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May 10, 2018

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Have you ever suffered from constant content creation complex?
Okay, so we might have made up that diagnosis, but the fear of not being able to produce enough quality content is real for businesses focused on inbound marketing and content creation.
Quality content creation is important for any business looking to share information, gain industry credibility, and persuade customers to make a purchase.
Creating quality content consistently for any business takes time, money, and proficient skills using graphic design tools – resources that most entrepreneurs and growing businesses don’t have to spare.
So how do you treat constant content creation complex? That is, how does a growing business with sparse resources bridge the gap between having your CEO do graphic design work and hiring a full-time graphic design team?
Same-day Service by Design Pickle is an entirely new way for businesses to approach graphic design help. Same-day offers unlimited graphic design requests and revisions with a dedicated, professional graphic designer in real-time during U.S. business hours for one flat monthly fee.
If you’ve ever tried hiring a freelance designer or creative agency for a design project, you know how frustrating the process can be; most freelancers work odd hours, making it difficult or impossible to collaborate on any project during regular business hours.
Freelancers and agencies are perpetually taking on new clients, so you’re never sure how many other requests are competing for your designers’ attention (or time).
If you completely hate the design received, chances are you’re still going to have to pay for it, along with the cost of every round of revision that has to be made. A typical design project can cost anywhere from $250 to a staggering $1,000+ depending on the complexity.
Same-day Service eliminates the headaches of hiring an agency or freelancer for graphic design work by pairing you with a designer who works on your schedule*, dedicated to your business, available for real-time collaboration via Slack messenger for only $995 per month (no contract or hidden fees).
For less than the cost of one freelanced design project, Same-day offers an entire month of graphic design backed by a 3-person quality review check (to ensure no small detail was missed) and a world-class support team.
Sign up for Same-day to try the service for 14 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Same-day process in the first 14 days, you’ll receive 100% of your money back, guaranteed. You’ll even get to keep the designs created for you during those 14 days!
*9 AM – 5 PM MT
image of sample designs we've created


Let’s say you walk into the office on Tuesday morning with the idea to create an infographic summarizing a blog post you wrote the day before.
You probably could put together a decent infographic, but your schedule is booked with more important things to do than tinkering with photoshop for the next few hours.
“This is a job for… Design Pickle!” you exclaim (probably a little too loud for the open-concept workspace situation, #sorrynotsorry).
You log into your account on to put in your request. It looks something like this:

Name of Request: 8 Best Practices
File Size: standard PDF download
Target Audience: social media marketers
“Hey (designer)!
I need a summarizing infographic for my latest blog, ‘8 Best Practices for Growing your Social Media Following’. The 8 points are: give your customer what they want, create relevant, emotion-evoking content, respond to Facebook messages quickly, participate in groups related to your industry, engage with users by responding to comments, test and optimize content using paid ads, post when your audience is active online, and partner with social influencers
Please pair each best practice with depicting graphics using brand colors and include our logo at the bottom of the page.

Shortly after, you get a notification in Slack that request has been received and design is underway.
“I have a quick question about your 8 Best Practices request,” the message reads, “Would you like to add numbers (1-8) to each of the best practices?”
This sounds like a great idea, so you give a quick thumbs up and get on with the rest of your day’s work.
A few hours later, you receive another notification from Slack. This time, the message reads, “all set with your 8 Best Practices design! Let me know if you need anything else!”
Excitedly, you open the box link containing the files:
infographic of the 8 best practices for growing your social media following
“I love the layout and supporting graphics,” you respond, “but the background color is a bit too solid. Please add some contrast to the green.”
A short time later, you receive a final message on Slack to see the updated design. This time, it’s exactly what you were looking for.
the updated version for infographic of the 8 best practices for growing your social media following after sending it in to your Dayshift designer
That’s it! You can download the design in any file format needed – jpg, png, pdf or the source file (Adobe, Photoshop, or InDesign) – and your designer is ready for the next request.
With Same-day, you can request as many design projects as you want, whenever you want. A great way to expedite the request/return process is simply by having more design projects in your JAR queue; the more project requests you’ve got on deck, the quicker your designer can begin your next request.
If you already have a few requests in your queue but need urgent help on another project or a last-minute revision, simply let your designer know via Slack chat. Just let them know which request that you need to be moved to the top of the queue.
Same-day by Design Pickle is the solution for businesses looking for a way to create more quality content, faster.

  • Unlimited graphic design project requests
  • Unlimited project revisions (no extra charges or hidden fees, ever)
  • Super-fast revision process with real-time collaboration via Slack messenger
  • Availability every business day from 9am-5pm MST
  • Free access to Unsplash and Getty Images top-tier stock photos
  • A 3-person review team to ensure design quality
  • World-class customer support if anything goes wrong

If your business is suffering from constant content creation complex, Same-day by Design Pickle is your #1 solution. Collaborate in real-time with your graphic designer to create whatever you want, as often as you want, and for only $995 per month.

Sign up today and receive a 14-day money-back guarantee!

Same-day is a great fit for anyone who has worked with a graphic designer before but no longer wants to deal with hunting down freelancers, hidden fees, or miscommunication from back-and-forth email exchanges. The $995 per month price point is helpful for any business looking to expand their capacity for content creation on a budget.
Same-day may not be the best solution for teams who work outside of normal U.S. business hours (9 AM – 5 PM MT) or don’t have a need for real-time collaboration. If your team lacks the resources necessary to keep up with your content demand, but you don’t need all of the extra support Same-day provides, the Design Pickle Next day plan is for you (for only $370 per month).
Ease your constant content creation complex; take your content creation to the next level with on-demand, real-time graphic design help from Same-day by Design Pickle!

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