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Designer Application FAQs

Please check job descriptions at We require a minimum internet speed of 20mbps on both download and upload, and your own reliable laptop or PC since these are the foundations of a location-independent job. It’s also important to have good English skills to communicate clearly within our global team, and proficiency in the software that are vital for the role you’re applying for, e.g. Adobe CC Ai, Ps, and Indd for Graphic Designer jobs.

During your first two weeks with us, you’re required to take a Brine Certification for the use of the Design Pickle Platform! Don’t worry about it, we got you covered!

We advise you not to do so, as our clients require your availability across the week and expect you to be active and deliver their files accordingly.

You may check out this link for our Official Scope of Design Service:.

No job is easy! After all, if you have the skills that fit the role here in Design Pickle, you have nothing to worry about. We follow a rigorous process in our production but you’ll have the whole creative team guiding you all the way!

We welcome re-applications after a certain period, please refer to the last email we sent on your last application. You may also contact us at [email protected]!

None! As a multicultural company and working with people from all over the world, we are open to every person from any age, any religion, color, gender, or anything you can imagine, as long as you apply from the countries available in our open jobs!

It really depends on the complexity of each request, it’s not the same to add a watermark into an existing picture as to create an illustration from scratch! Take a look at some of our work:

Remember that we don’t do any coding, video editing, 3d design or heavy photo manipulation!


We require all our Graphic Designers to have Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign skills to be able to handle our work requirements but also to have a good level of English and being able to follow instructions closely.

We do not require certain educational attainment, as long as you have the skills fit for the job!

You’ll have to take a 2 week Brine Certification for the use of the Design Pickle Platform. Don’t worry, this certification is part of your initial contract and therefore paid!

Salary is very competitive but since you are still in the process of your application, I suggest you go through the Application Process. Once you do pass and get to the Interview, our Hiring Officer will be more than happy to discuss further these things.

We screen our candidates through the initial tests to see if they meet our requirements. Though it’s a really good catch if we spot awesome design skills, it wouldn’t be very useful if they cannot understand instructions clearly and communicate with others properly.

You can check the open positions at As long as he meets the requirements, he can work with us!

Make sure you have an updated CV and portfolio. A diverse portfolio is a plus. Check our works here and continue exploring other design styles! Double-check the requirements on our application page and make sure to follow instructions in all aspects!

Yes! It is open to any citizens residing in the Philippines, Mexico, Colombia,  Indonesia, Argentina, Peru & Malaysia regardless of their nationality, but with proof that you reside in any of those countries.  However, DP will not give you a work visa or anything like that.

We don’t pay for the design test, since this is one of our requirements for your application, that’s one of the few ways we can see if you’re fit for the job.

Since this is a remote type of work, all aspects of the job will be done online and will be dependent on how strong your internet connection is.

The application will be terminated and you will be asked to reapply in 1 month. The key to having a successful application is to be ready and do what is required of you.

Yes, we do, as long as they’re able to meet the requirements, adapt well to our processes, and are comfortable with team meetings via video conference call.

It will entirely depend on the skills you present and the need here in Design Pickle.

We process all applications on a first come first serve basis. Since we have a steady influx of applications, we will get to your application as soon as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated but please keep a lookout for an email from us anytime soon!

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