scalable graphic design for any size business or industry. We set out on a mission to change lives through creativity in 2015 and just 5 years later we’ve completed over 500,000 design requests (and counting!).

Design Pickle came to life when our founder, Russ Perry, realized there was a major gap in the entire graphic design industry. You could hire reliable designers and design firms, but they often cost a small fortune. On the other hand, there are cheap freelancers and other graphic design services, but they can be unreliable (and the cost of revisions quickly adds up). Design Pickle was created to be an affordable graphic design alternative that provides a reliable and creative custom design unlike anything available in the graphic design industry.



As you can see from the video above, Pickles just have a different style when it comes to graphic design. You shouldn’t have to pay every single time you need a simple tweak done or even a complete redesign if your designer missed the mark on their first try.

We are not satisfied with your designs until you are, which is why our service comes with unlimited graphic design requests and revisions. There’s no limit to how many new designs you can request or how many revisions you need. Every business day your designer is available and
working on any design requests you have pending.

Do you have multiple brands or businesses? No Problemo! There’s NO LIMIT on the number of brands for which you can use your Design Pickle account. We realize in this fast-paced internet culture, many people have several different brands whether they own multiple businesses or work on multiple projects. Denying our clients the chance to request unlimited brands just doesn’t jive with our mission statement.


Every Design Pickle client is paired up with their own dedicated graphic designer to bring their ideas to life. Our graphic designers are completely ego-free, with quality review teams and managers supporting you and your designer throughout the creative process.

We make sure to pair you with a designer who matches your business, your brand, and how you plan on using our service.

On-boarding is simple. Just answer a few questions so we can learn more about your specific needs and match you with a designer uniquely qualified to serve you.

If you’ve worked with graphic designers before, you know the struggle of trying to keep the same branding consistency in all of your designs. We recognize this struggle and thwart it before any major mistakes are made.


We have created our own app that you will use to manage creative requests, and communicate with your designer. You can use email to submit requests, but the Design Pickle Platform is designed specifically for request management and ensures that you don’t miss any important details.

Design Pickle Platform is also fully integrated with UnsplashAdobe Stock, JumpStory, Pexels, and our very own stock library site FreshStock! If you need a stock photo for your graphic, you can search any of these image databases directly inside the Design Pickle Platform! If you don’t have time to search, you can always tell your designer what you’re looking for and they’ll search for it for you.

The Design Pickle Platform stores all of your past requests for as long as you stay a client. If you ever need a revision, or you just want to look through your past design requests, you can do it directly in the Design Pickle Platform.


Your professional graphic designer works on your requests every business day.


In general, you can expect your first round of designs back in 1-2 business days for our Next-day service. You can expect your first round of designs back the same day with Design Pickle Pro. Your designer works on your queue each business day. However, turnaround time is dependent on two factors:
The complexity of your requests and the number of active requests in your queue.


If you need additional help, we have a 24/5 dedicated customer success team in the trenches ready to handle any challenge you may throw at them. Similar to working with a designated designer, you will get your own dedicated Customer Success team member assigned to you. This helps to build a relationship with your personal Customer Success representative so we can tackle your concerns efficiently and effectively. Just send an email to [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you!


You own everything we create for you. Our designers provide the source files for each project they work on. You receive an editable Adobe file as well as a JPG, PNG, and PDF for every completed design.


You are never locked into a contract and can cancel at any time for any reason. There are no setup or cancellation fees.


Our Design Pickle accounts come with a risk-free 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If we’re not the best fit for your business, you may cancel and get your money back, no questions asked, as long as you cancel within the first 30 days.


You may not need the same graphic output each and every month, so you can put your account on hold for $14.99 per month. We will keep all of your files safe and sound, and you can access any past designs at any time.



Watch A Demo Here

Think of us as your graphic design BFFs! Just like real BFFs, we both need to learn a little bit about each other before making any requests.

After signing up, we’ll ask you a few questions so that we can have a better understanding of your needs and how we can help your business. Then we will walk you through a series of videos that will teach you how to get the most value out of your Design Pickle subscription. You are free to start requesting once the onboarding process is complete!


There is one main way to submit design requests, by using our custom created app, the Design Pickle Platform.


The Design Pickle Platform ensures that you’re not missing any important details with each request you send in.

You can submit a request by following three simple steps:



Step 1 is actually the only step that is mandatory! The other steps in the Design Pickle Platform allow you to thoroughly explain to your designer exactly what you’re looking for so they can nail it on their first attempt. Don’t worry – you will still be able to request unlimited revisions if needed!

