December 15, 2020

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We’re all about a good Netflix binge sesh, so we figured we’d play catch-up with our most recent Creatives Are The Worst podcast episodes in the form of a podcast binge. We could all use a dose of creativity and some crazy (and we mean cra-zy) stories to go along with it, right?

You can read all about why we started this podcast and the creatives behind it here (or just listen to it in the first episode below). Then, keep scrolling to find your favorite creative and tune in to find out if they are really the worst.

Episode 1: Prologue

This episode serves as an introduction to our mild-mannered hosts, the effervescent Kate Rooney and the erudite Jess Guffey (Design Pickle’s brand director and director of brand partnerships, respectively), as they share their own personal reasons for chasing the creative dragon, so to speak.

You’ll hear about the origins of this show, as well as a taste of what’s to come on future episodes of Creatives Are The Worst.

Episode 2: Prince

We’re seeing purple. Is it a sign o’ the times? Let’s go crazy as we take a deeper look into the life of one of the most talented musicians in modern history, the enigmatic Prince Rogers Nelson a.k.a Prince a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. It’s no secret that Prince was iconic, though eccentric. The fact that he changed his name three times alone has us asking the question: Is Prince the worst?

Episode 3: J.D. Salinger

After penning the infamous novel “The Catcher in the Rye,” author Jerome David Salinger was once lauded as “the most important American writer to emerge since World War II,” but his later years are marred by reclusive behavior and tumultuous litigation, causing us to ask the question: Is J.D. Salinger the worst?

Episode 4: Vince McMahon

WWE founder and chairman Vincent McMahon is one of the most innovative and successful figures in the history of American sports and entertainment, but steroid allegations, tasteless promotional tactics, and the untimely deaths of many WWE wrestlers have us asking the question: Is Vince McMahon the worst?

Episode 5: Brian Wilson

God only knows what’s going on in the head of Brian Wilson, the creative mind behind the iconic surf-rock sounds of The Beach Boys. Though his songs were full of good vibrations, heavy drug use and struggles with mental illness would nearly bring Wilson under at the height of his career.  The darker side of the sunny skies Wilson sang about has us asking the question: Is Brian Wilson the worst?

Episode 6: Lenny Bruce

In the world of stand-up comedy, Lenny Bruce was undoubtedly a trailblazer. The list of comedians that have cited his work as an influence is longer than his rap sheet, which is riddled with obscenity charges. 

Despite his comedic brilliance, Bruce’s outspoken attitude and penchant for pushing the envelope got him blacklisted from television and banned from performing in nearly every comedy club in America. His track record has us asking the question: Is Lenny Bruce the worst? 

Episode 7: Jerry Springer

A former mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer was once a promising young politician whose career was cut short in the wake of a sex scandal.

Today, he is best known for creating “The Jerry Springer Show,” a daytime talk show that pushed the boundaries of decency on cable television and was famously marketed as “too hot for TV.”  

His role as “ringmaster” would eventually lead to a starring role in a feature-length film and even an opera inspired by his chaotic television circus. Needless to say, we’re asking the question: Is Jerry Springer the worst? 

Episode 8: Coco Chanel

In the fashion world, few brands are as synonymous with high society or as enduring as Chanel. Coco Chanel was an innovative fashionista whose visions and designs completely changed the way that women dressed around the world.

Her rise to fame from an orphanage in France to the top of the fashion world is a true rags to riches story, but her strict ideas about how women should look and her questionable ties to Nazi Germany have us asking the question: Is Coco Chanel the worst?

Episode 9: P.T. Barnum

Phineas Taylor Barnum has long been heralded as “The Greatest Showman on Earth.” Although his eponymous circus shut down in 2017, his legacy as an entertainer and promoter spans more than a century. That legacy is fraught with shady business practices, exploitation of performers, and a horrendous track record with animals. Barnum’s infamous legacy has us asking the question: Is P.T. Barnum the worst?

Content warning: This episode includes graphic descriptions of animal abuse. Listener discretion is advised. 

Episode 10: Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most renowned figures in the history of American cinema. The auteur, director, actor, and screenwriter was the first indie filmmaker to break through with mainstream audiences and has long been heralded as a creative genius. 

His films are known for their trademark style and memorable dialogue, and often leave fans searching for clues or formulating theories about the cinematic universe that he’s created. But criticisms about his creative methods and the violence in his movies have us asking the question: Is Quentin Tarantino the worst?

Episode 11: Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent William Van Gogh is one of the most influential painters in the history of Western art. Known for his vivid use of colors and his dramatic brush strokes, Van Gogh’s works are among the most expensive paintings to have ever sold. He would not get to appreciate the fruits of that success during his lifetime, though. 

On the other side of his creativity, Van Gogh had a disastrous love life, alienated himself from others, and was continually fired from jobs. His severe mental health issues led him to be institutionalized at age 35. At the time of his suicide in 1890, he was widely considered “a madman and a failure” — though, perhaps, he was simply misunderstood. Despite his struggles, Van Gogh’s artistic genius has transcended generations, making a lasting impact on the world of art. In this episode, we take a deep dive into his tumultuous life, untimely death, and timeless legacy.

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