Episode 12: Fighting Ghosts

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Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Jan. 24, 2018 19 Min. Read

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Fighting Ghosts 

In this week’s episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ gets a bit theoretical in talking about the Land of Facts versus the Land of Fiction.
Both are crucial to your long-term success and well-being, but staying in one of the lands too long can actually have some negative consequences. So Russ explains the importance of both and helps you through moving from the reality of your current situation to the castle-in-the-sky of where you want to be.
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– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to the Russ Perry Show. I am actually extremely exhausted. My children are not sleeping and it is turning into sort of a battle at nighttime which, last night, we attempted to lock the doors to our bedroom. However, my two-year-old outlasted us crying at the doorstep for, I don’t know, probably, it seemed like nine hours. It was probably only like 30 minutes or something.
Anyway, it’s neither here nor there because today I am pumped up. We got a great show for you today. We’re gonna kick it off here shortly. Got a couple announcements about some big things happening tomorrow and, in case you didn’t know, I got a cool tool here we’re gonna be using after the break. So in case you don’t know what the heck this is, this is the Russ Perry Show where I train, talk, rant. Welcome to have you here. Here’s the intro.
[Intro] Every week, discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Welcome to the Russ Perry Show.
And we are back and before I get going and rolling on the topics of today, I gotta an incredibly kind of theoretical topic, but I think it’s massively practical.
I want to give a quick announcement and that is tomorrow, our semi-annual annual sale goes live to the public. So if you are watching this and you’re actually interested in Design Pickle and you’re watching this live, that is, I guess, tomorrow is the day to go to our website, designpickle.com. Up top is gonna be one of those little banners in which you can click through to the landing page to get signed up for our service.
Get an annual plan at up to 35% off. That is less than 3,000 dollars for an entire year of Design Pickle.
I don’t promote Design Pickle too much on this service, at least not directly. We only do this sale twice a year. We do it in January, we do it in July. So if you’re needing some design help out of the new year, this is your chance. All right, commercial over.
Actually, we’re gonna have a funny little break commercial, a teaser for you. But today I wanna talk about this topic that I’ve dubbed fighting ghosts. Right now I am training four elite businessmen one on one, and during last, the last 24-hour evolution that we’ve gone through, because we’re in this three-week training period right now, each of these men. One of my clients talked about all of the energy that is being spent chasing ghosts.
And where this conversation came from is this balance of fact. What is fact versus what is fiction. And it’s gonna get kind of theoretical, but just bear with me.
And the concept is this: When we live in a land of fiction, we literally are putting energy towards and spending time on things that aren’t really real. A great example of this is with our health. If we are living in a land of fiction with our health, we don’t know what our blood work is, we don’t know what our weight is, we’re not really paying attention to what we eat, we could spend a lot of time “working out” or spend a lot of energy being healthy, but we actually have zero progress.
And the conversation that we had with one of my clients was around this land of fiction. Because he’s like, “Dude, Russ, I’m spending all this “energy, I’m working, I’m doing all this time, “but I’m actually not getting anywhere and it feels “like I’m just throwing punches but all I’m hitting “is air.”
If you’ve ever done actual boxing, you can completely exhaust yourself fighting, actually, that’s terrible boxing, you want to keep your arms in like this and kind of punch like that, but if you do that, you could literally do that by yourself punching air and get completely gassed. But what do you actually accomplish? You don’t go anywhere. You’re not moving, you’re literally standing there.
Now, if I go from the land of fiction, made up, and I’m moving to the land of facts where I’m actually aware of what’s going on and I’m actually connecting with something real, i.e. the facts, that’s when I can get some movement.
So back to the body analogy. If I am not paying attention to the facts of where I am at, then I will go nowhere. However, if I start to look at the facts of my body, my health, what am I eating every day? What kind of workouts am I doing? Do I even understand the food that I’m eating? Do I know the direction that I want to go? What’s my weight? What’s my body composition? What are my blood markers, my cholesterol, my blood pressure, all of those things?
