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Design Pickle Announces Newest In-App Generative AI Tool To Support the Creative Brief Process

September 26, 2023

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Design Pickle is the First to Usher In Generative AI into the Creative-As-A-Service Space

Scottsdale, Ariz. – In the quest to continually improve the design request process, Design Pickle has launched another enhancement to their suite of in-app generative AI tools.

The race to infuse intentional and, frankly, helpful AI tooling into SaaS products everywhere is well underway and highlights a strong theme for marketers in 2023. Design Pickle is focused on pioneering a very specific path – improving and enabling the way that people work with real, talented creative designers.

AI-tooling research and development at Design Pickle revolves around ways to expedite and clarify relaying a vision to a designer. “We believe that the sweet spot for AI in your creative process is anywhere that can close the gap between human limitations and new innovation,” says Russ Perry, CEO & founder of Design Pickle. “Since day one as a company, we’ve been focused on eliminating the universal problem of achieving designs at scale. It’s so exciting to see AI accelerate us in a way that supports, not replaces, the human element.”

Design Pickle’s current AI suite of tools includes Request Assist and Create Assist, with Edit Assist and others on the horizon in early 2024. Both Request Assist and Create Assist, are available today to all plan types and users as an optional feature. These tools are engineered to generate copy or a design using a simple prompt which users can leverage to kickstart their creative brief, and/or generate a visual supporting image using text-to-image or image-to-image prompts. This enhancement can eliminate the need to “speak designer,” and more clearly communicate ideas to designer(s).

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