In Step 1, you’ll name your design, pick your file size and dimensions, and describe what you want in your request. The other fields in Step 1 are completely optional, but filling them in will help your designer get a general vibe and style direction of your new request.

You also have the option to fill in the target audience for your design, share links to inspiring photos or websites you want your designer to gain inspiration from, and you’ll have a chance to describe what you’re NOT looking for.

At the bottom, you can select which file type(s) you need for your design. By default, we will provide a JPG, PNG, PDF, and Adobe source files.



In Step 2, you’ll have a chance to search the Unsplash and Getty Images database. Unsplash is free for all clients to browse, but access to the Getty Images database costs an extra $25 per month.

If you require a stock photo added to your design request simply select “Yes, I need photos”. Then answer whether you prefer to search for your own photos, or if you’d like your designer to search for you.

If you want to search for your own photos, select “Find my own photos”. A search box will appear and you can search for what you’re looking for. Unsplash will automatically load photos with that keyword. If you upgraded to Getty Images, you can browse their database too.

If you want your designer to search for you, just tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll do the legwork for you! Onward to Step 3!


Step 3 is the place to upload any assets you would like to share with your designer for your request. You can upload logos, branding colors, a specific font, or even a hand-drawn doodle of what you’re looking for! Don’t worry if you’re not a good artist; our designers are good enough to turn your napkin drawing into graphic design gold.

Once you get into a good flow with your designer and understand what makes a great request, you can begin to send in email requests to your designer.


The Design Pickle Platform will store all of your past requests for as long as you’re a client. If you ever need a revision, or you just want to look through your past design requests, you can do that all directly in the Design Pickle Platform.

Our unlimited graphic design service quickly delivers quality designs. However, we aren’t a replacement for a full-time designer. Services not within our scope include:

  • Website coding
  • Motion graphics
  • Video editing

Our list of what we CAN make for you is rather extensive. Since we’ve delivered over 500,000 unique design requests, we have been able to make graphics for just about everything under the sun.

Here are just some of the requests that we’ve seen come through the Design Pickle Platform

  • Digital graphics
  • Infographics
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Lead Magnets
  • Event graphics
  • eBooks
  • Flyers
  • Icons
  • Blog post graphics
  • Worksheets
  • Online Ads
  • Signs
  • Social media graphics
  • Business cards
  • T-shirts
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Tour posters
  • Job post graphics
  • Banners
  • Other promotional materials
  • Brochures
  • And so much more!

Now, you should have a better idea of what kind of graphics you can expect from Design Pickle. So let’s walk through a few of our most popular sample requests. Again, you can use email or the Design Pickle Platform to submit your requests.


Let’s be real—The creative process can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a few tries for your dedicated graphic designer to really lock into your business’s branding style. We offer unlimited revisions because we want you to be in love with your final designs.

The easiest way to FALL IN LOVE is to learn how to work with a graphic designer. You can directly reply to any email or Design Pickle Platform request to provide feedback for that specific project.

All feedback should follow these three basic rules:

  1. Be Clear
  2. Be Specific
  3. Be Actionable

And remember, your feedback doesn’t always have to be negative. Our designers are real people just like you and they love when you provide positive feedback when they really nailed your designs.

On the surface, our service is for anybody who has had any experience working with a graphic designer.

Does that mean we won’t accept clients who have never used a graphic designer before? Not exactly, but we’ve noticed that those who have worked with a graphic designer in the past typically have more success with our service.

Why? Those who have experience working with graphic designers are usually able to provide better directions to their Design Pickle designer and they understand the design process with more clarity.

Traditionally, Design Pickle’s unlimited graphic design services have helped thousands of agencies scale smarter, marketing teams drive revenue growth, and start-ups have all seen success with using Design Pickle for their graphic design needs.


  1. You have too many designs needs and need more support
  2. You’re spending too much money on your freelance or in-house designer
  3. You’re tired of surprise charges during the revision process
  4. You need an affordable on-demand service
  5. You need a designer who is reliable
  6. You need an ego-free designer
  7. You’re tired of getting into lengthy & expensive contracts
  8. You’ve overpaid for a designer before

You should sign up for DESIGN PICKLE today if any of these resonate with you.

What Does Unlimited Really Mean?

Design Pickle offers a flat-rate graphic design service that allows you to submit endless design requests and revisions. Does that mean if you need a bazillion designs, you could send them all in?

The quick answer is a big YES! We welcome any and all requests within our Official Scope of Design Service (not one at a time or a weekly limit!).