When I get focused on the facts and I leave the land of fiction, which is just ideas in our head, we’re not quite sure of what’s what, then we get to a place where we actually can find the fire and the fuel to move forward.
And again, this goes back to this analogy of the fiction land is a land of just nothingness. It’s a land where we can spend an entire lifetime thinking about what things should be like or thinking about the realities we want to have or the theories we have about other people or other businesses, or whatever ideas we might have. Once we get down to the land of facts, the ground that we sit on, now we can actually build something concrete.
And unfortunately, for many of us, when we start out and we get to the land of facts eventually, we’re starting out in a much lower place than we ideally want to be.
When you get radically clear about your health down to the levels of, like, your blood markers and the biomarkers, you might get some not-so-great news and it might take you from the perceived heights of the land of fiction, ’cause right, the clouds are way up here and you’re like, “I’m fine, I’m great, I’m healthy. “I take a walk once a week; that’s healthy, right?” And then you get the blood work done, and you’re, boom, you’re way down low and you’re feeling a little bummed out.
You didn’t get some great news. But at least you’re on solid ground. And living in the land of fiction will literally get you into a place where you cannot build anything concrete. Living in the land of facts is where you actually can have a foundation to build something great.
Let’s shift gears from body to business. And business, it could be a literal business that you have if you’re an entrepreneur watching this or it could be the amount of money you’re making, the money in your bank accounts. Do the facts of the money in your bank accounts that you are personally making match up to what you believe or where you believe you should be?
If the answer is absolutely “yes, Russ, I am extremely happy where I’m at “with the money in my account versus the feelings “I have with that” then you are probably close to, if not living in, the land of facts.
If you feel like you should be making more, if you feel not content with that amount, if there’s this frustration that you have versus the actual dollars in your account, you pull up that bank statement and you see that amount of money and the amount of money you’re keeping, not just the amount of money that’s coming in but then going out every month to pay contractors, expenses, all sorts of stuff, if there’s a disconnect there and you’re emotionally frustrated at that, then you have been living in a land of fiction when it comes to getting paid.
Now the first step is just acknowledging that. Just knowing that, hey, I am in the land of fiction and I must now go to the land of facts. And then from there, you could actually find the fire and the fuel and the energy and the leverage to move forward down a path of creating actions and going wherever it is you want to go, but doing so, again, always in this land of facts.
Now, we’re gonna take a short break here and I’m gonna unpack this on my fancy board and get to details on how you can actually go through this, which will lead into the action guide for this show’s, for this episode. So we always have a downloadable that you can have for each episode, so if you’re watching this later on, you can get that with the opt-in form on each episode’s page.
But before we get to that, we’re gonna have a short break of something that I discovered, actually not too long ago. So how we have our company set up, we use Slack. If you’ve never used it, it’s an awesome tool. Allows us to all communicate remotely. And my producer, the producer of this show, Janett, we actually share an office right now, whenever she uploads new video files and assets they go, there’s a notification that’s posted in this channel, this marketing channel that we have. It’s like a chat room that it just, “Hey, we have some new stuff that’s been uploaded, “so if you need that you can check it out.” And I always look at ’em. So a couple weeks ago, this video uploaded. What was the exact title of the video?
– [Janett] Designer Versus Non-Designer.
– [Russ] Yeah, Designer Versus Non-Designer. And I have no idea what this thing was. So I open it up and it is the funniest thing where we, Janett and one of our team members got one of our actual designers in the Philippines and then one of our other team members, this was Corinn, she manages our software and our products and they had the exact same design requests.
So it’s a real request from a real client and they both did, it’s a side-by-side play by play of designer versus non-designer. And I don’t wanna ruin it for you. Here’s a quick preview of our launch episode of what I hope to be a continuing series, Designer Versus Non-Designer.
– [Janett] Welcome to the first episode of Designer Versus Non-Designer, where we have a Design Pickle designer battle it out with a Design Pickle employee that’s not a designer. In the designer’s corner we have Maiko Sy and in the non-designer corner, we have Corinn Pope.
