Episode 5: Do You Invest In Yourself? (Live From CA)

Updated Aug. 19, 2022 Published Nov. 30, 2017 5 Min. Read

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Do You Invest In Yourself?

Russ is investing in himself by attending the Warrior Con 2 in this week’s raw edition of the Russ Perry Show.

It’s short and sweet. And the conversation revolves around one of the most important questions you could ask yourself – Do you invest in yourself? Tune in below.



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– Hey, what’s goin’ on everybody? This is the Russ Perry Show live, like literally live. I know we’re mostly live but I am actually not in studio as you can tell right now. I am in Dana Point, California. You can see here at the Laguna Cliffs Mariott. And today’s show is gonna be a bit abbreviated.
I literally have stepped out of my own week of personal training and that’s what I’m gonna be talking to you about today. So the question in the prompt of the video is, do you invest in yourself?
Now for the period of, I would say, two and a half almost three years, I have been an avid investor, not in stocks, not in Bitcoin, although I did once have an opportunity to buy Bitcoin at three dollars a coin in college. We were trying to buy ‘shrooms and we got too scared and so we never did it. Never got the ‘shrooms, never got the Bitcoin. I’d like to think that was a missed opportunity although had we figured out how to buy Bitcoin and ‘shrooms, as a 19 year old I would have definitely had no Bitcoin left and probably would live in Brazil or something like that.
Anyway, I digress. So I invest in myself. Some of you have seen this symbol around. I wear this bracelet, let’s see if I can get it on camera here. And this is my primary program that I have been invested in over the last two years. It’s called, Wake Up Warrior. And it is a men’s training program. This week is the annual conference. It’s their second conference, Warrior Con 2. And it is a group of 500 gentlemen. A couple of my friends as well who have traveled all the way here to spend four days, three or four days, working on us.
And you might think this is kind of crazy because when you sit around and talk about yourself and ask questions about yourself you’re not actually doing much. I mean if you actually saw what we’re doing in this room back over there behind these closed doors it’s literally guys sitting and listening and writing in journals.
So it becomes kind of an interesting site from the outside, but what I learned is, my perspective that I gain during these events are massively valuable in helping me gain new insight and new perspective that moves everything forward in my life. Across my body, my being, my relationship with God, my balance, my relationship with my family and then, of course, my business, Design Pickle, and actually getting paid.
And so I choose many times throughout the year to participate in this program so that I can learn how to better improve my own investment. Because without me there is no money coming in. Well it might for a while but it would soon end. Without me there’s no leadership at my businesses, there’s no leadership in my family. And so it drives me crazy when I see and hear about people wanting to learn about investing here and investing there and investing here. Whereas the number one thing they should be focused on is themselves.
So, how do you invest in yourself? Let all sorts of questions. And the biggest question that I ask myself when I’m at these events is the question of, who do I have to become to… Who do I have to become to spend a week unplugged from my businesses and make sure that they run smoothly? Who do I have to become to have a deep and meaningful relationship with my family?
And so this question that we, I ask myself and is asked here at this event. And it ultimately is the question that unlocks the habits, the focus, the things that you need to do and that you need to pursue in order to get what you want. So I don’t know what that is. I mean, it could be literally a physical thing. It could be a spiritual thing. It could be just waking up every morning and not feeling like your body hurts. Whatever the things are that you want, asking that question, “Who do I have to become to achieve those things?” opens the door, like, opens this door here, where you can now see into a new place that you can go and travel through.
And so that’s all I’m gonna with you guys today, on this California edition of the Russ Perry Show. I hope this is slightly valuable and we’ll return to our regularly scheduled, multi-camera production next week. Same time, as always, so take care everybody. Have a good week and we’ll talk soon.

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