Episode 10: Interested vs Committed

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Interested vs Committed

Russ leads a nuanced conversation about the differences between merely being interested and being fully committed to a task or an outcome. He sheds some light on areas in his life where he’s only interested and where he’s 100% committed and the different results he gets because of his mindset.
Being committed to something isn’t easy. It requires time, money, and sacrifice. Join Russ in the conversation below and download this week’s action guide to see determine what you want to commit to in the next 90 days as well as the greater 2018.
Then Russ invites a very special guest, Design Pickle’s first graphic designer, to help bring the episode home. Enjoy!

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

– Back to the 2018 edition of The Russ Perry Show. We took a week off there, this is our first episode of the new year. I am super excited for many reasons, one of which we’ll get to in a second. You can see here, I’m wearing an old-school faded T-shirt I will also be talking about later in this show.
But welcome to you, I hope your year has started off right. Today, we’re gonna be having a conversation around being interested versus committed. Very relevant as we’re all setting new year’s resolutions and goals, and plannings, and everything.
But before we get too far in today’s show, I’d like to premiere- well technically, I premiered it on my Instagram story, if you’re not following me on Instagram, get on that, Instagram.com/RussPerry. But here is the debut episode of our new intro for The Russ Perry Show, enjoy.
[Intro] Every week, discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Welcome to The Russ Perry Show.
Ahh, man. Beautiful, I love it. Big shout out to Collin– Sorry, Colton. I was thinking, there’s a guy I know named Collin. Colton Turtrick?
– [Janett] Tursick.
– Tursick. The guy has the craziest name. But Colton has been helping us out. He’s a new producer here on the team. Obviously, he’s only in here a few days a week, ’cause I totally botched his name. But Colton has been doing some awesome work here. And helped create that new intro. We’ll be seeing that several more times throughout this episode.
But today, we are talking about being interested versus being committed. And it is a topic that’s actually super hot right now, with a couple engagements I’ve had with some people recently. Let’s tee this up, so it’s the new year, we’re super excited for the fresh beginnings, and all of the opportunities that we have ahead. And if you’re like me, it’s a process in which we sit down and we set our outcomes for the year.
I like to use the word outcomes, not goals. Because goals are nice to have, outcomes and targets are specific. We know exactly where we’re headed. And so we sit down and we say, “Okay, we have this blank canvas ahead of us. What are we going to do? What do we wanna create, accomplish, experience, learn?”. And we go through this process.
And we’re interested, it’s like everything could be super cool at this time of year. We wanna do a new workout routine, we have body goals in our fitness, in our weight, in our diet. Personally, I’m eating a lot more plants, and I’m trying to do vegan about five days a week. I’m interested in it, I’m excited.
With my family, we have some trips planned. And not only am I doing these trips, but I’m interested in making sure these trips, that I can be fully plugged in while I’m there, and not on my phone, you know, secretly running businesses behind their backs while they’re not paying attention. And I’m interested in this experience.
And I’m interested with my business. I wanna grow the business, and move into our new office, and build a bigger and better studio with three cameras, not just two. So, it’s easy to be interested. Because to be interested costs nothing. Or, virtually nothing. Maybe it costs time to have a conversation. Being interested could just simply, it’s a mindset.
Hey, I’m interested in that. I’m interested in this new project, or I’m interested in hiring this person. But the difference between being interested and being committed, couldn’t be further apart. Because being interested, like I said, is very, very easy. Everyone is interested.
But to actually be committed to something requires sacrifice. When you’re committed to something, you understand unequivocally, that there’s going to be some costs involved. Because if everything we wanted in life was free, or at no cost, then we would all have everything we wanted. We’d have all the money, we’d look exactly the way we wanna look, the family, the spiritual connections. Whatever it is in your life. If there was no friction involved then we would just immediately get it.
But there’s no such thing. Everything we want in life, especially if it’s significant, comes with a cost. Now this cost could be very small. Could be the cost of say, you know, I cracked my screen on my iPhone, and I have Apple Care. And so, if I want a new replacement, I don’t know what it is, $50, or $99. So there could be a nominal cost there.
Could be a very small cost, the cost of a coffee. I want a coffee, I’m committed to a coffee, I can’t just walk into Starbucks and ask for my venti coffee black. I always say venti coffee black, and they ask me if I want room for cream. And I like, just don’t get it. And I guess I’m not using the right Starbucks lingo, maybe I should say venti coffee no room, or something. I’ll try that next time.
