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Quality, Fast Motion Graphic Delivery Changed the Game for MediaCutlet

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About the Company

MediaCutlet was founded about ten years ago and started out producing video content for small businesses and YouTube commercials. Now, ten years later, they are working with big corporations, creating and delivering videos for major announcements that get broadcasted across known national brands, as well as PSAs for major universities, such as Rutgers, Princeton, and more… What makes them stand out from the competition? Same week turnaround for client projects. 


“The number one leading bullet point when I recommend the service is same-day or next-day turnaround time. That really blows people's minds.”


Designs Created


saved on design

4+ Years


The Challenge

Even with a full-time video team, video project requests that involved motion graphics were proving to be a bottleneck, slowing down their delivery pace.

With those request types growing fast, MediaCutlet’s team knew they needed a new solution that could deliver quality and consistency, but without the troubles and friction of having to work with multiple different motion graphics artists. “The pains we were experiencing with hiring full-time graphic designers or freelancers were that if we happened to lose a designer one day, that might set us back two or three days.”

The Solution

After trying to work with different freelancers and in-house designers, they found Design Pickle and were amazed by the quality and ability to meet deadlines even as the company was expanding and growing its client base. “We have been a customer for 4 years and we were waiting for Design Pickle to offer some type of video services when we received this promotional email that said there was a beta Motion Graphics option to experiment with, we jumped on it immediately! The trial run with the beta was absolutely great!” 

After almost a year of using this service, MediaCutlet has streamlined its video creation process, crediting Design Pickle as the key change. “We can offload tasks to Design Pickle and it’s great!” 

The Results

MediaCutlet no longer worries about bruised egos from their design staff, or meeting client deadlines.

Not only do MediaCutlet’s video projects reach their clients faster, these high-quality motion graphics are being used for large production companies in big ways! One of MediaCutlet’s motion graphics assets created by Design Pickle was featured in an NBC Universal film in 2022.

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