Bulletproof Creative Processes for Sales and Marketing

Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Mar. 28, 2019 3 Min. Read

In marketing, as with many things in life, think quality over quantity. You can spend thousands of dollars on an ad, but without the spice of personality and creativity, it will all come to nothing.
Easier said than done, right? Creativity is arbitrary; inspiration is fickle. Most days, it’s easier to run out of ideas than to come up with them. When that happens, it helps to be methodical. We’ve come up with these tips to keep the gears running.

Here are 5 bulletproof creative processes to boost sales and elevate marketing:

1. Take down even the weirdest ideas.

Even when a suggestion makes everyone laugh, take it into consideration. After all, why not? Don’t be so quick to shoot down ideas. When you promote an atmosphere of utter open-mindedness, even your shyest colleagues won’t hesitate to speak up.

2. “The medium is the message.”

It’s a phrase coined by great media thinker Marshall McLuhan. There is a distinct relationship between what you say and how you say it: you can’t have one without the other. When you feel like you’re running out of things to say, remember that your brand still has a core message. And when you switch platforms and revamp aesthetics, your voice immediately changes and it’s like you’re saying something entirely new. You can always innovate the delivery and packaging. Think app instead of downloadable PDF, or tutorial video instead of infographic. What if you gave people fruit baskets or tickets to a ballet? We don’t know why you would, but the point is, you could.

3. Collaborate with other companies.

Sometimes, two heads are better than one. With two brands to represent, your combined marketing teams have more material to work with, meaning more room for creativity. Campaigns will benefit both companies, and consumers will appreciate receiving a multifaceted presentation.

4. Ask your customers.

In order to market creatively, you must know what kind of content your customers prefer to engage in. Sometimes the best way to know what they want is to ask — through meetings, email, phone calls, or online surveys.

5. Enhance your space.

If you have physical premises, check on your lighting. Fill the air with a gentle but inviting scent. People stay longer in places that are bright and fragrant. This will also work for office space. A great environment stimulates creativity!

BONUS: Tell your origin story.

Origin stories are for more than just the back page of mom ‘n’ pop restaurant menus. People appreciate hearing about risks and humble beginnings — they make businesses more human, which encourages engagement. Don’t be afraid to share.
Most of all, never lose sight of your audience. In this digital age, marketing is no longer the mostly one-sided conversation it used to be. People are quick to feel if an engagement is authentic — quick to respond to something that rings true, and quicker to ignore something that doesn’t. It can be challenging to strike that balance between candid and professional, but with the above tips, we’re confident you can manage it!

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