But regardless, I get the coffee, and there’s a cost to it. There’s a scale here, it’s not scientific. But you can understand this. The larger the items, the bigger the items, the bigger the outcomes, the bigger the things that we want in life, the larger the cost. And this is costs on many axis. Great things in life cost. They cost money, and they cost time. Or a very large combination of both.
And so, the commitment to- the interested to committed conversation is always hilarious. Because you’ll have- you’ll talk to people, and they’re like, “Oh, I’m so- yeah I want that, I want that”. And you say, okay, what are you willing to sacrifice? How are you willing to stretch? What are you willing to do in order to get that? And as soon as you put up that friction, then they back off. And they’re saying, “Oh, well, you know”. There’s excuses. “I wasn’t that interested”. Or, “No, I’m not ready for that”. Or, “That’s not strategic for me to do right now”.
And having considered that, the most valuable things you can do in life, you will never be truly ready for. Because they will require a cost, and they will require commitment that is so far from where you’re currently at, that makes you stretch so far, that it seems like, unthinkable. But for those who have the courage to take those steps, and to push forward down those paths, into the commitment that could be scary, uncomfortable, wherever it is, that is where true growth happens.
Now, you might be noticing the super branded shirt here. If you’re new to this show, it’s no question, I’m a certified trainer with Wake Up Warrior. I am the sixth certified trainer here in the game, to be able to be licensed, certified to train and coach other men, or women, whoever, on the concepts and principles of Wake Up Warrior. I used to have a cool ring, it’s getting resized. I didn’t get it back in time for the show. I’ll show it to you next time.
But this shirt is a symbol for me, because this is a shirt that I earned in 2015, through being fully committed to myself, as well as financially committed, and time committed, to investing in my own personal development. This is just a regular old shirt. It’s super faded, it’s starting to fade every time I wash it. I don’t wear it enough anymore. The 22 number here, can you see that, yeah? The 22 number represents Warrior Week 22. It was a Warrior Week experience, it’s a week-long program in Laguna Beach.
This year, they’re kicking off 43. So, there’s been 21 other Warrior Week’s that have happened since I attended. I also attended Warrior Week 38. And what this shirt symbolizes is far greater than the actual makeup of the shirt. Because you could be interested in getting one of these shirts. But to be committed to get to one of these shirts, you have to make a substantial financial commitment. You have to make a time commitment, and now even more so than when I went in 2015, if you were to choose to go down this path, you have to make a huge mental and emotional commitment to go through the challenging work that’s required to even attempt to show up on the first day of what a Warrior Week is.
Now, I’m not gonna go into more than that, because this show is not today about Warrior Week. Maybe we’ll do one eventually about it. What this show is today is about this conversation of being interested versus being committed. Because there are tens of hundreds of thousands of guys out there who are interested in growth. They’re interested in changing their life. They’re interested in going on a new path, their path that they envy from other men, or women, that have been down a path before them.
But when you actually show them, and tell them, hey, here’s what’s required to be committed to this growth. And by the way, it’s not guaranteed. Nothing’s guaranteed. So, I could show you what it takes to be committed, and you could still even not get to that end destination. Will you be radically transformed? Absolutely. And so, Warrior Week was a commitment for me to myself, to personally grow and develop.
And so right now, we’re gonna take a break here, in just a second. But right now before that break, I want you to think about where in your life are you interested versus committed? And I’ll give you a hack on this.
Commitments are painful. Commitments cost.
I was committed to several men entering into a private program that I launched a few weeks ago. And which I trained them one on one. And so, that commitment has taken me away from my family every single night this week. And will for three to four months, as I launch into this program. I will be taken away, it’ll cost me time with others to dedicate this time to these men.
I’ve previously committed a large financial investment in being trained and certified in this program. So, just because I’m interested in leading others, doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost to be committed, actually committed to it.
If you’re watching this live, or on a replay, think about this. Where in your life are you just interested? And where in your life are you actually committed, and you’re actually experiencing a cost right there?
Now, because this intro of The Russ Perry Show is so badass, we’re gonna take a quick break. And watch it one more time. Here we go.
[Intro] Every week, discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Welcome to The Russ Perry Show.
Welcome back. Man, what a good intro. Thank you, Colton. T. That’s gonna be your new name here. Wish Colton was here.
