Episode 7: The Power of Questions

Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Dec. 14, 2017 14 Min. Read

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The Power of Questions

This week on the Russ Perry Show, Russ uncovers the five questions you need to ask yourself to open new doors of opportunity – and ultimately change the course of your life.

In order to get where you want to go, you need to first question the decisions you’ve made to get you where you currently are. Once you know what it took to get where you are, you can ask yourself where it is that you want to go and plan around any obstacles that may arise along the way.

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– Well hello there and welcome to the Russ Perry Show. If you missed it last week, I shared the news that I won a speaking competition. Which competition? It’s irrelevant. But I got first place in my category. You know, I just wanted to share this amazing trophy that I got and welcome you to a day where we’re gonna talk about the power of questions.
This is the Russ Perry Show, happy to have you here, let’s get it started. Alright, welcome back, everyone. Welcome to the Russ Perry Show. If this is your first time here, thank you for joining us. This is our weekly show. By we, I mean me and Janet, who I share an office with. In which we talk about a lot of things and we’ve been going on around a variety of conversations starting with who knows what. Warrior, what else have we talked about? We talked about–
– Feelings.
Feelings, values, all sorts of things.
– Today, though, we are gonna be kicking off a journey that hopefully has some kind of continuity in some sort of thread of plot, if you will, so that if you start here, you could actually go forward and be connecting these episodes together.
And today we are gonna be starting on the topic of the power of questions. You might be asking a question about, “Why, Russ, are you talking about questions?” That’s meta, to ask a question about questions. The reason is simple. I have literally changed my life through one act and one act alone and that is asking questions, asking questions about everything.
Why do I do this? Why do I wake up at this time? Why do I eat? Who should I be with? The time that I spend with people. Is that good or bad? Always evaluating and always thinking about the answers. Now sometimes, the answers are really obvious. For example, should I eat a half a pizza on Friday night? The question is simple and the answer is even more simple; no. It means you’re gonna have a lot of gastrointestinal problems throughout the evening and into the next day; that is a fact.
But other questions aren’t as easy. Some questions like, should I start this business? Or should I purchase a building? Which actually, we are going through this process right now, which if you are a client, you might have received an email about that, thanks for everyone supporting.
But the questions that we ask, whether they’re an easy question or they’re a hard question, all they do is they open up a door. They open up a door of possibility in which we can literally open this door and like, open the door and then start to look out into a new reality. Now sometimes, that reality is a reality that we want to say, “No, thank you, I’m not gonna go down that path.” Other times, the questions open the reality where we say, “You know what? This actually sounds kind of good. It actually sounds like something I want to pursue.”
And so then, that literally changes the course of our entire lives, through one simple question. So, one area that I love to ask questions in and we’ll get to some more detailed questions after the break, is around the challenges that I participate as an individual. For example, speaking competition. Here, let’s get this trophy up again. Funny story about this trophy, this thing right here, this is solid glass. Like, I don’t know how much this weighs. Maybe 15 pounds? 10, 15 pounds?
So I was going through the Orange County Airport coming back and I had too much stuff, I didn’t want to check a bag and I was a little concerned. I literally had this in a gray box and they let me bring it on the airplane. Meanwhile, people are getting strip searched for having mini Arrowhead bottles of water and I can bring a gigantic arrowhead-ish dagger thing. I should probably be careful, I might throw this through a camera, that would suck.
So I digress. The experience that I said was, what would happen if I really went after the speaking opportunity that I have, which was this competition? What would happen if I participate in a off-road event, which I just most recently did? The questions around my experiences aren’t necessarily for me to become a professional speaker or for me to become an off-road racer. It’s simply taking a moment to expand myself, even if it’s for a day or an hour or a week or two, to expand myself in a way that’s a new direction, a direction I’ve never gone down before.
