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Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Aug. 1, 2017 3 Min. Read

July Question of the Month: Where do you get most of your work done

Every month, Design Pickle emails their community a question about marketing, technology, or business trends using the one-click YesInsights survey tool. Since the Design Pickle team works from different locations all over the world, the July Question of the Month wanted to know:
image of our July Question of the Month: where do you get most of your work done


image of the survey results from our question about productivity in the workplace
Times are changing, people! The days of kissing your kids goodbye and heading to the office are being replaced by hanging with your cat, sippin’ on home-brewed coffee, and replying to emails in your PJs.
An overwhelming 52% of people surveyed work from home while only 35% say they get most of their work done in a traditional office setting.
The 6% of participants who work from somewhere besides the office, home, or co-working space, expressed that they get most of their work done in coffee shops or on the road while traveling.

Why the shift in vocation location?

Of the 55 comments received, those who get most of their work done from home express they do so to achieve a better work-life balance, remain focused without office distractions, avoid a daily commute, and work in a comfortable environment (AKA in your pajamas!).
Those who find working from home to be difficult say that they find their home to be distracting and they miss the social interactions that a populated office space typically provides.

Notable Comments

image of notable comments from our clients' productivity working from home and a co-working space
image of notable comments from our clients' productivity working at the office or elsewhere

Survey Performance Analysis

Of the 4,613 people who opened the email, 208 clicked on a survey answer. This resulted in a conversion rate of 4.5%, which is up .8% compared to our June survey performance!image of survey statistics from our question regarding productivity in the workplace
While 4.5% is still a low conversion rate, we have definitely made progress during the last three months of our Question of the Month campaign.
We used the YesInsights tool to create and embed a survey directly into our email service.
To make an embedded email survey campaign of your own, log into your YesInsights account and click “create a survey”.
image of how to create a survey in YesInsights
When prompted, select the kind of survey that makes the most sense for your question. If you are creating a survey with a specific question like we did, choose “regular survey.”
If you don’t have a specific question and would rather ask your customers about their overall satisfaction, choose “NPS survey” instead.
image of how you can share your survey in YesInsights
Next, choose where you’d like to share your survey. If your survey is going directly to a website or landing page, simply choose “web.” If you’re using this ques on in an email campaign like we did, select “email.”
You will need to fill in the form fields on the next page with survey name, ques on, responses, landing page op on, follow-up email op on, and notifications/response limit configurations.
After your survey details are set-up, you will be redirected to a page with a drop-down menu. Select the email service provider you will be using (Design Pickle used Drip for this survey) and click “get survey snippet.”
image of which email marketing platform you would like to use to share your YesInsights survey
That’s it! Simply copy and paste the survey snippet on the next page into your email campaign. Feel free to italicize, bold, or underline to spice up the text in your email.
The results will be compiled as the answers roll in – just check your YesInsights dashboard to see the results! If you’re curious about this feedback tool, visit and sign up for your 7-day risk-free trial!

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