So, we’re continuing this conversation of being committed or interested. I hope it’s clear by now that commitments actually require sacrifice. A sacrifice of time, a sacrifice of money, and in great commitment’s, a sacrifice of both.
Now anecdote, in my process of identifying several men that I’m wanting to lead, and train, and coach, and help them get to their big outcomes for this year. There was one gentleman who expressed high levels of interest in my program. I’m not gonna name who he is, there’s no way you will ever find out who he is. Because that’s not important. This segment is not to like, expose someone. Because his decisions are his decisions.
So we went through the entire process, in which includes a significant financial investment. There’s a deposit, and then there’s a payment schedule. Because what I’m asking people to do, I want to make sure they are fully committed to the work that’s going to be required for their growth. And if you’ve ever done anything for free, or participated in an organization where no one’s getting paid, or no one’s paying anybody, then you understand it’s a very- It’s like a bunch of cats trying to coordinate and do stuff. No one’s committed to anything. But as soon as you put a money dollar down on something, oh boy, all of sudden, people care. And they’re gonna do the work.
And so I’ve seen this repeatedly in coaching in professional circles. And my own personal experiences, the more that I invest from a financial monetary standpoint, even if that’s beyond my current means, then the more that I’m gonna hustle, and grind, and work to be able to meet those commitments.
And what I discover is that the financial velocity that I’ve created to meet those commitments, not only meets those commitments but propels me forward and onward, beyond whatever it is my original goals were, financially.
And so if you look back, and you ask me, “Russ, how have you grown Design Pickle in 2017, when we started at a low $100,000 a month in recurring revenue, and close this year at $500,000 a monthly recurring revenue, and netted over $540,000 in the month of December?”. How did I do that? Well, it was because of my commitments, financially to myself, that then allowed me to create the teams and the systems and processes that will allow us to grow beyond those commitments, and then grow Design Pickle, and the ecosystem that was beyond whatever the initial investment was.
And so, this is like, really theoretical stuff here, but it’s almost like a fundraising campaign. In which, you know, like it’s super hard to get to your goal. But once you get to the goal, it’s really easy to break that goal and keep going. But you have to get to that goal first. And the amount of energy to get to that fundraising goal is so much greater than the amount of energy to increase that by 10%, or 20%, or 50%, or 100%.
And so, back to the story, I asked this gentleman, you know, are you committed? And here’s the funny part is throughout the entire process, there’s no secret that there’s going to be a financial commitment. And even at the beginning of the call, I say, look, at the end of this call, here’s what- here’s the amount of money that I’m gonna ask for you to pay if you want to continue in this program. Plain and simple. So, if that’s okay with you, and by the way, you could say no, but if that’s okay with you then we’ll continue the call. So, there’s no surprise, there’s no bait and switch. I’m very clear where everything’s at.
So, we get to it, he commits, I draft up the contract, and literally, I wake up the next day. There’s an email. Subject: I’m out. And in the subject, he proceeds to tell me that he shared this experience that he’s invested in with his wife, and his wife completely freaked out. He made her cry, there was this huge blow up, and he is just not ready for it.
So, I don’t know what the dynamic is. I’ve had one conversation with him, several emails, and I’m not gonna pretend to know the details of his marriage. But what I do know is that commitment requires sacrifice. And so, there are many versions of the sacrifice.
And my professional coaching opinion is that this person was not willing to make the sacrifice required for change. And when faced with opposition, whether that was from his wife, as well as the financial situation, which this was gonna be somewhat of a stretch, instead of saying, you know what, this is the sacrifice I must make for my commitment to growth. Because I understand this is gonna be hard, and this is the challenge. But not only am I gonna commit to my wife, and show her that I can succeed in this program, I’m gonna commit to myself and my financial situation, in generating the cash, and doing the work that’s required to grow.
You know how I know this commitment is the commitment? ‘Cause this is the same commitment I had to make in 2015 to get this shirt. I did not have the money, I did not have the position with my wife, to be able to invest in the program that was far beyond my means. But I was committed to the results that I wanted in my life. And so I made that commitment and I was not going to fail. And I was going to push forward regardless of any challenge that came my way. And succeed because I was committed.
And so it’s easy to be interested. It is hard to be committed. But yet, the men and the women that we admire, the men and the women that are out there slaying it every single day, are doing whatever is required to be committed and to maintain that commitment.
