Episode 13: Expand Your Place

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Updated Aug. 19, 2022 Published Jan. 31, 2018 18 Min. Read

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Expand Your Place

In this week’s episode, Russ breaks exciting news – Design Pickle is getting a new office – and uses that as a catalyst to dive into a deeper discussion.
Russ gets theoretical while he expands on the idea that if you stretch slightly past your level of comfortability in terms of finances, it inspires you to grow and adapt to your new style of living.
Tune in below and download and complete the corresponding Action Guide to embed this mindset into your daily life.

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– [Russ Perry] Running a few minutes late well, because, you know, the internet. Internet problems. But, I’m excited you are here and we are here for another episode, episode number 13 of the Russ Perry Show, Expand Your Space, Expand Your Place In Life is the title of this episode. We’ll get to it in a minute, but, before that an epic intro.
[Intro] Every week discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life; body, being, balance, and business. Welcome to the Russ Perry Show.
Welcome back. So, what do I have here in my hand? These are documents related to the new building we are buying at Design Pickle. That is correct. Now, disclaimer, we are not officially closed so, I could look like a total idiot here in the next couple weeks if just like, everything completely unravels, but, we’ve been approved for the loan, we’re rolling with our architects, got the inspection done and we’re just gettin’ the final details ironed out here, but, yes, we’re gonna be moving into a space that is no less than I’d say, three, maybe three and a half times larger than what we currently have.
Now, Russ, you may ask, why the heck do you need a big office? Why do you need an office at all? Aren’t you like this virtual company? Can’t you work from anywhere with your virtual teams? Yes, the answer is 100% we could do that, however, I have learned throughout multiple times in my life, the more I invest into the places where I go to work or where I work, the more that I expand as an individual.
Let me rewind back and give you a couple of examples of this. 2015, I’m in college about to graduate, living in downtown Phoenix and I find out I am going to have a daughter. Not the kind of news you would expect as a 22-year-old, but, hey, it is what it is. Immediately, I got to thinking about what I would need to do in order to provide for her, be with her, spend time with her. So, I did what any logical 22-year-old would do. I started my first business.
Yes, I actually quit a job at Apple. Kind of like the most sick job ever you could possibly have at the age of 22 so that, I can take the risk of starting my own business. Thankfully, it worked out. I had a friend named Farren who hooked me up as his first client or he was my first client and we did a lot of cool design work together, but, I was always working out of my home.
Now, fast forward two or three more years. I mean my now, wife Mika, we rent a house together and again, I’m still working out of a spare bedroom and if you… Jan are we good on the tablet? Wanted to jump right into it. So, my space for my business was literally like an 8×10, let me zoom in on here, an 8×10 grid. That was it. This was the company I call Keen Creative.
Now, this wasn’t a real office, this was technically a work/live condo in downtown Tempe and so, it was like someone’s house. It was a cool place. It had like wood floors and lighting and all this open space but, this is where we moved into and this was a larger space. I don’t know the exact dimensions. Let’s say it was around 1,300 square feet for example, but, I expanded my space and all of a sudden my ability to focus and my ability to create also expanded.
Now, I still had distractions, but, I know that I knew that when I went to work and I got to where I was going, I would be able to lock and load and focus in on whatever the tasks at hand were. You see, so many people today, they are so afraid to make the commitments that are required when you actually need to either invest in a space, rent a space and this whole, like, coworking industry that is rampant, I’ll tell you what, it’s probably the worst thing you could possibly do for your growth.
Now, I don’t think there is a complete disregard to coworking. There’s the right time and place for it, but, most of the folks that I know who are at coworking spaces, they stall out. So, they grow to a certain point and then, they have a really hard time growing. They never expand their space again.
Now, for that person, they might be going from the 8×10 spare bedroom to now, some cool rented office in this coworking space, with free coffee, internet and a hell of a lot of distractions. How do I know? Well, Design Pickle’s first office was in a coworking space and for a time, it was a heck of a lot better than a coffee shop.
I mean a coffee shop was like, here’s my space, which is me at a desk surrounded by a million other people and noises and all these distractions coming at me. But, you know what? It was a little bit better than the home office because I didn’t at least have all the distractions of home.
But, when I moved to coworking spot, now, I had this cool desk. Actually, they were like these weird, sort of, I don’t know, pods of desks and you had a divider. This is a top-down view, by the way, and so I had one spot here, but, then, there would be a guy here and a gal here and a guy here and this random old guy who would always be there and you never really knew what he did, but, he just talked to you a lot.
So, the space might have been cooler but, it wasn’t necessarily a larger space than the coffee shop and ultimately, as I found with most coworking spots, they’re crazy distracting. Like, insanely distracting.
Me and our product manager Corinn, we were at a WeWork space in San Francisco. Granted we were working in the common area, but, all the sudden right across maybe 20 feet from us a projector turns on, all of this popcorn shows up and they start randomly doing these 30-second pitches, one after another for these businesses. Maybe it’s to upsell their dedicated workspaces, but, it was crazy distracting.
