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Every Thursday for the last several weeks we’ve talked about 5 things, things that are helpful to digital professionals everywhere. You know, productivity hacks, tips to make life easier, tricks that will put a smile on your face.
Well for the season finale of 5 Things Thursday we wanted to mix it up a bit. That’s why this week, our brand manager Kate Rooney gives us five reasons why you need a dog in your life.


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5. Reduce office stress

Dogs actually reduce stress in the workplace. Allowing dogs to come to the office has become a trend for a reason: it boosts people’s mood and productivity. When the day gets really tough, sometimes you just need to step away and play with a dog.


4. Improve your physical health

If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got to walk your dog. And that means you get to go on a walk, too. Get some fresh air and add some steps to your Fitbit. According to one Swedish study, people with dogs live longer! So for a longer life, get a lifelong friend.


3. Improve your mental health

Studies have shown that petting a dog for 15-30 minutes a day can actually boost your dopamine and serotonin levels. That’s science for “make you calm and happy.” Who’d have thought? So if you’re stressed, pet your dog.


2. Endless entertainment

Dogs have their own unique personalities and are super quirky and fun. (Kate’s dog gives her a toothy grin when she comes home.) There are so many things you can do with your dog—walk, play, or even have a conversation with them. Interacting with your dog is fun, for both you and your dog.


1. L.O.VE.

The number one reason you should have a dog in your life is just that a dog’s love never fails. They’re intelligent, sensitive, and incredibly loyal to the people they love.
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Getting a dog is a huge commitment, but if you feel as if your lifestyle can accommodate it, head down to your local shelters — your best friend just might be waiting for you there.
If you have a pet at home, tell us about them! Whether it’s a dog or a cat or an iguana, we’d be delighted to read your little love stories in the comments and thank you for watching this season of 5 Things Thursday.

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