And so if we are ever to work together, I don’t care about what your wife says, or your husband, or your situation of finances. All I wanna know is if you are committed then be committed. Plain and simple. Because a lack of commitment to yourself is robbing your family, your future, everything else. And all that I’m asking is the same thing that I did. I’m not asking anyone to do anything that I haven’t already done.
So I hope you kinda get the new version of The Russ Perry Show here, ladies and gentlemen. We’re done with the fun rambling. We’re gonna deliver a hard message, we’re gonna deliver some great content every week. And I hope you can subscribe to us. And I hope you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. And I hope you can subscribe to the show, easiest place to do that is on our website. There’s an email right there. And we’re gonna be rolling these out.
And there’s gonna be an action guide like there is every week. And this action guide will help you guide you through a process of identifying: what am I interested in versus what am I committed to this year? This year, as well as in the next 90 days.
So I’m super pumped up.
I’m committed to leading four men down a path that is gonna be unrecognizable for them.
I’m committed to Design Pickle. And growing Design Pickle to eight figures.
I’m committed to a new building, which this afternoon, I have my final interview with the underwriting team. And we’re gonna be moving into that sucker by summertime.
I’m committed, not interested, to these things.
So, I got a special surprise. We’re gonna watch the intro one more time. Actually, we don’t have an outro. We didn’t make one in time. So, we’re gonna watch an intro one more time and I’m bringing on a special guest here. We’ll get her in really quick. That is really exciting to share with you. And this is the end of the conversation on committed versus interested. So, I hope it’s valuable. Let us know in the comments, the suggestions. Retweet this, post this on Instagram. And we’ll take a quick break and bring back our special guest.
[Intro] Every week, discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Welcome to The Russ Perry Show.
We’re getting set up here. Everyone, this is a very special guest of mine. Because this is actually going to the way back machine of Design Pickle. Before Design Pickle, there was a company called Digital And Disruptive. It was the LLC that I started out after I closed my agency and really had no clue what I was gonna do in life.
And I went and I actually thought, you know what? I’m very good at design, very good at creativity. But I’m much better at sales and marketing, I’m gonna go hire a team to help me execute the design side of things. This was the precursor to… The prequel if you will, to Design Pickle.
And I went out and hired our Operations Director, Carlo. And this young lady here, Gia Daverra. So, Gia is our first ever designer. Ever. And she’s actually been out here for a couple of weeks on vacation.
She was able to visit some family in Los Angeles? And we had a special treat bringing her out here just for a day or two, just to hang out. And I wanted to bring her on the show because it’s very important that you guys know Design Pickle is like, a legit team. And Gia here was like, you were the first?
– Yeah.
– Welcome to The Russ Perry Show, Gia.
– I’m very happy to be here.
– Awesome, here, let’s get this mic up a little bit higher.
– Thank you.
– How’s that, Janett? Good? Alright. We got some coffee last night, and we were reminiscing. You really don’t have a lot of time here but, what has it been like seeing Design Pickle grow from literally you as the only designer, I mean we have over 110 people on the whole team, on the design side, but not all of those people are designers. How does that feel for you to see that growth?
– I really feel proud that I’m here. I saw the Design Pickle grow as a baby. I’m very happy that I’m a part of this company.
– Gia is not necessarily as outgoing and vocal as ours, but she’s amazing. Gia, what- so we just spent the last episode talking about the difference between being interested in something versus being committed. So, I’m gonna challenge you right here in front of a live audience, for 2018, what’s one of your commitments, either personally or professionally, this year?
– A commitment? That is a pretty hard question now.
– And I didn’t prep her, that was just put her on the spot.
– So commitment. Personally, I would like… I wanna be something… I wanna commit to what I’m doing right now when it comes to work. I would really like to… Improve myself on client handling. And for personally, I would like to challenge myself every now and then, to be able to grow as a designer, as a leader, and as a professional.
– Okay, cool. Well, I put her on the spot here, so… You could refine it. But I wanna just thank Gia here, and we’re really excited to have her here. And just see team members being able to take some time on their vacations to stop by and say hi to us, here in Scottsdale.
That is it for episode 10 of The Russ Perry Show. That’s right, episode X. Very special episode here. We’ll catch you guys next time. Again, if you wanna subscribe to the show, make sure you get that set up at https://russperry.co/show/. And we will see you next week, on Tuesday, same time, same place, take care.

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