How Great Design can Elevate your CBD Business

Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published May. 19, 2020 2 Min. Read

Few industries have enjoyed the surge in business that the CBD industry has garnered in recent years. As one of the most demanded and rapidly innovating businesses, there are plenty of opportunities for creative marketing and design. Today we’re diving into the strategies you can leverage to elevate your brand.

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp cultivation, there has been explosive growth in companies and entrepreneurs looking to profit. This has resulted in an influx of businesses of varying quality, with authenticity and transparency being the secret to success in the CBD industry. While we can’t assist with the composition of your products, we can strengthen your brand presence, making you recognizable in a crowded marketplace.

A key way to differentiate your business is to offer more than a product to your consumers. Education on dosages and consumption benefits are a valuable resource to those interested in cannabis. By sharing information and educating your audience about CBD, your brand builds authority and respect among consumers. With strategically designed guides, infographics, and other easily digestible content, you can become a thought leader in the industry.

When it comes to products, the playing field is vast. CBD oil, gummies, creams, pet products, and even pillows are on the market. There are variations and differing doses of each. Working with creatives in this business, though, can be a challenge. There are legal restrictions based on state or province that can directly affect your packaging and branding. For example, it may be illegal in your area to promote a product using a photo of someone’s face. This can be easily circumvented with illustrations and caricatures. It’s also possible that you’ll need warning labels on every product you sell. Having a template that you can easily add, remove, or change your packaging guidelines is essential for cost and time savings. It is also helpful to have a creative team that will understand these templates and use them to guide the creativity surrounding your brand.

Speaking of branding, a branding guide is your key to creating consistent, professional visuals. Download our step-by-step guide to creating a complete set of visual brand rules that will help empower your marketing materials, indefinitely!

With the ability to create brand profiles and set expectations with your Design Pickle designer, our service is the perfect virtual creative assistant. From packaging to photorealistic mockups of your products, we can help. Mockups are a great way to secure investors and begin building brand recognition. Need to redesign your website? While we don’t offer coding services, we can provide web page layouts and various elements of your site’s design. We also design ads, YouTube thumbnails, podcast collateral, and more, making Design Pickle the ideal tool for cementing your brand identity. Check out our work samples to see what we’re talking about!

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