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How qBotica saved $100k+ on Presentation Design

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About the Company

Founded in 2017, qBotica is a multiple award-winning and leading intelligent Automation As a Service company, focusing on serving end-to-end intelligent automation and intelligent document processing needs for growing and established enterprises such as Western Union, TPI Composites, Exponent Health, and more. Dominic Bartola, CMO, says qBotica “Takes the robots out of humans so we can give them the power to be more productive, and be more creative with their companies.” 


“The reasons why I recommend Design Pickle are: Time, efficiency, quality, and cost savings.”

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The Challenge

qBotica has a hefty demand for presentation design, with their business model depending on stellar custom decks for a variety of use cases. They were outsourcing their design needs to several sources, resulting in a fragmented visual identity, with painfully slow speed to market. Dominic, qBotica’s CMO, understood the impact that had on their growth and bottom line. Outsourcing and rolling up his own sleeves wasn’t cutting it. “I was even doing some of the design myself,” said Dominic. “It was time-consuming. I’m not a graphic designer. I know the vision; I can see it, but the actual work in producing it takes me ten times longer than someone with the expertise on how to do it.”

The Solution

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to sustain the creative himself forever, Dominic carefully considered options for outsourcing their design needs, from hiring a full-time graphic designer to finding cost-effective options for sourcing talented creatives, and ultimately landed on Design Pickle because of the perfect balance between talent and cost.

Prioritizing complex presentation designs used to be a hassle, but now they can just log in to the platform, prioritize what is urgent, and let Design Pickle focus on the graphics. The speed and consistency have been a game-changer. “From a designer standpoint, it is fantastic. If our designer is out, we’re not left holding back. There’s always somebody to step in and work on our projects.”

The Results

Saving $103,000 per year isn’t the only result worth bragging about. From a CMO lens, Dominic is proud that qBotica is “becoming a much more attractive organization in our space because of the assets… I tell the leadership team with all of our investments, one of the greatest ROI our marketing team has received is from our Design Pickle design team.”


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