So, I digress. Coworking spaces have the right time and place, but, ultimately they’re usually a lateral move. They’re a little bit better than a coffee shop, but, not much better. They’re a little bit better than your home office, but, not much better.
But, what we need to do and what any serious business needs to do regardless if you’re an online business is you gotta invest in your space. You have to. I’m gonna come down hard on this one. I’m in communities of online entrepreneurs. I’m in communities of virtual entrepreneurs and most of those people experience insanely slow flat growth year over year over year over year.
What have I done time and time again with every business? I invest in physical spaces. So, first, we went from my house to a coffee shop, to coworking. Then, I found a maybe a 10×10 office in my buddy’s warehouse at Design Pickle and we rented that space. Then, we’re in the space we’re currently in about 1,300 square feet that we’ve been in a little over a year. Again, it’s Class A office, it’s nice, we have a cool studio.
Now, we’re moving into going from the 1,300 square foot space into a 6,500 space that we’re buying. Talk about commitment to growth. I am not only getting a space, I’m buying a space. Do we have to buy a space? Absolutely not! Are there tons of spaces big enough for us for many years to come? Totally! But, what I know is that when I’m committing to this warehouse space, I’m committing myself to moving up in place, in place-a-ment, kind of a stretch I know, in life, in my mindset. I’m now being a commercial real estate owner. I’m now having to manage those nuances and details.
Just today, I was meeting with an architect that we’re… This is Davis Architecture, an awesome firm here in Scottsdale. Actually, all over Arizona and the United States that we’re working with to design our space. I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to build everything these guys design, but, I do know investing in my space will help me advance my place as an entrepreneur, as a business owner and all areas of my life. Yes, even as a father and as a husband because I’m having to manage my time, but, guess what, there’s gonna be time, there’s gonna be space in my new space for things like a gym and wellness and healthy food and a kitchen that’s worthwhile. We’re like maxing out on our space here.
So, there’s so many things that help you move up your place in life in all the areas of body, being, balance, and business when you invest in your space. Let me continue on the analogy on this. So, there’s your physical space that you can invest in and when you invest in your physical space, there is a very real money conversation that comes into play because bigger or nicer costs money.
What I’m about to share with you, you need to be careful about, but, it’s what I’ve done so, I guess it works ’cause it’s working for me. I have always found that there is a limit of expansion where here I currently am and oh, gosh, this is a terrible drawing. Yes, I do own a graphic design company.
Here I currently am and whenever I stretch just a little bit in terms of my finances, in terms of like a nicer car or a trip with the family or something, kind of, beyond where I currently reach, but not too far so, if I like reach my hand up here… Sorry Janett this is just a terrible drawing. And, I’m like, oh, it’s so far, but, I can get it. I can grab it. What ends up happening is I actually grow a little bit. Not by much, but, I grow a little bit and now, this becomes my new norm.
Case and point, I close my agency in 2014. Close, like, August had the conversation with my partner. September 1st I have, literally, no job. Like nothing, no income, nothing. So, what did I do? Of course, I went out and I got a BMW lease on a weird car called an I3 which if you’ve never seen one, they’re like all electric, not recommended. Go get a BMW Model 3 or whatever they’re calling the new ones, but, anyway, I went out and I actually increased my expenses when I was unemployed, why? So, that I would expand and I would have the external pressure of money which is a very real, tangible thing to go and expand into.
When you see people who literally have been in the same place their entire life or at least the last 10 years, you know what they have not done? They have not challenged themselves to grow. They have not challenged themselves to grow financially. They have not challenged themselves to grow physically, spiritually, emotionally or relationally.
Now, I don’t know how you could challenge yourself spiritually and make more money, but, I do know how you can challenge yourself from a business standpoint is you increase your expenses. Now, don’t do this in a stupid way. Don’t go out and buy a Ferrari when you can’t even afford a Hyundai, however, if a Hyundai is a stretch for you, go get a Hyundai and figure out the stretch that you need to do.
Maybe you need to start your business. Maybe you need to increase your prices. Maybe you need to change careers and not be an employee and move into somewhere where you can control your own income more so. And for all of you watching this who work for somebody, I view the ability to control your own income and your ability to get creative on how you’re compensated. You could work for someone and have an upper end of compensation if you decide on how you’re going to create enough value within your role and so, don’t just tune out because you’re not actually owning your own business. You could go and negotiate new compensation assuming you achieve certain milestones and benchmarks and that, then, becomes the way you expand.
You say hey if I do XYZ which I know increases this bottom line to the company, I want to increase my salary by 25% in the next six months. Sign on the dotted line, boom. You have now set a money target that is somewhere where you need to go and again, you need to expand to as an individual to now be able to achieve that.
So, when you invest in your space and expand your space, it also means your ment… Whoa, lost my drawing here. It also means your mental space. Like, your mental space of what’s possible.
