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Living The Warriors Way

Do you listen to that voice inside your head? Tune in to this week’s episode of the Russ Perry Show for a real-life example of why you should always listen to that voice inside your head.

Russ is back live in the studio after attending the WarriorCon2 during last week’s episode.

Russ goes into detail about how Living The Warriors Way has been a life-altering experience and played an enormous role in the success of his life as well as Design Pickle.


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– Welcome everybody. I’m so happy to be back in the studio. Hopefully you caught my four-minute Russ Perry Show last week. We are back and I am insanely excited for today’s episode because we are doing the Russ Perry Show Live Warrior Edition. Stay tuned.
Okay. Welcome back. So you might be wondering why I have this crazy k-bar amazing knife that says wake up warrior and warrior week on it, and I will get to that answer in a second, but today I am excited because we just got back, me and a couple of the team members, uh, can’t figure that out, just got back from a WarriorCon2, which is a semi-annual conference that the Warrior had this year, and a couple of my team members went, a couple of my friends went, but what is warrior and why are we talking about warrior today?
The short of it, warrior is the number one men’s training system in the world, teaching men world-wide how to level up their game in four areas of their life: their body, their being, which is relationship, spiritually, balance, which is your relationships with your significant others, families, people, and, then, business, making money. Two years ago I remember it, actually, it was more like 26 months ago, I remember vividly, vividly, a friend of mine, Luke Cayem, sending me a link saying, Hey man, I’m looking to kind of create my own personal brand. At this time Luke had owned a CrossFit gym, and he was segmenting out of that, trying to get, technically it wasn’t a CrossFit gym, it was like a CrossFit-ish gym, and he was wanting to launch his own personal brand.
He sent me a link and he said, Russ, check this out. I want you to take a look at it, and he sent me a link, wakeupwarrior.com So, of course I click on it, and before I knew it I had this guy, Garrett J. White, yelling at me, cussing, like really intense videos. I was intrigued. So, I put in more information, and lo-and-behold I found out he used Infusionsoft. Well, of course I used Infusionsoft at the time. RIP Infusionsoft. And, so I said well, in my mind, I want to learn more about how he uses Infusionsoft.
Well that turned into me falling deep down the rabbit hole of content marketing and videos, and what I learned beneath all of it, beneath the bravado, beneath the macho-ness of the brand, which was much more intense at the time, was there was a guy, Garrett, trying to teach a system for guys on how to win at life. That was it. Garrett was a hurting man in 2000’s, in 2009, 2010, and he created a system for himself to kind of game-ify the things that we should do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, in order to push our lives forward. So, he started this experience called Warrior Week.
So that was my first thing I did in 2015, is I went to a Warrior Week. This was a very expensive engagement in which I proceeded to have a life-altering experience, and I don’t use that term lightly. Warrior Week truly transformed my life. It wasn’t about the experience in itself. It was literally an experience in which I was able to look inside of me, and look inside of who Russ Perry was, and analyze that. Where I was at the time. Where I’d come from, and then, eventually, get to the point of where did I want to go.
Now this may seem very simple to some folks, but I found, especially as a married entrepreneur, kids, all this stuff going on, I had really not done that kind of introspection before. I was always the guy that was like I’m going to go to this conference, I’m going to go meet this guy, I’m going to go read this book, and I’m going to try to find the answers out there because if they’ve been successful, then obviously they have something that they can teach me.
What I learned for the first time ever, during this Warrior Week, that all the answers are actually inside me. The clarity that I had required, the clarity that I was seeking, was inside me. Warrior Week, if you ever get a chance to experience it, is like ripping a band-aid off of many of your beliefs, and underneath that band-aid is you in your most pure form.
So, I grew in certainty. I grew in confidence, and I pushed forward through into other programs that they had. Now, my experience didn’t stop at Warrior Week. After that, there’s accountability programs, there’s masterminds, there’s more conferences, and I just wanted to show a collection of items that I had.
They did a dvd set. They did this cool, digital book. I don’t know if the battery still works on it. I don’t know. Probably not. This was really cool. A lot of them didn’t work. I got binders. I got book A, book B. This was my packet from Warrior Week. I got this other book, and actually I have a few more that are out to friends.
So what the hell is all this content? This is training content. This is content created by Garrett J. White, and then taught to all of us guys. Now there are thousands of men around the world in what we call “Living the Warrior’s Way”, which is really adopting a set of operating principles like an operating system that we’re using for our own life.
