Episode 8: Roles and Results

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Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Dec. 21, 2017 16 Min. Read

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Roles and Results

In this episode, Russ talks about the importance of defining all the different roles you have in your day-to-day life and how it ultimately affects your results in each of those roles.

You succumb to the desires and needs of everyone except yourself when you fail to properly define and prioritize your roles. Which means everyone else will have a leg up on you in terms of achieving their results.

Join the conversation today, complete your action guide, and start visualizing the success you will have in 2018!

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– Well hello everyone and welcome to the Russ Perry Show. This is episode number eight. I can’t believe it. We actually thought it was episode number 10 but no it’s only eight. Today we are going to have a great conversation I’m not only going to tell you what the heck this thing is but we’re gonna explore two important topics your roles and your results. This is the Russ Perry show welcome and let’s get started.
Alright, well we are back. Well, most of the time we’re here. We are approaching Christmas. Wonderful time of the year. In Arizona Christmas is like summertime in Maine. It’s basically 70 degrees I actually put on pants today mainly because it was a little bit brisk in the morning.
But if you were with us last week we had a really eye-opening conversation around the power of questions and just this morning I was writing some email marketing copy and I was thinking about the power of questions but not only the power of actions the questions that lead us to actions and I was reminiscing about the very first marketing event we ever did which was the InfusionSoft Conference in 2015.
I had literally no money and we were trying to figure out a marketing strategy for this event. They were sold out of booths, we couldn’t get a booth even if we could have one with the inventory they were too expensive and so they told us, “Look, if you can pitch us “an idea we’re gonna try to make it work,” and in my mind I said, “Well, we’re called Design Pickle,” here we are 60 days we’ve been open, what if we handed out pickles?
A question, what if we handed out pickles? A rather weird question, but that question led to the marketing event activation that now lives in infamy in Design Pickle lore which was me actually getting a pickle suit, buying a pickle cart and going to the conference at the Phoenix Convention Center in which I was quarantined to a lunch area, couldn’t leave this tiled area.
I was like a dog with one of those leash shock collars that if they go too far they get shocked really hard. But, I didn’t get shocked, I respected it I stayed in the tile area for the most part. But that’s all I could do. I stayed in this tiled area. I dressed up as a pickle and I handed out pickles.
Now, they were wrapped with our information, but that question lead to a series of actions which ultimately was a massive success for us and I kid you not to this day almost three years later. I get people signing up, “Hey Russ, I remember you. “You were that pickle guy. “I’m ready to sign up for your services now.” Which is mind-blowing, the ROI on this event. But the power of questions and our ability to ask these questions will seriously lead us on paths known and unknown.
And the email marketing that I was writing this morning just talked about that it was like look, there is a question and an action that you can take every single day. For me with this marketing event had I not done that who knows, we may not be here talking to you here today. It was like a domino that hit another domino that hit another domino.
Now I’d like to believe we would have found success otherwise but those hypotheticals you’re never a hundred percent sure on it. And so today we’re gonna take a pause on the power of questions because this something that we could go on and on about and I’m gonna jump into a new topic which I think is really appropriate for the Holiday seasons. And it’s about the roles.
Now I don’t mean roles like a bread roll, which Janet here today she’s like, “What’s the title?” I said, “Roles and Results.” She’s like, “Rolls? Like food?” I’m like, “No, no, no, no. “Not those kinds of rolls.” R-O-L-E-S, when we know the roles that we have we are then able to decide which ones we are doing well at as well which ones we need to work on.
And the holiday season we have lots of different roles. For example, I am an entrepreneur I am also an epic YouTuber. Right? Maybe, maybe not. I’m a father, I got some commentary of guests here in the studio laughing at me, but I’m a Father, I am a husband, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a leader inside the conversation of sobriety, I am a marketer, so all of these roles can take different definitions and shapes and priorities in our life.
Now there’s a lot of personal development guys out there that talk about the seasons of life in which one role might take precedence. For me, a big season for me this year was with all the travel that I had in business as well as my certification with Warrior. I was doing that a lot more than I was staying at home spending time with family.
Now, conversely, over the summertime, it was completely the opposite. I was living with my family on an island in the Caribbean off the coast of Belize and doing so much stuff with them from when I woke up to when I went to bed.
