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How This Freelancer Built An Agency With Design Pickle

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About the Company

Maddy Osman started The Blogsmith in 2016 providing freelance writing services at first. Gradually the demand for digital content grew beyond her capacity. To evolve her business, she decided to start an agency so she could provide a more complete service, including SEO processes and graphic design. Despite her knowledge of Photoshop, she was still facing the challenge of creating high-quality images to accompany her writings. Luckily, a friend of hers who was already a Design Pickle subscriber recommended she give it a try. “He just really liked what he was receiving and it was kind of like good timing for how I was expanding my business so, that became a core offering within the content we were creating and now it’s not just the written words, but it’s the imagery as well.” 

Maddy’s unique hold on the market is beyond just your average blog writing agency. To address content creators’ challenge of maintaining a consistent style and formatting for writing and design online, she wrote “Writing for Humans and Robots,” as a “modern-day homage to the AP Stylebook’s rules,” a new-school approach to SEO. Not only does she nail content creation for web, her agency focuses on inclusivity as well.


“This is a good solution for somebody who hires a graphic designer because every designer specializes in different things. And with Design Pickle you’re not limited to one artistic style or one type of service. And they always do a good job!”


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The Challenge

When The Blogsmith first began offering creative services, they experimented with design staff options. Maddy recounts her initial challenges with various designers and agencies, facing low output and lots of time spent on creating briefs, plus an inability to pivot and re-prioritize easily.

“I had a book cover project and I asked for some random concepts, here’s the book, go crazy. Let’s see what you come up with.” After several rounds of revisions and super specific feedback, the job still wasn’t getting the job done.

“And so that’s when I brought this cover book project over to Design Pickle, and I said, here’s this concept we’ve sort of started. Here are elements I would like to see present, but I need something different. And I think they nailed it in the first or second round of edits.”

Since joining Design Pickle, the Blogsmith’s creative process has dramatically simplified, and they consistently receive the needed output they need efficiently and easily. They not only solved their design needs, but also optimized their processes with the use of automated integrations included with their Design Pickle subscription.

The Solution

The Blogsmith has established itself as a high-performing global agency with automated procedures, delivering quality designs simply and quickly. “It’s like getting work done without having to put in. I save 15 minutes of time per request which adds up over time.”

Maddy has unlocked the ability to deliver for her clients without the need to overthink the process or interrupt busy days. By leveraging the queue functionality, she can fill up her designer’s request log, and reprioritize as necessary. With Design Pickle, projects can be conceptualized and executed in a confident, timely, and effective manner.

The Results

Today, The Blogsmith operates as a successful SEO content agency made up of 20+ global staff, including multiple writers and editors, who all follow a tried-and-true process for creating relevant, rankable content. 

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