Episode 14: Daily Habits to Create Power

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Updated Aug. 19, 2022 Published Feb. 7, 2018 19 Min. Read

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Daily Habits to Create Power

In this week’s episode of the Russ Perry Show, Russ elaborates on how forming additive habits allow him to create power in each area of his life. In order to create power, you need to develop habits that will bring you closer to your goals each and every day.
He also discusses the game he plays every day to ensure he is hitting his targets – which you can download in this week’s action guide.
Tune in below and make sure you download this week’s Action Guide so you can start forming habits that will allow you to achieve all of your goals.

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

– Hello, everyone and welcome to the Russ Perry Show. And we barely made it, yes, we are here, but we actually have a new producer today, Colton is here joining the team. So, you know Janett, she’s I guess, retiring from the Russ Perry Show. We’ll see how Colton will do, does, do, does. He’s coming to us, though, and this is his first week and his first show, I’m excited to have him here today.
Speaking of which, speaking of which, I cannot talk, the Russ Perry Show today is gonna be about power. This is a topic that I am passionate about and I’m excited to have you here as we talk about A, how you can lose power and B, how you can gain power every single day. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Russ Perry Show.
[Intro] Every week, discover new ways to increase your performance across the core four areas of life. Body, being, balance, and business. Welcome to the Russ Perry Show.
Alright, and we are back. So, our show today starts with my story yesterday. Well, it actually starts with Sunday, which for here in the United States was kind of like an unofficial holiday, it is the Super Bowl, which congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles. We have several team members as well as close friends from that area. Not quite sure if Philadelphia is still in existence, maybe it got torn down in riots, maybe they are still celebrating, I’m not quite sure, but great game, great football game.
And of course in the Perry household, we like to celebrate. Actually, it was the only episode of football, episode, I guess game, I’m in the Russ Perry Show mode, of football that I watched the whole season. I used to love, love, love, love football. In fact, I got to the point where I was playing in fantasy leagues, and not just any old fantasy league, but the keeper fantasy leagues.
So if you don’t know what fantasy football is, it is like a role-playing game, simulation football. You pick several players, a bunch of other guys pick players, only one person can have one player, and that assembles your team. So what’s cool is you can have a running back from one team, a quarterback from another team, and so on and so forth, and then you get your guys and you play another team of set of guys. However those people do in their actual games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, there’s a lot of NFL games nowadays, those results equal points depending on the performance and then your total points versus your teammates’ total points or your competition, that goes against each other, and then boom, you have the winner.
Now, keeper league is even crazier because you actually have all these other rules. You can carry players over from years to years and reality was, it was a big, gigantic waste of time. My final season of fantasy football ended where I had the idea to outsource every single piece and decision of my fantasy football experience. I did this with a virtual assistant firm called Fancy Hands and every week, I had automatic emails going out to my virtual assistant with my login credentials to ESPN where I would say, “Hey, I’m in a fantasy football league. “Here are my login credentials. “Please set the team appropriately “and do whatever you think is right “for me to have the best team setup for this year.”
And so I did that for 10 weeks straight and it was a complete failure. I thought for sure I was gonna outsmart the system and automate my fantasy football experience, win the cash, win the glory, and actually, I got second to last place. I didn’t get last place, but I got second to last place. And so my fantasy football career ended, and ever since, I really don’t watch a lot of football. In fact, I watched zero football until this Sunday.
One of the reasons I don’t watch football is the same reasons why I don’t play video games anymore. I absolutely love video games. Like, I seriously think of a reality somewhere down the road where I could just play video games all day long. I grew up on Nintendo 8-bit, Super Mario, well just regular Super Mario and then the Super Nintendo Mario, which was freakin’ awesome.
But the same reason I don’t watch football is the same reason I don’t play video games anymore. It’s also the same reason I don’t go to networking events. What is the common thread for all of these things? It’s a waste of time. I leak power, I leak focus when I do these things.
