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May 8, 2020

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Welcome to the Design Pickle Product Update!

Read on to learn about all of the new features and improvements to the Design Pickle platform.

[NEW] Fresh Stock Assets now available in the Request Wizard

We just launched our very own Fresh Stock Asset Library (beta), which is now available to all Design Pickle customers to use during the request process. When adding Stock Assets to your request, you can now choose from Unsplash, Pexels, Getty (if you have a Premium Stock subscription), and now Fresh Stock!

At launch, we have more than 10,000 unique vectors and templates, all designed by our incredibly talented design team. We will be publishing more illustrations weekly, and we plan to publish 25,000+ assets by the end of the month.

Learn more here:

[UPDATE] Photos section replaced by Assets in the Request Wizard

Because our stock assets include photos, icons, illustrations, and possibly more in the future, we are now asking if you want to add stock assets to your request rather than stock images.

[UPDATE] Fresh Stock tab added in the Assets section

The Fresh Stock tab has been placed to the right of the Getty tab. Same functionality, just an additional tab!

[UPDATE] DPUs are now subscriptions

If you’ve been used to hearing and seeing the term DPUs (Design Processing Units), we have now changed our terminology to subscriptions (or stacked subscriptions). The functionality is the same (the more you have, the more design output you get), just the terminology has changed.

Any questions? Let us know by contacting our Customer Success team.

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