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How Design Pickle Saved this Event Company >$100k in 6 weeks

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About the Company

JoeBoo Events, JoeBoo Production and JoeBoo Manufacturing together create unique, memorable and magical haunted experiences during the fall months, along with other seasonal events and entertainment year round. The company continues to push creative boundaries and continually innovate in order to serve their clientele with new and exciting, fresh experiences every season!

"Design Pickle is worth the time, worth the money, and they’re super easy to work with. [As a Creative Director], I had so little time to do this and the people above me are always like “now, now, now!” But Design Pickle is super helpful, they basically hold my hand throughout the entire process."


Dedicated Designers


Saved in 6 Weeks


Rounds of Revisions


Joe Jr. and his team were tasked with standing up five new exciting houses for the 2023 Halloween event season. He needed floor-to-ceiling, unique, highly detailed printed wall designs, and lots of promotional materials, like sizzler videos, flyers, and social media graphics. The team was up against tight timelines for printing and advertising, and Joe knew he needed a wide variety of creative capabilities (which also typically demands a big price tag).

Joe booked a demo with Design Pickle based on a recommendation from a trusted colleague. Luckily, the friendly pickle he spoke to assured his projects were within scope, so Joe took the first step and activated his account with two dedicated designers to get the ball rolling, and quickly scaled up to 5 designers along with one production coordinator in a snap.

Unbeknownst to him, one of Joe’s colleagues submitted a request to Upwork for one of the five houses that was needed. Fast forward to when the Upwork bill came, Joe realized that the job had been billed hourly for 18 hours per day, for 6 weeks. After fees, the Upwork project totalled over $27,000 for one house design. Meanwhile, Design Pickle finished the other 4 house designs in the same amount of time as the other team finished one house (in 6 weeks), with a monthly price tag around $5,000 for his Power Plan subscription. Joe Jr. says “it’s the same quality, but I had a better experience and a way better price tag with Design Pickle.”i


Not only has Design Pickle enabled Joe Jr.’s team to get all designs to print on-time with a much more cost-effective price tag, but they’ve also leveled up their digital advertising and marketing with motion graphic videos, within the same subscription and all-in-one Design Pickle platform, creating more demand for their events ahead of schedule.

Joe Jr. avoided the hassle of hiring a huge team of in-house creatives or paying unpredictable, runaway hourly freelance rates. He now operates with a very consistent, predictable design cost structure that he can expand and contract any time the demand fluctuates. At their busiest, Joe worked with five designated designers, working on 5 concurrent projects. “I love that I get to communicate with all 5 designers in Slack; it makes it easier to share the vibe we’re looking for. There’s no need to explain the style and direction individually. They’re just sending me the best quality stuff I could ask for, like over my expectations time after time! I don’t know what I was expecting, but Design Pickle went way beyond and over. That was so nice. Everything turned out perfect.”

The Results

Joe Jr. and his team are scaling their events and services confidently, knowing they’ve got Design Pickle as a partner to handle their creative horsepower, no matter what kind of design needs and volume they’ll face in the future.

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