Just remember that our throttle here on completing your bajillion-kazillion designs is turnaround time.

The requests you send in simply form a queue, and since you only have one primary designer, they can only work on one request at a time.

However, the price you sign up with is the price you pay every month, no matter how many requests or revisions you send in!

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Request Or Revision?

There’s no firm rule for how many requests your designer can complete in a work day.

These factors will affect turnaround time:

  • The complexity of your request
  • How many requests in your queue
  • How many subscriptions you have

We do have some general guidelines for what you may expect from one (or more) subscriptions.

One subscription may look like one of the following:

  • 3 customized social media graphics or 10 templated social media graphics
  • 1 single-sided event flyer or 1 double-sided real-estate flyer
  • 1 Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  • 8 plain text tees or 4 typography tees or 1-2 graphic tees
  • 1 product background removal

Two subscriptions may look like one of the following:

  • 6 customized social media graphics or 20 templated social media graphics
  • Four podcast cover graphics
  • 2 Variations of a Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  • An event flyer with 4 variations
  • A background removal with complex shapes

These are just guidelines and not exact estimates! The time to receive a design or edit back will vary depending on the complexity of your request.

No request is created equal. Each client will find their own individual pace with our service that’s valuable to them and their business.

Thankfully we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you’re able to see if our service is valuable without any stress!

Sign up today and let us help you level up your design output.

While some Design Pickle clients love waking up to a new design in their inbox from their designer, some users prefer that their designer works during US hours. Working the same hours means getting your revisions done immediately rather than having to wait until the next creative round to give feedback to your designer. With your Design Pickle Pro virtual graphic designer, clients who do not want to wait another day don’t have to!

Introducing Design Pickle Pro, your design assistant. Now you can request and receive your graphics on the same day!


Design Pickle Pro is a new faster tier of Design Pickle offering a dedicated graphic designer available to clients during US business hours. You’ll be able to collaborate in real-time with your designer to make edits and provide feedback during the time that is most convenient for you. Plus, a lower designer to client ratio means that your designer will have more bandwidth exclusive to you and getting your design needs met.


Design Pickle Pro clients can communicate with their designer in real-time meaning your designer will be able to get more designs done for you in a standard business day.

Real-time communication enables your designer to knock out revisions quicker as well as tackle design requests more efficiently. If either you or your designer has a question regarding a specific project, you can quickly hop into Slack and ask it. Slack will send notifications so you can reply or get an answer in minutes.

Our designers will try to get done what they can with the time they have in their shift.


Need a quick change made to your latest request? No problem. Want to hear what your
designer has in mind for a design? Ask them right now! Don’t want to wait another day to see
what your designer was up to? You got it. You’ll be blown away by how much better working in
real-time with your designer is. No more waiting a day to get your requests.

Real-time communication with your designer will be powered by Slack (which is free to use!).
When you become a Design Pickle Pro client, you will be added to a private Slack channel with your
designer, a quality reviewer, a production manager, and a representative from our Customer
Success team. Slack will be like your own little private design club where you can collaborate with your designer, request edits, and get your questions answered.

You will benefit most by having one primary point-of-contact to manage your Slack channel.
Your designer will then have a dedicated individual to contact if they have any questions.


Design Pickle Pro is like having your own part-time designer for a fraction of the cost and with
more perks.

You are able to develop a better, more intimate graphic design experience as you collaborate
with your designer every business day in real-time. And if you have any issues, your account will
be backed up by our world-class support team.


Anyone interested in the Design Pickle Pro can sign up here.

Here’s how the Design Pickle Pro tier will work:

  • You can continue submitting requests as you usually do with Design Pickle
    through or via email.
  • When you submit a request, the Design Pickle Platform will know that you’re a Design Pickle Pro client and will
    automatically route it to the Design Pickle Pro team. The team will do the standard
    request review to make sure the request is sound and ready to start work. If we
    have any questions regarding your request, we will send you a message in Slack.
    Once everything looks good on our end, your designer will get to work. You can
    then collaborate as needed in Slack.
  • Your designer will be available for collaboration as much or as little as you need
    them. They will be available in Slack during US business hours (9-5 MST) on weekdays (and


Design Pickle Pro is great for people who have worked with a graphic designer before, understand the process of working with a designer, and want their designs delivered faster. It is particularly helpful for clients whose requests tend to have many small edits that can be made with a quick back and forth, real-time chat with your designer. Design Pickle Pro will also benefit those tired of surprise charges as well as those who would like more oversight and reliability to the production of their graphic design.

