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Graphic design makes the world go ’round. It helps you inform, engage, and entice consumers to choose your brand over the competition. In fact, graphic elements can be the first interaction prospects have at the top of the marketing funnel. From that point, you can nurture those leads all the way to the finish line.

If you’re not convinced that graphic design is essential, think of your favorite companies. Envision their product packaging or logos. You’re likely picturing graphics. Those graphics have become so familiar that you can identify them from far away. Who hasn’t recognized an Amazon Prime delivery van by its telltale arrow swoosh?

Of course, accepting that creative design solutions are vital to the health, profitability, and scalability of your organization is one thing. Creating top-notch graphics that motivate people to take action is another. Chances are strong that you won’t generate graphics yourself, personally, unless that’s your talent. So what are your staffing options for hiring a designer and getting high-quality graphics?


Traditional Ways to Hire a Graphic Designer

The most straightforward way to access professional help is to hire a graphic designer. However, that’s costly and time-consuming. You have to sift through portfolios, offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, onboard your chosen applicant, and hope the new hire doesn’t leave too soon. Oh, and you’re locked into paying an agreed-upon salary, even if you need fewer graphic designs than you presumed.

Graphic design agencies are another option. Agencies usually work on per-project models based on an hourly rate. This helps you reduce your out-of-pocket costs. However, you’ll be relegated to the agency’s timetable. Busy agencies may take a while to produce what you need. And if you have a tight turnaround, you can expect to pay premium fees.

You can also hire freelance graphic designers individually or through a marketplace. Freelance graphic designers will often be open to attractive deals, especially if they’re hungry for work. Unfortunately, because they have so many clients, communication might not be consistent. Likewise, if your project requires the input of several freelancers, getting them on the same page can be frustrating, particularly if they’re all working different hours in a variety of locations.

Although marketplaces that connect independent graphic designers with clients can help reduce the friction inherent in hiring freelancers, marketplaces also have their limitations. Many freelancers who use marketplaces are charged high fees, meaning they want to accept as many projects as they can. The more projects they complete, regardless of quality, the higher their overall income.

A New and Improved Way to Get Graphic Design

The best way of adding graphic design talent to your company’s roster combines the best of all worlds. Subscription-based models like Design Pickle give you the benefits of in-house designers at predictable prices.

Investing in a subscription workforce enables you to effectively and affordably maintain a personalized relationship with a full-time graphic designer whose background and expertise meshes with your needs.

Subscription models serve many purposes and offer several key advantages:

1. You get the best person for the job.

At Design Pickle, we ask you questions up front to connect you with a world-class graphic designer best suited for your needs. Our designers consider themselves part of your team. And if the match doesn’t work, we’ll work with you to find the best designer to fit your needs.

2. You receive no-surprise billing.

No one likes sticker shock. Subscription models eliminate the possibility of billing surprises because it’s the same flat rate instead of paying by the hour, which makes budgeting a piece of cake. Additionally, Design Pickle offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee plus unlimited design requests and revisions.

3. You can scale your creative design solutions.

The beauty of working with your matched designer is that the more he or she works with you, the better the result. We recommend giving as many details and input as possible (designers aren’t mind readers, after all), but soon you’ll establish a rhythm with your designer. You still get the personal touch, but you don’t have to work as hard to scale up your creative output.

4. You don’t have to upgrade your tech stack.

Why add another piece to your tech stack? Subscription-based designers already have the technology they need to generate and deliver design files. At Design Pickle, we use Zapier integrations to merge with the platforms you already use, like Slack, Dropbox, Google Sheets, or Asana. These integrations allow you to push out eye-catching collateral and branding pieces without buying more software.

If you’re eager to move your graphic design experiences from transactional to relationship-based, try a subscription model. You’ll get the graphic design services you need without the challenges that come from hiring employees, finding freelancers, arranging agency representation, or navigating marketplaces.

If you’re curious about how subscription-based graphic design services can level up your content, book a demo with us today!

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