So, fast-forward to July 2017, this year, and, at the conference that I was at, it was a week-long conference in July, there was an opportunity to become certified as a trainer inside the game of warrior. I had no intentions of doing coaching, or doing training like I’d been taught, but there was a voice inside of me saying, Russ, you need to do this. The success of your business depends on you expanding as a man, and, so, I invested in it, and last week I’m proud to announce that I am the number sixth, I don’t know if you can see this on the camera here, Camera B, oh, is it on auto-focus, I don’t know.
– Yeah.
– Too close. Anyway. This is a ring that I received because I am the sixth, number six person, to be certified as a trainer for Warrior.
So, during this event last week I had a cool chance to participate in a speaking competition, which I won, and I’m going to show you the intro to that video because it kind of dives into the conversation a little bit, and after the break I’m going to talk to you about a few key take-aways on what I have learned during the certification process, as well as where I’m going with all this knowledge and this new platform that I’m going to be working with inside of Design Pickle as well as inside my personal brand.
So, here it is. This was actually the intro video that I created. There are some explicit words in here, so children please cover your ears. This is the intro video that I created for my fifteen minute presentation that I gave and won during WarriorCon2 last week. Enjoy.
[Video begins] There’s nothing more awkward than doing a voice-over for your own intro, but, well, Jeremy Tyler’s currently on tour, so, who gives a Where should we start?
I think every great presentation should start with guns. How about guns in slow motion. No, actually, how about this. Guns in slow motion and a pickle barrel exploding. Yeah. Alright. Let’s start there.
You might be asking yourself how the hell does this have anything to do with business? Mm, it doesn’t. But, holy, guns at three thousand frames per second is bad So, let’s get to the real intro.
Like I said, I’m Russ Perry. I’ve been living the Warrior’s Way since September 2015. That’s about 40 years inside the warrior time warp. Today we’re going to talk about business. Money. Making warm cheddar rain down from the sky.
So why should you listen to me? I don’t have a big, fancy beard. I’m not the most senior guy inside the game. I mean, for crying out loud, I only drive a humble Tesla Model X. A far cry from you fancy guys out here in SoCal with your Aventadors.
There’s one reason for you to stay tuned in over the next 17 minutes. Big results. Since starting inside the game of living the Warrior’s Way, my life has leveled up unequivocally across all core four areas of body, being, balance and business. We’re talking 10x growth here, gentlemen.
I’ve gone from jump rope guy to endurance athlete. Lifting pickles to moving some real weight. Weekend vacations have expanded to six week adventures, internationally. Connection with my wife and daughters is off the charts. My business has scaled from six digits of annual revenue to generating a half-million dollars of recurring revenue every single month.
I’ve even leveled up my beard game, to some extent. In less than a minute I’m going to share my biggest secret inside the game of business, and, specifically, getting paid. But know this, I would have nothing without a ruthless commitment to core four and the Warrior’s Way.
My credibility on the stage doesn’t come from my good intentions of wanting to live the Warrior’s Way. My credibility doesn’t come from how long I’ve been in the game. My credibility doesn’t even come from fancy, promotional videos. My credibility comes from actually achieving the big results across body, being, balance and business. So, enough hype. Let’s get to the stage.
Let me be the first person to introduce myself. Please make some noise. Get on your feet, and welcome Russ, the Pickle, Perry, to the stage. [Video ends]
Yeahhhh. Oh, there we go. We’re back. So, I think I’m really now on new levels with my beard game. I just wanted to point that out.
So there you have it. That was an intro that I played last week as I was setting up my presentation and a conversation that I had, which I’m not going to get into today. We’ll definitely cover it on a future Russ Perry episode around listening to the voice.
So, when I look back at the success that Design Pickle has had, and, particularly, the growth that we’ve had with our business, I look back and I can tell the number one reason I have been successful is in my ability to listen to the voice, and that’s that voice inside of us.
Arguably could be God. Arguably could be our conscience. Arguably could be, you know, some other vibration of the universe coming inside of us, which we always hear, but the problem we so often get into, which was definitely a problem the first say nine or ten years of my entrepreneurial career, is that we don’t have certainty in trusting that voice.
The true irony is, is that the voice inside of us is the quickest and most certain path to success, but, yet, instead, we get other people’s voices and media and doubts and past stories and fear, and all of these things that pile up on top of it, on top of the voice, until when the voice, which can normally be a very loud, booming voice, ends up becoming nothing, becoming silent by all of these other things.
