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How Forge Legend Automated Their Design Workflow With Design Pickle

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About the Company

Forge Legend is an elite personal coaching organization that focuses on five things: fitness, faith, family, finance, and fun. Through online and in-person events, Forge Legend aims to spark the inner fire in men, women, couples, and organizations so that they can “live their legends.”

“The partnership with our Design Pickle designer has completely changed the way we request, document, and publish assets.”


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The Challenge

Founder Kevin Voisin is the kind of design client who knows what he wants — and not just because he’s a lifestyle coach. After all, he ran a design company himself for 10 years. Keeping in mind his strong design background, we asked him how and why Forge Legend ended up with a Design Pickle subscription.

Forge Legend already had in-house creatives managing and creating content for their coaches, such as lesson modules, event materials, blog graphics, and more. But something was missing — a way to ensure brand cohesion, centralized file management, and consolidate the entire workflow.

Kevin was skeptical when Design Pickle was first suggested, but that changed in a flash. “I thought, no, you can’t automate this,” he says. “But you can. You guys proved me wrong.”

The Solution

Design Pickle’s subscription workforce business model means that clients get the best of both worlds — a centralized design platform that enables workflow automation and a direct human connection. Through real-time collaboration via Slack, Kevin and his team immediately know when their designer is available — and they’re even able to check in on her when she’s out sick or on vacation.

One key advantage that Kevin calls out is that Design Pickle will substitute a designer if for any reason his designated designer is out sick, which keeps Forge Legend’s creative workflow moving without a gap.

Kevin says: “It’s great because, say [our designer is] out sick — we’re still getting product, right? We just keep rolling forward.”

“I can work with slow. I can work with fast,” Kevin further shares. “But I can’t work with ‘I don’t know when I’m going to get it’ — which tended to be an experience I had with a lot of design firms.”

Forge Legend also makes use of Design Pickle’s handy Zapier integrations to organize files. Designs are sent to Forge Legend’s Google Drive once completed. Then, “we have a person who pushes the different graphics into each coach’s [individual] folder. Each coach just wakes up every day and sees [their new stuff].” Approved social content then goes into the social media calendar.

When asked about quantity over quality, Kevin was frank in his needs. “Do we care about quantity or quality? The answer to that is frankly both,” Kevin says. “We need a lot of graphics. We want them to be at a certain quality. And that’s actually one of the things I love about [Design Pickle’s] service.”

The Results

The streamlined creative process allows Forge Legend to operate more efficiently. Design Pickle has created a stress-free social media management process for their coaches, who can now focus on turning their clients into living legends.

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