Fall 2022 Product Release: All about editing & revising

Published Nov. 14, 2022 5 Min. Read

Let’s face it. Nothing great is ever final on V1.

You need your creative assets, stat, and they have to hit the mark, every time, but that’s rarely delivered on the first try. No one talks about how time-consuming revisions can be in traditional creative processes and the mess after saving tons of “final_final_V123” docs. We get it! That’s why we’ve designed better creative feedback tools on our platform. These new and improved feedback tools reduce revision time for you to get your design assets from V1 to V-Final faster and easier.

You have way more important things to do than to be stuck in an endless feedback loop with your creative. That’s why our latest platform updates are centered around the feedback process, and why we continuously invest in the technology and tools that help you give clear, timely, and actionable feedback to your creative(s). The new features we released this quarter will not only help you reduce headaches, but they’ll also help you get your creative to market even faster – and with a fraction of the hassle of traditional revision processes.

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this release:

1. Leave feedback on ANY page of a PDF

From one-page to encyclopedia-long mega docs, PDFs are typically content-heavy and hold a lot of tedious details. That makes them great vehicles for important messages — but that requires accuracy down to the last detail.

You can now communicate clear, laser-focused revisions on each individual page of your PDF file. Now, you can simply use the drop-down menu or the previous and next buttons to select the page that needs revising, then select the section in question, type your comment, and you’re done! With this update, you don’t need to go through the slow process of revising page-by-page and describing all the changes in a long, tedious paragraph.

Now the only time you’ll utter words like “no, not there, it’s on page 3, second paragraph, fifth line, underneath the logo” is when you’re having a nightmare.

2. Canva file delivery for Presentation Design is here!

If your preferred presentation design tool is Canva, then this one’s for you!

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a pitch to see your competition using the same presentation template as you – or worse – being the only one using a run-of-the-mill deck template. ​​We know it’s painful waiting forever for a custom deck design from your freelance or in-house designer, so we designed a better way.

With an active Premium plan or Custom Teams plan, you can request a pre-made custom Canva presentation template to be designed by Design Pickle that will arrive in days, not weeks. No one will know it’s a Canva template, yet you’ll look like an on-brand rockstar.

Custom Canva-ready presentations give you the ability to add your presentation content, tweak on your own as needed, and never sacrifice the value of a branded look, even without a paid Canva account! Now all your decks can look fly, on the fly. This feature is only available for Graphics Premium or Custom plans.

3. In-app feedback streamlines your day

Great results require great feedback, and in today’s world, that has to happen fast. We know it takes the right mindset and the right tools to effectively communicate creative feedback quickly, so we’re committed to making it always possible (and way better) for you and your team for any asset.

Our in-app feedback tool for graphic design, custom illustrations, and motion graphics allows you to bridge the communication by providing pixel accurate feedback directly on the design without having to describe each part of the design. By pairing this with timeliness (and even better, using a little designer lingo), you’ll get to v2 – and to final_final –  quickly, clearly, and effectively. Ultimately a much more stress-free experience. If you haven’t been using our feedback tools, you’re about to get your mind blown with how much time and effort you’ll save when you use them!

Pro tip: Using precise revision expertise across all creative assets results in fewer rounds of revision and a quicker turnaround for the final assets. So, don’t get stuck in an endless feedback loop and keep requesting revisions directly on the design by zooming in, panning across, and typing feedback!

We’re here to get it right, no matter how many tries it takes!

We’re committed to being the best creative platform in the world, and that has to include making the revision process as stress-free as possible, so you can get your final assets to market faster, with ease. Go ahead! Zoom in, pan across, and type it up. Give us your changes, and we’ll make ‘em happen, no sweat!

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Happy revising!


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