3 Ways A Design Pickle Production Coordinator Increases Your Creative ROI

Updated Jan. 25, 2024 Published Jan. 5, 2024 2 Min. Read

Are you ready with a game plan to jump-start 2024 with gusto? If leveling up your creative game is on your New Year’s resolutions list, Design Pickle has just the solution for you: a Power Plan. Our high-quality, high-output Power Plans are designed to cater to a host of creative needs, from heavy production output to video editing. And, one of the key benefits of our versatile Power Plans is partnering with a dedicated Production Coordinator.

Our collaborative Production Coordinators elevate your creative partnership with Design Pickle by:

  1. Overseeing timelines to ensure your deliverables are completed on schedule. Each day, your Production Coordinator is reviewing what’s in your queue and will share requests’ statuses and ETAs. And, if your priorities change, they can easily pivot and align resources. Best of all, they optimize the daily design time for your Power Plan, which means more output and ROI.
  2. Streamlining communication. The Production Coordinator oversees your team’s Slack channel and manages and coordinates with the assigned creative team. They can facilitate revision feedback, as well as flag and resolve questions. With their expert coordination and communication skills at work, you’re free to tackle everything else on your to-do list while the Design Pickle team focuses on top-notch creative work.
  3. Ensuring visual consistency for campaign requests. Need social, print collateral, and animation to be all visually aligned for a campaign?. No problem. Your team’s Production Coordinator will facilitate an internal review of design continuity for campaign requests. They can also recommend the designer on your team who is the best fit for a particular creative project and will coach the design team on specific design preferences.

An added bonus: All Power Plans have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Another benefit of Design Pickle’s Power Plans is the partnership you’ll develop with your Client Success Manager. As your internal advocates, Customer Success Managers share best practices for using the Design Pickle Platform, review design quality and output, conduct quarterly business reviews, provide training on product enhancements, develop a customer success plan, and so much more.

Here’s to creativity and collaboration in 2024. Discover how Design Pickle’s Power Plans can elevate your creative bandwidth and hear from our Power Plan clients first hand.

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