Episode 9: Gratitude and Attitude

Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Dec. 28, 2017 10 Min. Read

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Gratitude and Attitude

Russ wraps up 2017 by reviewing what he has been grateful for over the past year. And he talks about the importance of being grateful and how it prepares you for growth in the coming year.

Gratitude is essentially finding the things in life that you appreciate and give you joy, and this week’s action guide will walk you through this process.

So sit back, relax, watch this week’s episode, and end 2017 with an Attitude of Gratitude!

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

– Final episode of The Russ Perry Show of 2017. Of course, we’re gonna be continuing this on to next year. Wanna say Merry Christmas to everybody who celebrated that yesterday. It is Tuesday, December 26th, and we are doing a very special episode all about gratitude today.
So, I welcome you, for those of you watching it live. And for those of you watching on a recording, I welcome you, too. Let’s get to it.
This is The Russ Perry Show.
All right, and we are back. Just me and my producer Janett today in the Design Pickle offices. Yes, we are working hard to bring this show to you today. And in the spirit of the time of the year, which we’re recording this on December 26th, the day after Christmas, I wanted to do a very thankful episode talking today about the concepts of gratitude, and the concepts of thanks.
Now, this is a topic that we see perpetuated by media, especially the holiday season, you want to be thankful for things and thinking about family and friends. But I was actually inspired by this episode by a very unthankful experience I had this past week leading up to Christmas in which I received a text. I’m gonna read this, nah, I don’t know if I’m gonna read it. That could cause me more problems.
Well, let’s just say this, I received a text from somebody, me and my wife did, that wasn’t intended for us, and it was intended for someone else. And in this text that we received, it was basically someone who was positioning and posturing that, a very ungrateful attitude, kind of talking trash if you will. I don’t know if that’s a cool term people even still use.
So, I received this text, and my wife received this text, and we both, we weren’t together, but our response in literally within a second of each other was the same. It was, wrong person, you sent this to the wrong person. And the person who sent it to us, they proceeded to apologize, but they proceeded to apologize with a lot of reasons.
A lot of reasons why they feel like this was the right response, and how they’re feeling, so persecuted and attacked, and all of these reasons. And it was really hard to read, because the whole time you’re reading this, you’re just like, you can’t even apologize, they’re just making all these excuses and they’re going on and on and on about kind of justifying and rationalizing this inappropriate text, or this misjudged text.
I had to take a step back, and I was extremely frustrated. My first response included a lot of f-words and I was just so sorta pissed about it. But, ultimately I didn’t respond, and I didn’t respond for days. And I finally sent my response yesterday.
And my response on Christmas day was basically this, it was, I feel sorry for you. That’s it, I’m not gonna be pissed, I’m not going to send a text with f-words because, frankly, I’m above that, and I don’t really care to perpetuate the negative attitude that we received. But instead, I feel sorry.
And, my advice to this person for 2018 was to adopt an attitude of gratitude. If you’ve been in church at all, this is a common sermon phrase, the attitude of gratitude. But I said look, this is going to serve you more than being a victim, blaming others, turning situations, and compiling them so they’re all about you.
Because what gratitude ultimately is is finding things in life that you appreciate, and that can give you joy. And it can be simple things like your family, your health, your wellness. It could be really amazing things like a promotion, or like Design Pickle, a huge team that we’ve created.
But this attitude of gratitude is what I recommended to this person, and then taking my own advice, I ended the text with I think five or six things that I was thankful for this person, genuine things. Thankful for them for being this way. Thankful for them for being this way. And that was it.
Now, I haven’t really heard back from this person, but the attitude of gratitude is something that I cannot recommend more during this time of the year.
We are ending, we’re in this weird zone of 2017. We’re kinda like, it’s like everyone is sorta here, but they’re not here. Like, they’re working but they’re not working. You’re seeing a lot of pictures of people in PJs at home. And the holidays are over but yet the new year hasn’t begun.
And so, we’re gonna talk about this. There’s no break during this episode. But the biggest thing that I could say to do, and what I’m going to be doing in 20, to prep for 2018, and to wind up 2017, is looking at the things that I’m thankful for.
