Design Pickle Debuts Cloud-Based Graphic Design Platform
December 17, 2018

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Scottsdale, AZ — Dec. 18, 2018 — Today, Design Pickle announces its cloud-based graphic design platform, offering Standard, Pro and custom enterprise solutions. With the click of a button, customers can now choose a level of design output that works best for their individual needs, and users can easily adjust their account by adding or removing Design Processing Units (DPUs) as their workload dictates.
Design Pickle’s cloud-hosted solution provides a scalable digital service for organizations of all types. This is reflected in the launch of DPUs — Design Pickle’s new measurement for graphic design output within one business day. Similar to a computer processor, increasing DPUs improves speed and performance. While any user can request unlimited designs, an account with additional DPUs will secure a higher output of designs.
A Standard subscription with Design Pickle includes one DPU, but users can easily add or remove DPUs on his or her account as their business evolves. One DPU is typically sufficient for users in need of just a few designs per week. Businesses that require multiple concepts every day and real-time collaboration will benefit from adding DPUs or upgrading to Pro.
“The idea for Design Pickle was a selfish solution,” said Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle. “As a creative consultant, I needed help creating great graphics for clients and wished for a way to outsource the work efficiently—in the cloud. Thus, Design Pickle was born. Knowing that businesses need to scale, we’ve created several levels of service to meet each individual customer’s ever-changing needs.”
All Design Pickle subscriptions include unlimited requests and revisions, unlimited brands, a dedicated professional designer, unlimited online storage of all requests, free stock photos and a designated account executive. A Standard subscription with one DPU is $370 per month. The Pro subscription, $995 per month, is designed for businesses with same-day design needs. Pro customers also receive API access, premium Getty Images stock photos and real-time collaboration with designers via Slack. For enterprises with design needs more than five designers can handle, Design Pickle crafts a custom solution.
CargoCzar leverages Design Pickle’s service for rapid design creation as the organization gets print-on-demand requests from its customers.
“At first, I thought I could handle graphic design on my own,” said CargoCzar co-founder, Jim Rutske. “However, when demand for custom products increased exponentially, I knew I had to find help – and quickly. With Design Pickle, I found a solution that could scale with me and a designer that can turn a half-baked idea into beautiful, finished designs. Because of the efficiencies created by Design Pickle’s platform, I have 28 hours back into my work week that I can use outside of drafting designs, increasing business value.”
With customers including Digital Marketer, Branded Bills and Axon, Design Pickle has recently seen notable growth, doubling its revenue in 2018. After hiring 85 designers to meet growing demand this year, the Design Pickle team anticipates hiring an additional 200 designers in 2019.

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