As much as I loved watching the game on Sunday and it was fun for my kids cause they had no idea what was going on, they were rooting for teams. My daughter, Reese, who’s five, she’s just yelling out team names. Go Patriots! Go Eagles! She doesn’t know who’s who. We’re playing catch with a red Solo cup, which, you know, we were drinking water out of it. Right, I’m the sober entrepreneur, don’t worry. But it was a fun experience for that moment, but I’m not a fan and I don’t track football because it is energy that escapes me to keep track of that.
If I look at all of the focus and time that I have in a day and it’s a finite amount, I could put it towards these things, but what does it get me in return? When I was playing fantasy football, it got me a lot of stress, it actually cost me money, it cost me time, I would have to go and watch the games and figure out who’s playing, who’s not, who’s injured, and the same goes with video games. As much as I enjoy the entertainment value of that, to do get to the point where it’s enjoyable, to beat the levels, to save the princess, to do all of those things, requires effort and energy and focus that is just a black hole. I don’t get much out of that in return.
And finally, the same thing goes for networking events. Networking events, I used to go to all of the time. Now, they suck, I hate networking events. Why? Because it’s time, energy, and intention, for what? To talk with a couple dudes trying to sell you something, most likely insurance, and then you get a bunch of business cards that sit in your desks and just sit there and then you don’t do anything with it. So all of these things, while there’s a million other things including drinking, as you can learn about in my book, The Sober Entrepreneur, go to soberentrepreneur.com to find out more on that, these are all things that take away from your power.
But the question then might become, well, Russ, what is power? You’re talking about power like we all know what power is. Do you think of power like the ability to lift things, like this super heavy can of sparkling water? Now, that’s power. Doesn’t take much power to lift that, but that’s more like physical power.
When I think of power, I think of more like the power and the energy to create. The power to think of something, to decide to do it, to do it, and not just do it, but actually do it in a way that moves my life forward. I’ll take the last 48 hours, for example.
So back to my story from yesterday, Monday. I had such a good plan for Monday. I was gonna wake up at 5:00, go to hot yoga at 5:30. At the gym where my hot yoga’s at, I was gonna plan my week, get all organized, get home, send the kids off to school, ride my bike, I’m riding a bike now, to my office, get some exercise, it’s nice in Arizona, and hit the ground running. That takes power. That takes energy. That takes focus.
But on Sunday, I participated in Super Bowl festivities which meant a lot of buffalo chicken dip, a lot of artichoke dip, staying up way too late with the kids and my wife, and I woke up at around 7:00, was super rushed, did no yoga, got here super late, had no plan whatsoever and spent about half the day just trying to figure out what I was gonna do. So I had very low power yesterday. I got very little done. And then when I finally got to work, I spent it in meetings with my team, again, distracted with them, unable to focus and pour into them to help guide and direct them.
So my power tank was at an all-time low, and it all stemmed from my decisions and my behaviors on Sunday. So inside of Warrior, which is the program I’m a certified trainer in, we want to build power every single day, it’s a conversation that we have a lot. How do you build power? How do you get to the point where you show up here like I did today at 7:30 in the morning and I’m already on fire and the sun is just barely rising up over here in the McDowell Mountains? But how do you do that?
We know what not to do, and mainly, it’s the habits and it’s the things we use to distract us from the work, from the connections, from the relationships, and we talk about it, there’s lots of them. Games, Super Bowl, activities, hobbies. And these things aren’t inherently wrong, they’re just pouring your energy into something that when you’re done doesn’t necessarily rebound you back anything. It’s like a bucket of sand and you pour the water into the sand and you’re like, okay, well, I know that water’s in there in the sand, but it just soaks it all up and it’s gone. You really can’t get it back.
So to build power, it’s this conversation that we have. Colton almost got fired on his first day. Actually, technically he’s not even supposed to be doing this right now. Inside Design Pickle, we have everyone trained on the customer success team, like exclusively for the first week or two. However, Colton’s past job was in customer success, so he kind of gets a free pass here because he, how many years were you doing customer success, Colton?
– [Colton] Nearly four.
