Design Pickle is Awarded Arizona Top Workplaces 2021

Updated Jan. 12, 2022 Published Jul. 15, 2021 2 Min. Read

At the heart of Design Pickle’s creative engine are our people. That’s why we’re honored to be recognized with the Arizona Top Workplaces 2021 award by AZCentral.

This award is especially meaningful because honorees are based solely on employee feedback through a third-party survey. Administered by Energage, the anonymous survey measures 15 culture drivers — based on 15 years of research — that are proven critical to the success of any organization, including alignment, execution, and connection.

Out of 110 companies in Arizona, Design Pickle ranked 16 on the list.

“Creating a strong, positive culture has always been a central focus at Design Pickle,” says Jim Pedicone, Design Pickle’s Vice President of People Success. “It’s an exciting honor to be recognized by Top Workplaces, especially since our employees were the judges.”

As the United States’ most credible employer recognition program, Top Workplaces focuses on recognizing organizational health. It looks for companies that allow employees to align themselves with a vision, be challenged by a high-performance culture, and feel valued and that they have a voice.

“During this very challenging time, Top Workplaces has proven to be a beacon of light for organizations, as well as a sign of resiliency and strong business performance,” says Energage CEO Eric Rubino. “When you give your employees a voice, you come together to navigate challenges and shape your path forward.”

From humble beginnings of just two team members in 2015, Design Pickle has now grown to more than 800 team members worldwide and completed over 1 million requests. As a global creative enablement platform, Design Pickle provides thousands of businesses with access to professional creative talent at a flat rate.

Even during challenging times (like 2020), focusing on innovation, people, and an aligned vision have been at the forefront of Design Pickle’s operations — and these are something we’re honored to be recognized for with Top Workplaces 2021.

“Last year was remarkably difficult, but our team remained committed and engaged,” Pedicone says. “We’re proud to have created an environment that allows them to thrive and rise to every occasion.”

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