The Common Man’s Guide to Market on a Baller Budget

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Updated Jun. 29, 2023 Published Feb. 15, 2017 4 Min. Read

Have you ever dreamed of what you would and could do to market your business if you had an unlimited budget? No, a really, really unlimited amount of money to spend on your marketing?
Today we invite you to go there with us as we share our top five baller budget wish list items. But in the interest of keepin’ it real with each looked at idea we share a practical take away for those of you (ahem, us) not quite at baller status just yet.


Hire Seth Godin to revamp and reinvigorate your marketing team. No doubt the master marketer himself would work wonders to train and improve the talented staff you already have to be even better! I guarantee every person would show up on time for work the day he was in the office.
Keepin’ It Real: No amount of gimmicky ideas will beat a rock star marketing team. While Seth Godin may be out of reach, the takeaway remains – invest in your people, and cultivate the talent already in the building! Sending members of your team to conferences and workshops is a great way to invest in their professional development. Design Pickle will be on tour to several cities in 2017 and would love to pass you a free pickle!


Swag out your next marketing event like a rapper in his prime. Gold-plated iPhone freebies for everyone (yes, you can take one for your mom too), hosted dinners every night, private jets for your team. Make some VIP dreams come true!
Keepin’ It Real: Sometimes nice things make a great impression – but make sure not to overdo it! That great impression can also be made just by being unique, knowledgeable, and genuine. For some off-the-beaten-path giveaway inspiration, check out – guaranteed to inspire a creative promo product idea for your business, a little closer to the budget cap!


Purchase a Super Bowl ad for your product launch. You have a dynamite product and the word needs to get out FAST. A Super Bowl ad provides maximum exposure in real time, and in the scrutiny over every commercial that inevitably follows for days after the big game.
Keepin’ It Real: Advertising works, it’s that simple. Invest in the right channel, know your audience, and understand your tools. Even a local spot can have a reach in the tens or hundreds of thousands, and it won’t cost you millions to run! Need a creative push for your next ad or video? Check out…trust us it’s not as basic as it sounds!


Hire Christopher Nolan to shoot your next online video ad. You have a unique story to tell, and one of the best directors in Hollywood today is worthy to do it justice.
Keepin’ It Real: Regardless of your medium and resources for execution, make sure you have a creative idea and have refined a great story. Not sure where to start with your storytelling? Check out this TED Talk playlist to give you the kick you need.


Secure a single word or letter domain for your company’s website URL. Of all the words in the English language there remain less than 1,500 never claimed as a website URL (that’s a true story!) and of the 1,500 single word URL’s that remain, most are nonsense. If you want to lay claim to the word of your choice, you will have to likely pay a boatload of cash.
Keepin’ It Real: No one is going to remember Make sure your brand, name, and site URL make sense, are easy to remember and can be shared! We love NameMesh for endless ideas of obtainable domains.


Your Pickle pals encourage you to engage in this dreaming as a legit marketing exercise! No yoga mats necessary – just a whiteboard, marker, and creative uninhibited brains in one room.
Let the sky be the limit as you brainstorm ideas for your business, or an area of your business (like events, staff development, technology, equipment, sponsorships/advertising, etc.). No holds barred, no budgets to consider, no restraints on time, resources, or hours! Do this dreaming out loud together for 5-10 minutes, writing down each and every idea on your board.
Now take a look at each item on your board individually and come up with a practical idea or take away for each. Seriously, try it, a great new idea will be in there somewhere!

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