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December 16, 2020

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On this episode of Creatives Are The Worst, we’re all about music icon Madonna!

Madonna Louise Ciccone is the undisputed Queen of Pop and arguably the most influential female songwriter of all time. Her body of work includes countless hit songs, iconic music videos, award-winning acting performances, bestselling books, and more.

In fact, Madonna is the top-selling female artist of all time and the highest-grossing solo touring artist in history. But, she is also no stranger to controversy. Her tumultuous public relationships and her history of pushing the envelope have us asking the question: Is Madonna the worst?

👉  Creatives Are The Worst is Design Pickle’s new podcast, hosted by two of our very own creatives — Kate Rooney (our brand director) and Jess Guffey (our director of brand partnerships). Not your typical business banter, Creatives Are The Worst explores the stories behind creatives to answer the question: Are creatives really the worst?

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