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Spice up your remote meetings or virtual parties with Design Pickle’s free Zoom backgrounds. Whether you want to disguise a messy room, transport you to another location, or make your colleagues laugh β€” we’ve got plenty of backgrounds to express your creativity.

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Trending Backgrounds

Tiger King

Grumpy Cat

Baby Yoda

Distracted Boyfriend

TV & Film

The Simpsons

Jurassic Park

Game of Thrones

Rick and Morty

Delightfully Delicious

Pizza Party

Go Bananas

Sweet Treats

Pickle Power

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Animal Lovers

Precious Pups

Raining Cats

Majestic Safari

Under The Sea

Office Essentials

White Brick

Light Blue

Modern Grey

Natural Wood

Dream Big

President Podium

Space Station

Mount Everest

Movie Star

Abstract Fun

Modern Architecture

Colorful Blocks

Futuristic Pattern

Vibrant Geometric

Explore The World

Mount Rushmore

Pyramids of Giza

The Eiffel Tower

Statue of Liberty

Keep It Neutral

Wood Panels

White Brick

Black Shapes

White Shapes

Amazing Illustrations

Retro Sunset

Paper Cut Road

Paper Cut Sea

Totally Trippy

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