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How This Marketing Agency Cut Creative Costs by $30K to Drive Growth

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About the Company

Madak is a boutique marketing agency based in Washington and headed by creative CEO Adam Lejeunekopp. His small team of marketers craft strategic campaigns for brands across a myriad of industries. They’ve been supported by a Design Pickle subscription for two years.


"Design Pickle is very useful from a production standpoint, and the benefit I see is the consistent quality of work."


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The Challenge

Though Madak’s in-house creatives are ultra-talented, the tight-knit team of 10 has a lot of client work on their shoulders. In fact, they often have an overflow of creative requests from clients. The group’s specialties are carefully curated, from web development to graphic design to video production. But, as Adam says, “We focus on the creative and strategy side of things.”

After noticing that keeping all design work in-house ate up valuable time — with less and less time to focus on strategy — Adam began to wonder how Madak could increase its creative output without crowding the office or bloating its payroll. He also wondered how he could supplement his in-house designers with additional creative help.

Before settling on a Design Pickle subscription, Adam went for the freelance route. “I found this [designer] who’s really good,” he says. “But I was spending $2,000 a month with him.”

The Solution

Madak has found that Design Pickle’s subscription workforce, being one system on one platform, produced more consistent work quality compared to what they’d get from online marketplaces. “The benefit I see is the consistent quality of work,” he says, noting Madak has often leveraged Design Pickle for design tasks including logo redraws and photo manipulation.

Though a flat monthly rate is helpful to the agency, Madak has also been able to customize their subscriptions to adjust to changes in demand.

Leveraging Design Pickle was an instant success, as they met their clients’ deadlines and turned the illustrations into quality infographics that remain on their clients’ websites today. To Adam, getting a design or illustration back in three to four days was an “instant $500 value.”

“Design Pickle is very useful from a production standpoint,” Adam says. “The way we use it — because we do have designers on staff — is, I’m constantly challenging my designers to use [the platform].”

The Results

With Design Pickle, Adam Lejeunekopp has been able to save up to 20 hours per week and estimates $30K in savings on design needs for his marketing agency. 

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