All the things that I’m thankful for because this is gonna prep my mind for the right attitudes of growth for 2018. When you look at any majorly, majorly successful person in any area, from music to professional sports, to business, they have a massive attitude of gratitude.
And so, what am I thankful for here in 2017? Well, first I wanna say thank you to my wife Mika. She has been endlessly supportive to me. She supported me through a crazy year, including publishing and finishing my book. Technically it’s not officially published yet, but publishing this book and getting it written, The Sober Entrepreneur, she’s been hugely supportive for that.
So, Mika, I’m thankful for you. I’m also thankful for my kids. Maddox, Reese, and Paige, my three daughters that I have who are growing up crazy fast. My oldest daughter, Maddox, got to attend our professional development day when we had our US team here a couple weeks ago, and that was amazing. She actually sat with us, did goal setting, and a 90-day strategic planning with all of us, and she’s 12. So I’m super pumped for her to see where she’s gonna be.
And then my five-year-old, Reese, is just growing every day. Reese, our performer, she got one of those microphones for Christmas, and she spent most of the day yesterday in the backyard performing to nobody, just by herself, belting out whatever she wanted to.
And my two-year-old, Paige, who is just amazing, she’s been a little bit under the weather, but I’m very thankful that she’s getting better. And she is just a spark. We call her high-alert Paige, ’cause everything she’s very intense about.
So I’m thankful for my wife, I’m thankful for my family. I’m also thankful for my Design Pickle team. We have Janett here right now to my left who I’m very thankful for producing this show. And then to the rest of the team that is here, both in the United States and over in the Philippines, I am thankful for you.
We could not do the work that we do every single day, producing what we produce, the crazy amount of help that we’re providing our clients without a dedicated team that shows up, and hustles hard, and works hard. And I’m thankful for them, and I’m thankful for the energy, and output, and just the focus that you guys have.
And finally, I’m thankful for all the Design Pickle community, both directly if you’re a paying client, and indirectly if you’re a fan. This is an episode that if you’re even this far into it, you’re someone who I connect with and I care about and cares about what we’re doing, and what we’re creating. I’m extremely, extremely thankful for you.
The list could go on and on, but we’re gonna wrap this up, and there’s gonna be a worksheet eventually. When you watch this you’ll get it, and not the live version.
But we’re gonna call this worksheet the worksheet of gratitude, or the attitude of gratitude. And I want you to write out, and I want you to put down and create a list of things that you are grateful for in 2017.
Because most people look ahead, hey, here’s what I want to do in 2018. They look out at the horizon, but they don’t actually look back at where they’ve come from.
And this is an important, important, important thing to do. Because if you’re always looking out at the horizon, guess what, you’ll never get there because the horizon continues to move further, and the horizon continues. You go and you go, you never get to the horizon.
And it’s great to be pursuing something ahead of you, but it’s even better to look back and to say, wow, look at where I’ve come from. Look at what I’ve accomplished, look at the things that I’ve done.
And it’s this attitude of gratitude that grounds us and puts us in a place and a mindset in which we can then go and create. Not in a way in which we’re chasing something we hope to achieve, but with confidence that to say, look at how much I have already achieved and which I’m thankful for, and look, here’s where I want to go.
So, from my family to yours, from my Design Pickle family to yours, thank you so much, this has been a great year. We are nine episodes in. Nine, right? Nine episodes into The Russ Perry Show and we are gonna have an epic 2018 for you.
And on that note, we’re actually taking next week off, so January third there will be no Russ Perry episode, January second there will be no Russ Perry episode. And then, starting again on January ninth, we’re gonna relaunch the show with a new style, new graphics, same set here, and we’re gonna launch into 2018 hard and fast, and I’m really pumped up.
This, literally, these nine episodes was the warm-up lap. This was the warm-up lap for the Russ Perry episode, Russ Perry Show, and we’re gonna kick it off with episode 10 on January ninth, that’s gonna be epic, and hitting it hard and fast. Have a safe New Years to everybody. Thank you again. Think about your attitude of gratitude for 2017, headed into 2018. And we’ll see ya next year.
[Outro music] ♪ Juice box ♪ ♪ Junkie juice box ♪ ♪ Mother lover you gon’ love this ♪ ♪ Graduated from a rebel to a revolutionary ♪ ♪ In my area they love this ♪ ♪ I’mma wreck it, like, I’m revving the engine ♪ ♪ Heaven’s ascension, every dimension ♪ ♪ Give me attention ♪ ♪ Look at my soul ♪ ♪ Look at my heart, look at my hope ♪ ♪ Got the world on my back, but, I carry it, though ♪ ♪ Tell them God got my hand, I ain’t letting it go ♪ ♪ I, I, I came from the side of the ocean ♪

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