Both of them got the exact same design request from a real client and none of them have seen each other’s work. Their design request is to combine two images together and create a graphic that’s both for Facebook and for Instagram that is targeting aspiring artists. All right, let’s get ready to design.
– [Russ] All right, Jan, where can people find the full episode? I don’t even know.
– [Janet] On YouTube and Facebook.
– [Russ] Okay, so if you go to our YouTube, youtube.com/designpickle, apparently I don’t always have to say the URL. I always say the URL like you don’t know what the YouTube URL is, but all right.
Just go to Design Pickle on YouTube. You go to Design Pickle on Facebook and you can check out the full episode of Designer Versus Non-Designer and we’ll definitely have more of those. It’s absolutely hilarious and Janett did a great job making that video.
So let’s get back to this conversation around facts versus fiction because I want to leave you today with this frame and also a challenge to evaluate where in your life you are oscillating between the two lands of facts versus fiction.
So as I was talking about, we’re gonna cut to my board here. Living in a land of fiction is not bad. And it’s a bit dangerous because I think for us to build anything great, we have to go to this land of make-believe. We have to go to this land of what could be.
What is the possibility? I want to have this vision, and it’s always, you know, bigger and greater and grander than where we are currently at and if we say, you know, here we are on the ground, we look up to this land of fiction and this gets us vision, it gets us motivation. “Okay, I want to be this, I want to become this, “I wanna have this.”
But the problem occurs and is when instead of looking towards the land of fiction and using it as an inspiration of what could be, you know, you see your castle in the sky here. This is a castle, FYI. Let me draw some little flags. You see this grand castle in the sky in the land of fiction. What ends up happening to many of us is that we take ourselves and we actually go live up here in the land of fiction.
We say, “You know what? “I’m just gonna be content dreaming “and thinking about and wanting these things.” And you leave the land of facts. Which is what we call reality. Here’s the ground. I’m gonna do a little flower here. So you actually leave the land of facts and you ignore all of the things that go on every day that are guiding you on whether or not you’re on the right path.
For example, if I am wanting to make 100,000 dollars in a month, my facts are, well, how much am I currently making and if I’m currently making zero and I want to make 100,000, and this could be gross business revenue, this could be net take-home revenue, it doesn’t matter, let’s just start here.
If I’m at zero and I need to make 100,000, the facts are I am at zero and I have a huge, huge mountain to climb, barring just some incredible, one of a kind breakthrough hits, which don’t normally happen to people like you and I.
So the facts are, I am at zero. The fiction is, I wanna be at zero. Where things get a little confusing is, if you continue to live in the land of fiction that I want 100,000 dollars and you don’t actually hit the ground of the land of facts and say, “Look, I’m at zero, so maybe what I need to do right now is I need to move this down a little bit and I need to, I’m here, this is the fact, and I need to lower my target and I just want to get to 10,000 dollars.” Because this could be reachable where you’re currently at.
You could reach this. Maybe you need just a small stepladder and you can actually get up here and you can obtain this. Whereas if you’re down here and you’re trying to get to the 100,000 dollars and you’re currently at zero, the facts are that you’re at zero, the fiction is you need 100,000 dollars.
This is like, you need a skyscraper, you need to build a skyscraper to get to that place. And building skyscrapers take years. They take years of your life and frankly they’re really, really hard. So when you were in the land of facts, when we come back down to the land of facts, what we need to do is we need to break down this goal, this target, this belief, this place we want to go into more manageable, attainable pieces and we start to oscillate between our long-term vision, this fantasy, this fiction of this huge outcome one day and then a more short-term, obtainable, still challenging, still difficult, and then what this allows us to do is it actually allows us to gain momentum and we start to get this fire and this fuel.
Because if I go from zero and now I’m at 2,000 dollars, well, my board here, I am now a little bit higher. See if I can move this down. There you go. Oh, disembodied somebody here. Erase this guy. So now my 10,000 dollars, if I’m now at 2K, well, I’ve built myself a little, a little platform here that I’m standing on.