– Four years of customer success experience in things that are far more complicated than Design Pickles. So he is on the board today working for us. I appreciate it, Colton, you’re doing a great job.
So when we look at our life, we basically have these four quadrants, and this is again inside of the conversation of Warrior. So this is with a certified trainer, I actually got four guys rolling in my current pod, which I’m coaching and consulting them on this topic right now. But basically, we have our four categories of life that add up into just about anything you can imagine.
We have body, being, balance, and business. So, everything that you can pretty much think of can fall into one of these categories. Like normal things. I don’t know where quantum physics falls into these categories, maybe being, I don’t know. But for you and your life and what you want to do in life.
Body is simple. It’s physical, their physical body. What do I do with my body? How do I exercise? What do I eat? What do I consume?
Being is the relationship you have with God and if God’s not your thing, it’s the relationship you have with the universe and how you understand the universe. Perhaps this is a religious understanding of the universe. Maybe you’re Christian. Maybe you’re Buddhist. Maybe you’re Atheist, which is a belief system in and unto itself.
So you have your body, you have your being, and then you have your balance. And this part of life is your relationships with one another. My relationship with Colton here, my relationship with my wife, Mika, my relationship with my kids. And usually, in the balance, this is the relationships that are closest to you, so if you’re married, it’s with your significant other, your spouse, and if you have kids, it’s with them. If you’re married without kids, then it’s with your spouse and say a family member, a parent or a brother or a sister. If you’re not married and you don’t have kids, again, close family, close relatives. None of them are alive, you just keep finding someone until you have somebody that you have a relationship with significantly.
And then in business, this is the conversation of how we get paid. So in life, we’re always trying to improve in these four areas, and today, we’re not gonna actually talk about that, we’re gonna be talking about what we do, though, so that we have the power in order to use to expand and improve in these areas because if I don’t have the energy, the right amount of energy, I can’t show up right now and pour it into you, just like high-level, high-energy going for 20 to 30 minutes, I can’t do that. I’ll be tired, I’ll be unfocused, I think I had a little problems talking earlier, maybe that energy wasn’t there.
So there’s the things that we wanna do in these areas, the accomplishments that we want to have, but then there’s just literally the power, the gasoline that we’ll use in order to fuel whatever it is we wanna do each day. So inside the game of Warrior, we call this Core 4. One, two, whoops. One, two, three, four.
Now, to build power, how do we do well in anything in life? Think about it. What do you, when you are the best at something, why are you the best? There’s probably a lot of reasons you could think of, but one of the key reasons is you’ve developed habits. You’ve developed things that you do so that the rest of whatever it takes to accomplish what it is you want to accomplish, you can focus on and the habits take care of themselves.
We have a habit with our bodies, most of us at least, to shower, to brush our teeth, maybe to floss if you’re an A-plus student. You do those things by habit so you don’t have to worry about them and you can focus on the other things, things like what are you going to eat or the work that you’re gonna do with your body, whether that’s training for an event or the sleep you’re going to get.
And so the game of Core 4 is effectively building the habits that allow us to access power in these areas and power that we can use to create. So every single day, I play a game, and this game is called Core 4. And if I look at each of these areas, I’m gonna draw a little diagram here, I basically have two halves to each of these areas.
So in my day-to-day, I want to get four points. And these four points mean, if I get four points, and like I told you, I like video games, this is why this works for me inside of Warrior. If I get these four points, then that means I am at the optimal state to then have the most power to go out and create.
So we’ll start with body because this is the easiest. So every day I get a half a point if I sweat or do something with my body. So there’s no right or wrong answer to this. Go to the gym, do hot yoga, lift some weights, go running, whatever, every day. If I do that, half a point. And the other piece to this, green smoothie. That’s right, I don’t care if you’re, smoothie, I don’t care if you’re vegan, pescatarian, fruitarian, air-atarian, whatever it is, that’s all great. But you gotta have a green smoothie to get the other half of a point. What’s one half plus one half, Colton?
– [Colton] One.