So I have a clip for you, actually, related to the off-road racing where last week I went off-road racing. It was insane, we talked about it a little bit, we’ve got the highlight reel here. We’re gonna play about a minute 30 of this and then there’ll be a clip on our YouTube of the full thing. So enjoy this clip and after we get back, I’m gonna talk to you about five specific questions you can ask yourself to literally change your life.
[Video begins] Meanwhile, in Russ Perry’s world. “Make sure you wear a helmet,” and I text my mother, I’m like, “Mom, don’t worry, I’m wearing a helmet “and a neck brace and a fireproof suit. “I’m gonna be totally safe.”
– Got some rocks, big rocks coming through here. There we go, there we go. Alright, it’s gonna be going left and then it’s gonna come back to the right after this left bend.
– [Mike] Make sure your shoulder straps are tight.
– [Russ] I’m good, I’m real good. Heavy rocks, you know this, right here. Just going straight. Just going straight. Here we go, we got straightaway for thousand feet plus. Thousand feet plus, baby. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah, Mike. Whoa! Wow! [Video ends]
I was just telling Janet, I look way cooler than I actually am in those clips. Big shout-out to Mobbin Racing and my friend, Michael Isom, who is the owner of Team Mobbin Racing. Those are UTV cars. I’ve never even heard of this entire world until maybe about two or three months ago and got to visit beautiful Pahrump, Nevada, which if you’ve never been, is just gorgeous part of the United States. Sorry for anyone in Pahrump, I’m just completely joking. It’s kind of like a really special place.
Anyway, great shout-out to the team, great shout-out to Jim Speth who is the videographer for a lot of this and putting that film together. Again, go to our YouTube, YouTube.com/DesignPickle. You can check out the full five-minute clip, super awesome.
Now, what does off-road racing have anything to do with changing the course of your life? It’s the small things that we decide to do based off the questions that we ask that expose us to really new experiences, new realities, new inputs, new ways of expanding ourselves, and that then pushes us down these further paths that we would’ve never, ever gone down. I don’t know if I’ll ever do off-road racing again, however, I did make a deeper connection with my friend Michael, I exposed myself to this whole industry.
Actually, a friend of ours that we’ve talked about in the past, Branded Bills, they do hats, I’m connecting those two guys so they can sponsor Michael’s team, Mobbin Racing. So all of these things open up, all of these new doors open up simply because I asked the question, what would happen if I went off-road racing for a day? Pretended to be an off-road racer? I was one heck of a navigator, you saw me handing the cloth. That was mainly my main job was just vibrating and looking at the GPS and handing like a squeegee cloth to Michael for five hours straight.
So, as promised, here are some questions that I want to teach you that can change this course, can open this door for you, no matter where you’re at. Whether you’re one of my family members, hey Micah, thanks for watching my episode last week. Whether you’re a client, whether you’re a coworker in the other room watching something, these five questions are the keys, are the questions that you can ask yourselves to change and alter the course of where you’re headed.
So the first question is very simple. Where are you at? Where are you at right now in life? Where are you at with your family, your job, your career, your spiritual relationships, your romantic relationships. Wherever, I mean you can answer this question in a million different compartments. Where am I at with my body? Where am I at with my mind? Where am I at with my blood sugar? Wherever. Where are you at? We cannot determine where we want to go unless we know exactly, right now, where we’re at.
And you could get literal like I am at the Design Pickle headquarters.
Or you could get very sort of abstract, like, I am in a rut in my life and I want to move beyond it. So this is question number one. Where are you at?
Now the next question is simple. Why are you here? Why are you in this place that you’re at? Maybe it was a series of conscious decisions that got you to where you’re at. Maybe it’s a series of non-decisions, inaction, that have gotten you to where you’re at. Maybe you have gotten to where you’re at because you have let someone else control you. And so why you are here is because you have not taken control of your own life.
So again, where are you at, and then why are you here?