Here’s another example for you. I used to feel, when I was in college and I had $200.00 in my bank account, I was like, who is buying dinner tonight? I have $200.00 in my bank account and I would go and buy dinner and then, it’d be down to like $100.00. Still plenty of money. Plenty of money and then, it’d get down to like $50.00. I’d be like alright I need to start budgeting. Then, it would get negative and I’m like, all right, now, I need to go make some money.
Well, my floor in life for many years, probably for far too many years, was $200.00. My space in which my bucket in which I knew that, oh sorry, my bucket, you know, $200.00 was the bucket. If I had less than $200.00 it was okay. If I had negative money then, that was a problem, but, my container in my mind was always like this was about right.
Then, I got a real job. I grew up and this amount expanded to $500.00. Why did it expand? Well, because my expenses increased. My commitments increased. I got married. I had kids. I had all these things, but, I knew this container now and my checking account was okay and now I’m comfortable with $500.00 and then, it expanded again, went to $1,000.00 and it expanded again and went to $10,000.00 and it continues to grow and the container this is the container of my mind.
The space inside my head of what is realistic and what is acceptable because money and our valuation of money is all about perception and so, for me, I found the easiest way to make these jumps is to actually invest in yourself and more. It could be in your office space. It could be in your car. It can be on the trips you take with your family. It could be in the clothes you wear.
The Lululemon, I haven’t brought it up in a while. Buying a Lululemon shirt is like so ridiculous. It’s an $80.00 polo, but, it’s actually amazing. It feels super nice. It’s like the stitching is really good. Sadly, I had to throw away a couple Lululemon shirts recently ’cause they got like torn and there was oil all over ’em. I don’t know how it even happens. Mika if you’re watching this, there in our bathroom trash right now. That’s why they’re in there.
So, expanding and investing into what we can see and tangibly hold will allow us to expand in all areas of our life. So, this conversation I’m having with you today is covering a lot of grounds, but, I hope you realize that the more you can expand your space, whether that’s your physical space you’re working in, whether that’s your mental space and what you expect, the bottom baseline, ideas that you have about money, about quality, about service, the more you could push those containers outward and upward and climb up higher and higher, the more that you will be finding yourself in a position of abundance.
Because when I was so concerned about going from $100.00 to $50.00, all of my thought patterns, all of the energy I was spending was like, I can’t lose this money. My perceptions, my space was so tiny. When I had no lease and no office expenses thinking about signing up for a $29.00 a month service, even if that service, like some software online, could help me make or save 10 or 100 times more than that, my space was so small.
You know, if this is like a grid and each grid here is representative of a certain amount of money, let’s say this is a $100.00 or sorry, each one of these dollar signs is worth 100, blah, each one of these dollar signs is worth $20.00, so, it’s a 5×5 grid and a really poor grid here. One thing I’ve learned about people who talk and write at the same time is I massively respect them ’cause they’re able to create, but, and create really good content.
So, anyway, when you have a 100 or 5×5… What is that? 5×5 grid? 25? Okay, So, each one of these columns represents $100.00 and it’s $500.00 worth of value, if I have to incur a $40.00 expense, that’s going to be a large portion of my box, of my value of whatever I have in my space. If I have to incur $100.00 expense, oh my god, that is gonna be so much. But, what happens and I’m not gonna draw this ’cause this is gonna take forever. You’re just gonna see me drawing boxes. What happens when proportionally you expand and then, now, that same expense is just a small amount? It’s a small amount proportionally to whatever your current space is.
Today, when we make investments in Design Pickle or myself or my family, it is in proportion to a huger or much larger space of value creation, as well as, physical space. Janett and I are talking about new equipment for the new office and it’s important for us to invest in this space because it’s gonna allow us to create faster content at a higher quality which in terms drives revenue for the business. Janett, by the way, is our producer. I keep talking to her off-screen. Talking to her a lot today.
So, anyway, the investment in your space allows you to increase your place and I hope you have grasped this concept. It’s a bit of an abstract tangent I wanted to go with because I was meeting with designers. We’ve been closing on this new building.
But, I challenge you to evaluate the current space that you’re in and in the action guide, we’ll have a downloadable here shortly within 24 hours of this broadcast, you will be able to evaluate what is your current space both, physically and mentally and what do you need to do in the next 90 days to expand your space so that you can improve your place, whether that is your place in how much money you’re making, your place in the quality you’re giving to your clients or your teams or just improve your place as an individual, as a significant other, as a parent, as a child, whatever it might be.
So, this includes this long, straight, run through rant. No breaks today for you all in the Russ Perry Show as we talk about this concept of improving your space, so that, you can improve your place.
Now, if you’re not signed up for updates, I want you to go to russperry.co/show/ in which we will be updating you on the action guides, new episodes, all sorts of good content there. Also, I’m in a challenge to beat my wife in Instagram followers, so, please check me out there @RussPerry where we post content, clips from the show, as well as, all the other stuff we’re working on here for the brand, Sober Entrepreneur, my new book on amazon.com. You can check that out right now, as well as, Design Pickle.
Thanks so much everyone. We’ll see you next week. Talk to you soon.

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