– One, that’s right. So if I do that, I get one point here. Next, we go to being. This one can be complicated, but it’s not. Again, half a point and a half a point. Every day, I have my meditation. And again, there’s a million ways to meditate. Transcendental. That’s the only one I know, I don’t know what the other ones are called. Headspace, Calm, whatever, is it there silently, doesn’t matter, but I meditate, I get half a point and then memoirs, I jacked that spelling. We’re just gonna say journaling.
Inside Warrior, they like to use a lot of alliteration, but sometimes it helps. Ugh, dammit. Spelling is not part of Core 4. Anyway, I do meditation, half a point, and I contribute to my memoirs and my life, AKA journaling, and that’s half a point. So again, this is simple, simple habits to create power. Now, I have two points. Let’s move on.
Every day, I’m gonna make a deposit. P-A-R-T-N-E-R. As I’ve said before, writing and talking at the same time is hard. I need to have more practice on this. And my partner and posterity, AKA my kids, I make a deposit in their lives.
How do I do that? A simple text message, a note, just words of appreciation and gratitude. This is building power in those relationships. Being is building power in my mind and in my connection in the universe and if it’s religious based, say this is more prayer and meditation, same deal. With my body, I’m building power by working out and putting good fuel inside my body. And then finally, in business, we discover and declare.
Again, half a point for this, half a point for this, and you guess it up here, half a point for this, half a point for this. This is the game, ladies and gentlemen, that I play every day. I do these things just about every day. Sometimes on the weekends, I may miss a posterity half a point deposit because I’m with my kids and I don’t get them a note. But during the week and most weekends, I’m up early before them and I make those deposits.
All of these things are about building power. When you do this every single day, and let’s say you do this like I do before eight or nine in the morning, you are on fire to then go do whatever else it is you wanna do. And the opposite is true, like yesterday. Yesterday I was flying on a core two for most of the day. I hit my core four by the end of the day, but it took a lot of energy and a lot of effort.
So by morning time, when usually I’ve completed all of this, I was only about half done and I was distracted. Well, guess how you combat distraction? You meditate. I wasn’t feeling like I had a lot of energy. Well, I wasn’t on top of my workout. I did have the smoothie, but I didn’t work out.
And so the power piece is about the daily power, but you just don’t end there. It’s like a tidal wave that you then ride that wave through the rest of the day. And here’s the best part. Let’s say nothing else happened the rest of the day and I just complete Core 4 here. I still get more done before eight or nine in the morning than most people will get done in eight hours within a day. So this is power, ladies, and gentlemen.
There’s a lot that we can go from here. But every day, you want to chase Core 4. Every day, you want to get four points. Every day, you want to tackle these and build these habits so that the rest of the day, you’re not worried about it and you’re not thinking about it and you can leverage that power and that energy into creating something great, like this show or a sales page I’m gonna be working on or hiring and staffing challenges and projects that we’re working on, and so on and so forth.
So selfless plug right here, I actually talk a lot about this in my book, The Sober Entrepreneur. You can get an almost free copy, super cheap copy on Kindle on Amazon.com and pretty soon here, in the next couple weeks, we’re actually gonna be doing a promotion where we’re gonna be giving the book away, just pay shipping and handling, which is gonna be pretty exciting. So definitely get the Kindle one, there’s nothing cheaper than I think 99 cents or $2.99. Go to Amazon.com and search Sober Entrepreneur.
But I talk about Core 4 in the book. It’s a concept developed by Warrior, which I’m a certified trainer on, and again, it is literally the life hack that I’ve been using now for over two years, almost two and a half years, to produce and create and just crush it every day.
So that is it today for the Russ Perry Show, ladies and gentlemen. If you are not subscribed, you need to go over to designpickle.com/show/, put in your email, and download the action guide. We’ll have an action guide here shortly within about a day or so and we’re gonna talk about Core 4 and break it down and allow you to create your own Core 4 schedule so that you can start accessing your own power every single day. That’s it, we’ll see you next week, Tuesday, same time, same place. Follow me on Instagram, Russ Perry, and we’ll see you next week. Take care.

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