And so I want you to right now ask yourself what are the roles you currently have? Because before we can get to the conversation on results and the results that we are experiencing as well as that we want to have we need to identify all of these different roles.
The biggest challenge that I see people have when they try to approach personal development or they try to approach growth, but yet they’re not clear in what role they’re trying to improve. Are you trying to become a better Father? Are you trying to become a better entrepreneur? Are you trying to become a better coach? ‘Cause you can’t do it all.
And in fact, the areas that are going to make you a better parent or are gonna make you a better spouse are not necessarily gonna translate over into business and vise versa. I can’t sit my wife down with some leadership book and say, babe, we’re gonna get better at our marriage, I’m gonna become a better husband, I’d like to talk to you about this book called, The E-Myth. You are a tactician I am a leader, visionary, whatever it is.
No, that doesn’t work. We literally have to look at the roles that we have. And so if you’re watching this later one we’re trying to make these worksheets that will allow you to not only take this content but put it to action.
And so in one of the worksheets we’re going to have, not on this live cast obviously we still have to make it, I want you to go through and identify all the roles that you currently have, right now. Again, parent, do you have kids? Do you not? Are you married or are you not? What are the job responsibilities that you have? That very well could be 10 different roles.
We were joking Rachel who manages our social media, she does social media, she does digital strategy, she even helps our team with health and wellness tips from time to time that they hit her up on Slack.
And so within your profession, you could have multiple roles there, so we’re gonna take a break here. We’re actually gonna do a quick preview of a man within the company Alex Guevara who has two roles. One, with our experience of our service, but also the host of an amazing now podcast series ORIGINALS.
We have episode two of season number two releasing this Friday on iTunes you can search for Originals on there and find it. Here’s a quick sneak peek and when we get back we’re gonna look at the roles that you’ve identified and then get into conversations about the result you want to have for next year.
[Alex] In this episode we talk to Caz Makepeace founder of the YTravelBlog.
– [Caz] Not a lot of people were doing what we were doing and making money from it. It was really hard to sort of figure it all out.
– [Alex] What are your biggest travel tips for young children.
– [Caz] I really believe in starting your children as young as you can and you’ve been on a trip recently where you’ve seen someone. You’ve started young which is really great, a huge step forward. Because I know for my girls travel to them is just very…
– [Russ] Alright, we are back. Now, if you were able to write down roles in 30 seconds that you’re watching this if you’re watching it live, I commend you and applaud for your quick abilities. But there’s some of you that might have to go back.
So what I’m going to is I’m going to walk you through an exercise. I have a few thought processes that I’m thinking about as we approach 2018. 2018 and the turn of a new year there’s all this pressure. It’s like we have to do all of this self-analysis. What went well? What didn’t go well? And sometimes that can become overwhelming and we’re forced to go through a process of okay what do I want to do next year, I’m not really quite sure.
And so I’d have you consider one of the easiest ways to go through this process of review and setting new targets for the new year is to start with this conversation around roles.
What are the roles that you are going to focus on for next year? Are you gonna to be a better parent? Are you gonna to be a better significant other? Are you gonna to be a better uncle or aunt? Are you gonna be a better boss, or entrepreneur, or employee? It doesn’t matter but starting there then you can start to identify outcomes and things that you want to achieve. AKA, the results that you want to have in those areas.
Now, I would recommend you do this in one or two areas. In the context of Warrior and the training that I’ve had, we look at life and divide it up into four areas. Body, your physicality and your health and wellness and your nutrition. Being, your spiritual connection or your connection with the universe if you’re not spiritual, something beyond you. Balance, which is your family and your relationships. The marriage, your children, if you’re not married or you don’t have children that could be with your family or close friends or people you mentor. And then finally, your business. How you get paid.
Now, if you’re an entrepreneur this makes sense if you’re an employee somewhere same deal. It doesn’t matter if you have your own business or you work in someone’s businesses. So it’s really easy to start looking at the roles when you categorize life into those four buckets; body, being, balance and business.
Then the next question goes to the very, very simple one which is how’d you do this year in those roles? Are you happy with your results? If you’re happy with your results and you think you’ve accomplished a lot and you’re in a place where you’re like, “Alright, I’m doing pretty well good,” then that’s not gonna be a primary role you’re gonna focus on for the next year, it’s just not.
