7 Branded Memes To Market Your Business

Updated Nov. 20, 2023 Published Dec. 13, 2022 5 Min. Read

7 Branded Meme Templates To Market Your Business

For the majority of the past decade, many larger brands have been using popular memes to feed their marketing machines, specifically branded memes, to reach new demographics like never before. Memes have been seen as a cultural building block to communicate inside jokes, current satire and build social commentary about everything from politics to the most recent House of Dragon episode hashtag R.I.P. Lucerys. Memes are also one of the major design trends that can generate engaging leads in 2023.

In this article, we will show you 7 effective meme types and templates you can design to use in your marketing efforts to showcase your brand.

  1. The Drake hotline bling.
    This one is everywhere on the Internet. It’s basically like the McDonald’s of the meme world. This meme took the Internet by storm back in 2015 with Drake’s release of Hotline Bling. Since then, this meme pops up everywhere on social media. This meme is still recognizable in Portal one, and we’re from Reddit to Facebook. You can find Drake rejecting the top panel and doing his signature smug. Not on the bottom panel. The implementation of the brand on this one is super easy. How the top hat will be anything from a competitor or maybe a persona-based pain point. And then how the bottom ten will be your brand, your service, or something to tune your creativity with. It’s a very straightforward and universal way of conveying that your brand is dope and that anything less, you should get the cold shoulder from Drake.
  2. The “Woman Yelling At a Cat” Meme.
    This one always brings a smile. The whole scene is absurd in the best way. It’s hilarious how upset this woman is and the fact that it is directed at a cat. This one could be used specifically as a snarky way to respond to haters of the brand, or the screaming woman could be a customer pain point. The cat is your brand or business and could care less about the pain points simply because it has already solved the problem. In a mocking context, this one will probably need a little finesse. But the goal is mainly to set you and your business up as a snarky thought leader who doesn’t really get flustered by pain points or critics.
  3. “That would be great” meme.
    Anyone who has ever heard of office space knows the meme can hear the line in their head. From David Herman, another easy template to use for your marketing efforts. This one could be a customer pain point for your service solution. This could even be used to ask the viewer to sign up for the purchase from your service. Very simple and very straightforward.
  4. “Aliens” meme.
    This show is just a treasure trove of wild conspiracy theories that occasionally even rivals Scientology rival Scientology. However, this meme could be used as a fun and satirical piece to support your brand or something related to the industry that you’re currently in. For example, with Design Pickle in the design industry, it is common to get irritating phrases like “Make it pop” and “Do what you think looks good.” Anything like that could be used in this context for this meme. Just have fun with it. Be creative and play around with it.
  5. The “Biggest Brain Energy” meme.
    This meme always gets ridiculous and always makes us laugh. It talks about everything from different names for water to how you learn information online. This meme is funny, but really don’t want to name it “BBE,” which is “big brain energy.” Using this meme for your business is very simple. The end result of the biggest brain energy is your business, product, or service. Then you simply work backward on the other options. These other smaller brain options can include, for example, alternate products. A process of doing a task or even a potential alternative to your business is an excellent way of conveying that your product or service is the best option and truly represents a big brain of energy. That’s You.
  6. “The left Exit 12 Ramp” meme.
    As hilarious as this photo is, this image is, unfortunately, photoshopped. Seriously, after checking this image, it only implies a change of route but a sudden and very drastic decision made on the fly. This one is slightly over dramatic but can be seen as a potential customer suddenly changing lanes and heading toward your business or service. The two options can be: one, as we mentioned, your business or service, and number two, the option they are turning away from any alternative. Their problem is a pain point, and a specific alternate business basically shows that your business is the ultimate direction they should be going.
  7. “The Surprise Pikachu” meme.
    To summarize this meme in two words would be “ironic shock” and it can be used to showcase a scenario with a twist or display an obvious cause and effect. This freeze frame is a very satirical way of conveying a shock to some but an obvious outcome to others. This means can be used by ranging from a competitor’s perspective where a customer leaves and uses your service instead. Or could be a funny way to convey the shocking positive outcome of using your service from a customer’s perspective. It’s funny, it’s snarky, which can turn some heads on social media, just like the rest of these memes.

Do these memes help your brand engage better on social media? Do they communicate your brand and voice to your potential customers? Have fun, get creative with showcasing your brand or service, and lean into the personality and tone of these memes. Also very important. Now make sure to test these memes on which works better than others.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get custom memes designed for your brand, it’s time to check out Design Pickle. Click here and schedule a demo to learn more about how we can be a creative engine behind your business.

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