Marketing tips for the Holiday season

Published Sep. 13, 2022 2 Min. Read

Marketing tips for the Holiday season

The holiday season is drawing near. You don’t want to miss the chance to convert when everyone is having a good time. You should avoid these, just as you wouldn’t bring up politics at Uncle Joe’s holiday party.


  1. Use cliche imagery – We all associate the holiday season with snowflakes, green trees, and colorful lights, but not all countries celebrate the holidays the same way, so make sure that the imagery you choose reflects the cultures represented by your target market. Make sure you hire a professional designer (aka Design Pickle Designer) to create your assets.
  2. Use religious graphics – Unless your business is a religious institution, be respectful and make sure you create graphics according to your audience’s beliefs.
  3. Decorate your site at the final hour – Plan ahead for your site to look “festive” right before the holiday in question, or the quality just won’t be there, and customers will notice.
  4. Inconsistent color palette – The holiday season is mostly associated with red, green, and white, but maybe these colors do not match your branding. Instead, you can incorporate metallic colors into your brand to look classy and festive.holidays-graphics
  5. Download a generic postcard to send to your clients – Give your card some thought in terms of design and layout. Having a professional designer create the card for you is also a good idea! Your target audience is genuinely interested in your company and will appreciate receiving a holiday card. A sincere message can make them feel valued as a customer, client, or friend.
  6. Think only domestically – Keep in mind your brand’s international presence when planning a marketing campaign for any holiday. If you choose to observe a national holiday, ensure that your copy remains relevant to your international audience. It is also a good opportunity to educate your audience about how people are celebrating a holiday in another country.
  7. Forget to run a special promotion or giveaway – Run a promotion during the holidays to create buzz around your brand and improve the engagement of your audience.
  8. Over-saturate your touchpoints – You want to be careful that it is not an overwhelming experience for your audience. Consider your audience and their general sentiment about that specific holiday.
  9. Underestimate the keyword competition – You’ll want to make sure you’re creating highly impactful content so you can stand out from the crowd, especially with diminishing returns.
  10. Forget about social media – Keep consistency between your website and social media holiday graphics. This will keep your brand classy and standing out from the competition. And, also don’t forget to follow these easy steps and you can thank us later!

We hope that these tips will be useful to you when posting your holiday campaign. And so, while Uncle Joe is giving his speech, you can be sure that the phone scrolling will stop on your brand!

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