If that sounds like you, you can sign up here.


Design Pickle Pro may not work well for teams who work outside of US business hours compatible
time-zones, teams that would rather take a “set it and forget it” approach towards their requests
queue, or teams that do not want to collaborate with their designer in real-time.

If this sounds like you, our Standard Plan will be a better fit for you and your business needs.


Design Pickle Pro is $995/month with a 21-day risk free satisfaction guarantee.


There is no long-term commitment you must make to Design Pickle Pro. If at any time you’re
dissatisfied with our Design Pickle Pro or simply want to move back to a Standard Plan, just let us know!


Custom Illustrations by Design Pickle is our newest service, offered as a stand alone product or an add-on to your current Design Pickle plan. Custom Illustrations grants you on-demand, custom illustrations for one flat rate. Our team of world-class artists are added to your Design Pickle account giving you the ability to request high-quality artwork unlike any other.


  • PROFESSIONAL ILLUSTRATORS – World-class illustrators and vector artists — managed by Design Pickle for you.
  • 100% ORIGINAL ARTWORK – Say goodbye to ordinary stock vectors and hello to completely custom artwork — yours to keep.
  • BUILT INTO DESIGN PICKLE PLATFORM – Request custom illustrations straight from our platform. No need to use extra software..
  • FLEXIBLE SUBSCRIPTION – Request as many illustrations as needed — all for a simple monthly flat rate.



Curious about what you can create? Here are some examples:

  • Portrait Illustrations
  • Product Illustrations
  • Photorealistic Illustration
  • Custom Brand Illustration
  • Mascot or Character Illustration
  • Comic Illustration
  • Tattoo Art
  • Custom Typography
  • Custom Line Art
  • Custom Floor Plans
  • Merch Illustrations
  • Storybook Illustrations
  • Illustrated Manuals
  • Coloring Books
  • And Much More!


This service is great for people who have worked with any illustrators or vector artists in the past, understand the process of working with an illustrator, and want their designs delivered fast but done correctly.  Custom Illustrations will also benefit those businesses looking to diversify the quality and style of their brand — while making their brand stand out from the competition.

If that sounds like you, you can sign up here.


Custom Illustrations by Design Pickle a flat-rate cost of  $499/month with a 21-day risk free satisfaction guarantee.


There is no long-term commitment or contracts you must make for Design Pickle Custom Illustrations. If at any time you’re
dissatisfied with our service or simply want something different, just let us know!


Project Managers by Design Pickle is our newest add-on service to your current Design Pickle plan. Not enough time to put in your requests? Project Managers is a white-glove request management service for submitting and revising graphic design requests with your Design Pickle account.


  • White-glove onboarding: Account setup, integrations, and more
  • Management of graphic design requests and revisions
  • A 30-min status call each week
  • Real-time collaboration via Slack and email during Business hours

Design Pickle Project Manager DOES NOT support the following types of requests:

  • Daily phone calls (exceptions may apply)
  • Conversations outside of Design Pickle request management (creative direction, strategic planning)
  • Administrative work (emailing clients, publishing blog posts on a website, creating newsletters)
  • Copywriting


The Design Pickle Project Manager add-on is $495 per month for the first 5 subscriptions and an additional $495 for every additional 5 subscriptions.

 You can try out one of our friendly, world-class Project Managers to manage your ongoing graphic design needs. Interested? Schedule a VIP consultation here.


A New Approach to Graphic Design. Simple. Scalable. Reliable

Whether you have considered hiring an in house designer, tried to manage a freelancer, or even worked with one of those “other design sites,” we know it sucks. Design Pickle is all about making your life easier. AKA not suck. All for one flat rate.

Graphic design has become a cornerstone of business in today’s rapidly expanding digital landscape. Even if your business doesn’t operate solely online (like ours does), you still need various graphics for social media, flyers for promotions, and maybe even a billboard (yes, we’ve done it!).

The truth is, it’s hard to quantify just how many graphic designs you’ll need over a certain period of time. This is one of the many reasons why our flat-rate models are so popular with our current clients. But one thing is undeniable – effective graphic design can have a huge impact on your ROI.

Effective graphic design enables your business to:

  • Create strong first impressions
  • Make killer blog posts and promote them on social (without worry that you’re infringing on anyone’s copyright)
  • Build brand identity and bring awareness to your brand
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Increase sales

And remember: a picture (or graphic!) is worth 1000 words.

Ready to get a better design experience?