The Top 4 Reasons Brands Choose Design Pickle

Updated Sep. 12, 2023 Published Jun. 9, 2023 9 Min. Read

We’re the OGs of banishing bottlenecks in the creative process, and it’s such a big dill to us that it’s literally our company name, so we thought it was pretty obvious to everyone why so many brands choose Design Pickle every day!

But for those in the back that want to know why thousands of teams trust Design Pickle to deliver their creative assets, we’ve put together the top 4 reasons why our clients say (to their client success managers, account team, support representatives, or online in reviews) they chose us. Buckle up, because it’s the most fun you’re going to have all day (and we know, because since you don’t have a Design Pickle subscription yet, you must have a looming creative bottleneck staring at you from every angle like an angry Mona Lisa 👀)!


#1 Speed

Should we have started with #4? No, because you would have scrolled through all of the reasons to see this one, because you like speed. This is it, people, the big kahuna. It’s the #1 reason brands choose Design Pickle.

We have some insanely fast, industry-smashing design delivery times. The important thing to remember is that every request is unique, and each request has its own level of complexity. The more complex your request, the longer it will take, period. There’s no getting around that. But even then, we still out-deliver the competition so you can get back to over-delivering instead of over-working.

Design Pickle Average Design Turnaround Times


Graphics, Pro, & Premium Industry Average Turnaround Times Estimate per subscription*
Graphic Design: Digital

Web Banners, Digital Ads, Social Media Ads & Graphics, Posters, Email Signature Graphics, Blog Headers, Photo Editing, E-commerce Graphics, Logos, etc.

2-8 days depending on the design (Source) About 1 creative round per 1-2 designs
Graphic Design: Printed

Signage, Packaging Labels, Stickers, Flyers/Posters, etc.

3-8 days depending on the design and color setup for printing (Source) About 1 creative round per 1-2 designs
Graphic Design: Multipage (Digital or Printed) or Text Heavy

Brochures, Menus, Booklets, E-books, Infographics, Web Mockups, etc.

3-10 days depending on the length (Source) About 1-2 creative rounds per 1-8 pages
Graphic Design: Merchandise

T-Shirt Design, Mug Design, Packaging Design, Pattern Design, etc.

2-8 days depending on the design (Source) About 1-2 creative rounds per 1-3 designs
Graphic Design: Any of the above that are of higher complexity, bulk, or both Add 3-20 days for complex vector art, custom illustrations, etc. There is a huge range for complex and bulk design. More than 1 creative round

You may ask your designer for an estimate of the project’s completion if you’d like a more accurate or specific estimate.

Custom Illustrations:

Depends on illustration style & complexity

4-12 weeks depending on complexity and scale (Source) First Draft Delivery: 1-2 creative rounds*

Completed Illustration: (after approval of the draft) 1-2 business days or more, based on complexity

*A draft will always be delivered first (in order to confirm the direction of the illustration) before your creative proceeds to render and finalize the request.

Presentation Design:

Depends on the number of slides & complexity

  • 2-5 days for approximately 10 slides, no custom illustrations.
  • 7-14 days for approximately 10 slides, including animations and illustrations


For new, non-templated designs:

About 1-2 creative rounds* per 10 new slide designs

For templated slides with a master design ready:

About 1-2 creative rounds* for up to 30 slides

*Complexity will increase this estimate. Complex presentations requiring customized assets or a high volume of slides (whether new or templated) will increase turnaround time. These will be delivered in batches.

Motion Graphics:

Depends on complexity & length

For 60-90 seconds, animation can take 4-10 weeks. (Source)

For longer, more complex animations, it could take 2-5 months to produce. (Source)

About 1-5 creative rounds or more

Motion graphics requests usually take 2-7 business days to complete, but more complex videos may require additional time. 

To ensure we meet your deadlines, submit complex requests with ample lead time and communicate actively with the creative working on your request to establish an accurate final delivery date. The amount of graphics, moving parts, revisions, and overall project complexity can affect the turnaround time, so maintaining an open line of communication with your designer is crucial.


#2 Quality Designs Delivered Consistently

When we say we are picky pickles, we mean it. Art is subjective, but we’ve developed an approach to measure a designer’s ability to deliver quality work, as well as ensure they fit the culture vibes and other skills-based standards.

We know quality is something that our competitors struggle with, because not only is quality the #2 reasons brands choose Design Pickle, it’s also one of the top reasons brands switch to Design Pickle from one of our competitors. Creative as a Service is not a difficult model – but finding amazing talented artists and holding space for them as an integral, core part of the success of the company is what helps us attract and retain top design talent from around the world.