Point and case for my training and my physicality I am not where I want to be one day. Top end athlete, training a ton, maybe doing a triathlon or an Iron Man, really inspired by some friends who have done that recently. I want to do those things but that is not going to be a primary focus for my role as an athlete next year. What I am going to do instead is I am going to focus on longevity, maintenance, flexibility, the things that I’ve never actually focused on but the things that aren’t gonna send me into the desert for 10 hours a week and grueling training like I’ve experienced before.
However, my business this is going to be as an entrepreneur that’s gonna be a primary role for me. I’ve got huge growth goals both from a personal and income standpoint as well as from an overall standpoint with the Design Pickle empire that we’re building. And so the results that I expect myself to have in the area of business and my role as an entrepreneur are going to be very, very large and that role is gonna take a primary focus for me.
And so once you’re able to narrow down your roles as well as rank order those. What’s number one? What’s number two? what’s number three? Four, five and get ’em into an order, that then allows you to get a little bit of breathing room and give yourself a little bit of grace as we start to roll into the business that happens as soon as January first hits. All of a sudden everyone just wakes ups from their eggnog slumber and it’s like it’s time to go, it’s time to run, it’s time to move and you’re gonna feel the same thing.
But if you know that okay this year these are the primary roles that I want the best results from then you’re gonna feel empowered. You’re gonna feel just on top and in control of where you’re headed for 2018.
Now on the flip side, if you just roll into 2018 without having any of these conversations. Without thinking about where you’re at in the different roles of your life. Without thinking about the results that you want to have for 2018 within those roles. And the priority order in which you’re going to put to these roles then what’s gonna happen is life’s gonna happen to you.
Everyone else’s priorities are gonna become your priorities because you will not have created the space created the boundaries in order to say, “Hey this is my main “thing or these are my main things.” And I’m going to create a life and the decisions and the actions around my day to day, around my week to week, around my month to month in order to support the results that I want to have in these areas.
It happens all the time, I’m reminded of the Stephen Covey quadrant where you have important, not important, urgent, and not urgent and the main thing is you want to focus on the important but not urgent items in your life. These are the things that are strategic in nature but not the fires that are burning down your door.
The urgent but not important items, these are other people’s priorities and I will guarantee that if you do not get clear on the results you want to have for next year as measured and categorized by those roles then everyone else’s items are gonna take the place for you, and you’re gonna find yourself going another year looking up and saying, “What the hell happened? Why am I not where I want to be?” Because everyone else has stacked their responsibilities onto you.
So, as we wrap up this conversation and as you look at the additional items if you’re watching this, think about this, think about the roles that you have beyond business. The roles you have in your relationships, the roles you have professionally, the roles that you have spiritually, the roles that you have with yourself and your obligation to yourself. And in those areas and in those roles, talk about and think about the results that you’re gonna want to have for 2018.
This will be your framework and guiding principle and we’ll create some worksheets and actionable items you can get those on Russperry.co/show/. Look for this episode, Roles and Results and before we leave I want to give a big special shout out to my friend who gave me the coolest trophy I have yet to get. Is it a trophy? Or a gift?
– [Shana] It’s both.
– Both? Okay. I talk a lot about the Voice, and maybe I can get a little bit redundant but Shana Wiesinger, she just got married, gave me this cool iPhone megaphone and I recorded a message here, I’m gonna get right to the mic for everybody.
Oh damn it, it’s not on speaker. Hang on. This is a really good video for everybody.
This is a reminder to follow the Voice and your heart. It will always lead to great things to come now and in the future. This is a reminder to follow The Voice and your heart. It will always lead to great things to come now and in the future.
Thank you, Shana, I appreciate my present I’m gonna torment everyone with.
This ends episode eight of the Russ Perry show everyone, Roles and Results, we hope you enjoyed it. Catch all the episodes again at Russperry.co/show/. You can get subscribed and I swear we’re gonna start sending out weekly updates on this show.
We just got transitioned over to HubSpot, it’s been a god damned nightmare. But we’ll take care and we’ll see you next week on our post-Christmas edition of the Russ Perry show on December 26, 12:30 Mountain Standard Time. See you then.
[Outro music] ♪ Juice Box ♪ ♪ Junky juice box ♪ ♪ Uh ♪ ♪ Mother lover you gon’ love this ♪ ♪ Graduated from a rapper to a revolutionary in my area ♪ ♪ They love this ♪ ♪ I’mma break it like I’m revvin’ an engine ♪ ♪ Heaven’s accession ♪ ♪ Every dimension, give me attention ♪ ♪ Look at myself, look at my heart ♪ ♪ Look at my hope ♪ ♪ Got the world on my back but I carry it though ♪ ♪ Tell ‘me God got my hand ♪ ♪ I ain’t letting it go ♪ ♪ Ay, ay, ay ♪ ♪ Came to the side of the ocean ♪

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