The next question is, where do you want to go? Where do you want to go? What is the destination? Whether it’s tomorrow, later today, in a year, in nine months, two months, three months, whatever, 25 years. Where do you want to go?
This exposes, then, the gap. The distance of where we’re at and then where we want to go. This becomes the gap and we’ll explore this in more detail in later episodes of what you need to accomplish, the actions you need to take, the progress you need to make. If I step outside this door and I start walking somewhere, I could walk literally for days, hours, months, years, but if I have no destination in mind, then I will truly go nowhere despite all of that effort, all of that energy, all of that momentum.
So let me give you a quick example. I’m headed to Italy for about five weeks in June 2018. That’s right around six months from now, almost exactly. So today, literally, I mean just hours ago, I started lesson number one of Italian. I speak no Italian, no Italiano. I speak nothing. But my current spot of where I’m at is I do not speak Italian. Where I want to go is I want to be confident when I am in Italy, not to have a complex business conversation or do the Russ Perry Show in Italian, although that’d be super cool, is I just literally want the confidence to go shopping, to go exploring, to go on a tour, to talk to people, to interact, to order at a restaurant, which I don’t have right now.
So where I’m at is nothing. Where I want to go is confidence. So then the gap is, I need to learn Italian, and I have started to book weekly lessons with a virtual tutor, cool website called Verbling is what I found, and I’m just gonna do that with offline vocabulary and maybe do a lingo, who knows? Very, very simple.
You can do the same process with more complex things. Where are you at in a challenging relationship you’re in right now? Whether that’s a romantic relationship or professional relationship, and where do you want to go? The gap in between those two points becomes your plan and the distance that you need to traverse.
Now the next question is, what are the obstacles in the way? Because there are gonna be obstacles all day long. I want to learn Italian, guess what? That takes a lot of time and I kind of am like running a business, having a family, working on consulting with Warrior and all this kind of stuff, so I’m gonna have to fit this in, I’m gonna have to be really judicious with my time in order to schedule this.
And there will be tons of obstacles. Lose momentum, not feeling like I’m making progress, I’m old, stories in my mind. So identifying the obstacles allows you to defeat the obstacles. When you identify the obstacles, you literally become a surgeon that can remove and attack them at any time. You become an assassin that just says, “Look, I know where I want to go, “but here’s what I’ve already identified, “and boom, I’m gonna preempt those challenges “with a plan, with a strategy, whatever it might become.”
So the final question is the fifth question is, are you committed? Are you committed to the results, to the destination that you want to go down? Cause here’s the truth, ladies and gentlemen. The difference between someone who accomplishes something and someone who doesn’t is commitment. That’s it.
It’s not about how much you want it. It’s not about how hard your life was. It’s not about anything. It’s about your commitment. And granted, some people have very, very huge obstacles in their way, but there is always a way. There is always a way for you to accomplish that destination and get to it and it comes down to your commitment.
So this just about wraps out this very, what I feel like, is more structured episode of the Russ Perry Show.
And we are going to be adding action guides for every episode, so if you’re catching this online, you just sort of see a piece of it, you could actually go to our site, DesignPickle.com/show, find an episode, and download an action guide, which will summarize the points, the questions, the lessons, and get you plugged in so that you can move forward with the topic of today, which today was all about questions.
So we will see you next week. Again, the URL is DesignPickle.com/show. If you’re not subscribed, get subscribed. Put in your email in there. And we will see you next week, same time, same place. Talk to you then and take care.
[Outro music] ♪ Juice box ♪ ♪ Junkie juice box ♪ ♪ Mother lover, you gonna love this ♪ ♪ Graduated from a rebel to a revolutionary ♪ ♪ In my area they love this ♪ ♪ I’m gonna wreck it like I’m revvin’ the engine ♪ ♪ Heaven’s ascension ♪ ♪ Every dimension ♪ ♪ Give me attention ♪ ♪ Look at my soul ♪ ♪ Look at my heart ♪ ♪ Look at my hope ♪ ♪ Got the world on my back but I carry it though ♪ ♪ Tell them God got my hand, I ain’t letting it go ♪ ♪ I, I, I came from the side of the ocean ♪

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