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May 6, 2020

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After a successful first launch, we are happy to announce the return of our Random Acts of Design (RAD) program — the quarterly project created to connect non-profit organizations with the creative resources they need. 

RAD has been an extension of our mission to be the most helpful creative company in the world. By providing access to high-quality design, non-profit organizations can produce flyers, logos, one-pagers, and countless other promotional items that elevate their business but are seldom in the budget. The addition of these marketing materials makes it easier for non-profits to reach volunteers, fundraise, and increase membership.

Every quarter, we adopt an organization to receive three free months of our standard creative services. The program recipient will also receive 1-on-1 leadership training and marketing development. 

A Look at Our Past Winner

During our first launch, we had success with the non-profit After8ToEducate as we worked to scale their social media efforts. Founded in Dallas, After8 supports unsheltered high school youth in their local district. The program brings together community resources to reduce the number of unsheltered young adults and foster self-sufficiency. With the use of our service, After8 created graphics to bolster their fundraising and volunteer efforts, and enhance their newsletter. The addition of this content became a key tool in bringing support, help, and hope to students experiencing homelessness in Dallas.

We are excited to aid the mission of our next program winner and help them achieve their own design goals!

How Do I Apply This Quarter?

If your organization has 501(c)(3) status and is in need of design support, we encourage you to apply! By filling out our quick questionnaire, you can share how Random Acts of Design would impact your non-profit and magnify the work being done in your community. You can also use our questionnaire to nominate an organization you believe could benefit from our services; you will just need to have their Tax ID or EIN ready to provide. If you need help locating these numbers, they can be found here.

Submissions are open from May 1st until May 14th. We will announce the winner on our social channels on May 15th. We’re excited to get started and help change lives through creativity!

If your non-profit organization is ever in need of design help, Design Pickle is always available to troubleshoot your creative challenges and spark new ideas.

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