Check out our quality process in more detail here. We explain how our hiring process is more selective than Ivy League schools; only 1% of applicants make it to our production floor.


#3 Budget-Friendly, Predictable Cost Structures

Subscription-based services help brands keep budgets predictable with flat rate structures, so why should creative be any different? Your IT team gets the benefit of mostly subscription tools, so should your marketing team! It’s a win-win for creatives who want consistent work and brands who need consistent design with predictable costs.

In-house designer salaries are always fluctuating and have a HUGE range based on variables like experience and location. In recent years, reported salaries range between $35,000-$85,000, with an average around $46,000 at the moment according to GlassDoor. Right now, in-house designer staff have a record-high churn rate of up to 30% according to some sources, which makes sourcing, hiring and training even more costly. Your alternatives to expensive, unstable in-house teams has historically been to hire an agency (which are very expensive and tend to be slow), or a gang of freelancers, who tend to be very difficult to budget for without a retainer, and retainers can incur scope creep when the work has to get done but the hours are gone.

Design Pickle plans are based on the design types and the volume your team needs. For example, our Premium Plan will always bill you the same subscription payment even if you need basic motion or advanced motion, long or short animations, regardless of design style or how long it takes, you pay the same, predictable rate! If you select the Power Plan Grow, you could have up to three Motion Graphics assets moving and being worked on concurrently to really crank up the volume, all for one flat rate.

And when you need to turn up a boost? No problem, we can do that for a flat rate, too, by adding another flat-rate subscription, even temporarily, for no risk and no commitment. Some of our clients consistently elect to do this to help with seasonal demand and other design fluctuation needs.


#4 Design Skills & Capabilities

Design Pickle was founded on the insane demand for the most basic graphic designs and production-style turnaround you can think of. These are the foundational designs we deliver thousands of times a day. But we don’t stop there – our talented creatives all over the globe have a powerhouse of skills and knowledge they bring to the table for our clients every 👏 single 👏 day! 👏

Graphic Design

Design Pickle offers custom graphic design as part of the Graphics Plan (and all plans above it). Basic graphic design is perfect for email design, social media graphics, static display and paid media ads, static social media ads, fliers, postcards, direct mail, business cards, letter head, and so much more. Explore graphic design from Design Pickle.

Custom Illustration

Custom illustrations from Design Pickle are included with the Graphics Plan (and all plans above it). Illustration’s powerful ability to deliver something truly unique is what makes this design type so popular for many of our clients who need book designs, process illustrations, infographics, posters, kid-centric branded design, and more. Explore custom illustration from Design Pickle.

Presentation Design

Presentations, slides, decks, whatever you call them, we know they’re a time-consuming challenge for all teams. Whether your deck is internal or external facing, we’re ready to tackle PowerPoint and Google Slides with Graphics Pro Plans (and all plans above Pro). Explore presentation design from Design Pickle.

Motion Graphics

Animated, moving, and anything-but-boring, motion graphic design is quickly growing in popularity. Particularly great at capturing attention, conveying complex information and processes, especially without the need for live action video by leveraging animation, motion graphics now dominate social media, digital advertising, billboard advertising, in-store display advertising, tradeshow and kiosk designs, and so much more. Explore motion graphic design from Design Pickle.

Production Coordination

Let’s face it – brands that need a lot of design volume are also juggling a lot of campaigns and projects. With our Power Plans, we know how much more successful you’ll be if you have the support in the form of a human who knows your team, brand, process, and desired outcomes. Our coordinators are always promoted from the design floor as a way to ensure they can truly bridge the gap between your requirements and final deliverables with the least amount of friction. This results in faster speed to market, fewer revision rounds, less human error on both sides, and better ROI. Explore Power Plans from Design Pickle.

Canva File Delivery

Supercharge your team’s ability to pivot and iterate with a fan-favorite feature, Canva-ready file delivery! It’s a self-explanatory way to make sure even your least design-inclined team member can be empowered to update the date on that social media graphic, the prospect’s name on the new sales pitch deck, populate a set of business cards for a new hire, update the copy on a promotional design, and so much more. The use cases are endless, and data indicates revision rounds for Canva requests averaging slightly under 2, as opposed to non-Canva requests averaging slightly over 2. Canva file delivery is included in Premium Plans, Grow Power Plans and Custom Power Plans.

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There are a lot of other reasons brands choose Design Pickle. We get really interesting use cases every day. If your brand is struggling with any of these four pain points, or other issues with your creative process, we should talk.

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