And what these facts tell me is that I’ve now gone from zero to 2,000 dollars. And what does that do mentally when you actually achieve and you move just a little bit in the right direction? You get more fuel. You get more fire. You get more energy. You get more focus. And so then what do you do? “Oh, I’m gonna add on and now I’m at 5K. “I’m almost halfway there.” This 10K is looking pretty close. And in fact, it’s looking twice as close than it was a month ago or two weeks ago or ever it might be.
And then we continue, continue, until one day, hopefully not very far, we’ve built whatever foundation to where the 10,000 dollar target, the thing that we were, that was a fantasy at one point is our new floor. This is the new fact. And then what do we do? We set a new one. Again, not too high, not at the 100,000 dollars, and we go back to work.
So this is one of the points I’m trying to make here is the living in the facts give us this reality check that tells us, “Look, am I getting closer “to the target or am I getting further away?” You can never do that when you’re in the land of fiction. Think about being in an airplane and you’re up 30,000 feet, 35,000 feet, 25,000 feet. When you’re up there, you can’t, it’s really hard, you can’t just gauge unless you’re just an expert pilot, of how high you are. You don’t know if you’re getting closer or further away versus when you’re actually a lot closer and getting to the land of facts, getting to that foundational place.
So getting there is massively important, and then having the regular growth that comes from starting of the foundation and knowing how far you’ve come. I was at zero, now I’m at 2,000 dollars. I was at 210 pounds, now I’m at 205. I’m not gonna avoid the facts, I’m gonna love the facts. The facts fuel me. The facts give me focus. The facts give me the feelings of accomplishments and they allowed you to build higher and higher and higher and higher until one day you look down and you’re like, “Holy smokes! “I actually did build the skyscraper. “But I didn’t do it from the top down. “I did it starting from the foundational floor “of wherever I’m at.”
And so as we wrap up this conversation, as we’ve gone from facts to feelings, feelings to facts and why it’s important to have a focus on the facts so that you can create a rock-solid foundation and a reality that you know is true, to know when you’re making progress.
Because look, you might actually go the other way. You might actually find yourself further from whatever target you’re trying to get to, and that’s okay, because if you’re focused on the facts all that tells you is, hey, whatever I was doing, the habits, the investments, the time, whatever that was, that didn’t work. But I’m not afraid of the facts; I’m focused on the facts so I learn that quicker and I can course-correct and move in the right direction.
And by becoming a fan of the facts, some many Fs today, a fan of the facts, and loving them and focusing on them, you end up just moving faster because you can make those course corrections and get to wherever it is you’re going to be or wherever it is you want to be.
Now, as I mentioned before the break, we have an action guide that’s always available. It comes out a day or so after this live broadcast, so definitely come back. This action guide today is gonna allow you to evaluate in the core four areas of your life, Body, Being, Balance, and Business, what are the fantasies, where are the fantasies that you currently have in those core four areas. And from then, what are the facts and what are the facts that you need to start with and then where it is that you want to go.
So you acknowledge the fantasy, the land of fiction that you’re currently living in and you break through and you get to the facts and then you talk about where it is you wanna go. We’ll have that downloadable for you soon and I just wanna say thank you for this. This conversation.
And this is the conversation that I’m having with some of my private clients. It’s also the conversation that I have behind the scenes with our e-mail list, so if you’re not a subscriber to my personal e-mail list, you need to go to designpickle.com/show/.
Not only can you get notified for new episodes, you get notified when we’re doing trainings like this offline, live trainings, all sorts of conversations that we have. So I encourage you to get there, and again, if you are watching this live, then tomorrow, which would be January 22nd? I’m way off. January 24th, then — Tomorrow we are going to go live with our semi-annual annual sale. Definitely, check that out if you’re looking to get hooked up with Design Pickle.
Talk to you guys soon. Thanks so much for tuning in. We’ll be back next week, same time, same lessons, have a great week.
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