So, my journey inside a warrior, and we’re going to be talking about this over the next few weeks, different lessons, different things that I’ve learned inside of this program, it begins with me being able to discover the thing that is always inside of me, and that is the power and certainty within my own voice.
Let me give you a great example of this. There’s actually an example that I gave during my presentation last week. For the last, I don’t know, ten months, I’ve been training for the world’s toughest mudder. If you’re not familiar with this, this is an event that I did last year, November of 2016, and it is a 24-hour race. Now, last year, I was very proud. I did 50 miles of this. It’s a 5-mile loop, 20 obstacles. You do it through the day, through the night for 24 hours, and it’s as many laps as you can complete. I completed 10 laps. Never done an obstacle course ever in my life, and I did 10 laps, which, good for me.
So, after that, a few months later, an opportunity comes to sign up for 2017, and I’m in. I’m all in. I want to do this. So, I train. I get my gear, and two weeks ago, or three weeks ago this time, the Thursday we’re supposed to leave, the race was on Saturday, I’m literally two hours away from getting picked up and headed out to Lake Las Vegas, outside of Las Vegas where it was held, and I’m here, in this room, right here, I’m actually on the other side of this camera, looking out to the parking lot, which past that is WestWorld, it’s a big equestrian center, and the voice inside me says do not go.
Now, this isn’t a voice that’s like do not go, you can’t do it. This isn’t a voice like do not go, I’m nervous. This was literally a voice. Do not go. And so, thought about it. Actually, went outside, took a lap around the parking lot. Got some fresh air, and looked at my phone. Text messaged my teammate, Luke, the same man who introduced me to Warrior, oddly enough, and I said, Hey man, I’m out.
He came by. We had a chat. Everything was cool. Luke’s a really relaxed guy, and I was out. Now, that alone is a very small voice, a voice that I needed to trust in. There was no reason why I couldn’t go. My wife was cool. I had trained. I had all the gear. Time was clear, but there was something inside of me. The voice saying do not go.
So, 12 hours later, it’s Veterans Day, my daughter had the day off and I took her to work with me here. Well, I was supposed to be in Las Vegas so I had no plans. So, I brought her in, my 12-year-old, and we go to breakfast.
During this breakfast, Maddox, a junior-higher, precedes to open up about a lot of things in her personal life, and problems with school, friends, good things, bad things, nothing major, nothing traumatic, but in that moment I knew why the voice said do not go.
It’s because there was this other opportunity more important than a race, more important than beating myself up for 24-hours, and that was connection with my daughter. So, when I look back over the last almost three years, next month is going to be our three month anniversary, and I can go back to how and why we’ve had success, and why I have massive confidence in success. It is because my ability to trust in and have certainty in the voice inside of me, and I have Warrior to thank for that.
They didn’t create that certainty. All they did was they opened my eyes to the possibility that that voice exists inside of me, and, guess what, if you listen to it, amazing things will happen.
And, so, this is going to be our journey for the Russ Perry show over the next, I don’t know, four weeks, eight weeks, until I get bored talking about it. We’re going to tackle a topic that I’ve learned each week inside this conversation with you and I. The Russ Perry show’s going to get real.
We’re going to really dive into some new lessons, some things you’ve probably never heard of. We’re going to shift out of this fun, storytelling, kind of wild goose chase of content, as we’ve been exploring the show, content and structure, and we’re gonna dive into solid, fact-based principles that I not only have lived, I have seen thousands of others live and get results in the same way.
So, I’m really excited, and I can not wait for you to join me on this journey. If you’re not yet a part of our email list I want you to go to designpickle2d.wpengine.com/show, and get signed up. We’ve not started marketing yet, but very soon we’re going to be starting a weekly recap on the show, the topics, even action guides that we’re going to be publishing for each episode.
So, this is going to be a fun journey, and I can not wait for you to be on it, and later, next January, that’s when my book launches. We’re going to shift the conversation even a little bit more and talk about my book titled “The Sober Entrepreneur”, as well as this journey of sobriety that I’ve been on over the last four years.
So, I hope you find some enjoyment out of this, and if there’s anything I can leave you with today it’s to think about where in your life are you listening to the voice, and it’s loud and clear and you can trust it, and where in your life are you not listening to the voice. Either you’re hearing it, but you’re ignoring it, or you don’t hear it at all.
I’d love to hear. Post comments on YouTube if you’re watching this on the replay. If this is on the live stream post it on my video here on my Russ Perry page, and we’ll talk to you next time. Thank you so much. We’ll see you next week on The Russ Perry Show.

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