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December 12, 2017

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Hey guys! Russ Perry here. I’ll be posting more about what goes on behind the scenes at the pickle. These posts may be more technical in nature, but I hope they can serve as an example of the level of attention and detail we provide beyond the design experience. Enjoy!

Update #1 – New Onboarding Sequence, Delivered By Intercom

We’ve been using Intercom for direct client and customer success relationships, and to some extent, prospects enter into Intercom first when they send us a message via the chat bubble. As of last week, we moved away from Drip to deliver the onboarding sequence.
When a client signs up they are sent into several sequences to prompt them to finish onboarding and once that is complete, and they are activated, they move into the primary new client sequence.image design pickle customer experience update #1 - our new onboarding sequence powered by Intercom The new onboarding sequence, complete with clever subjects! This sequence is a 7 message sequence with 4 regular emails, a message to see if they’ve logged in within the last 4 days and the 5th final message delivered as an email and an in-app message to segment our clients into how much communication they want to receive moving forward.image of design pickle customer experience update #2 - our 5th and final onboarding message using YesInsights and Zapier to segment users based on the type of content they'd like to receive This is a YesInsights survey that Zaps a tag into the Intercom profile depending on the response. The sequences after onboarding are not activated yet, but eventually, we will have messaging sequences that keep clients engaged on a weekly or daily basis, based on their answer above.

Update #2 – NPS Updates & Clean Automation

This alone was a major project, but we also moved the NPS (Net Promoter Score, also delivered by YesInsights) scoring over to Intercom. For now, users are getting two NPS survey at 32 days and 64 days.image of design pickle customer experience update #3 our Design Feedback and NPS emails in Intercom Design Feedback & NPS all in one, powered by YesInsights, Zapier, and Intercom Depending on their answer, they receive a personalized message from Customer Success. For 9 & 10’s we are asking them to rate/review us. For all other ratings, we are asking them what we can do to improve the Pickle experience.
Again, a big shout out to YesInsights for making this so easy!
The YesInsights’ NPS survey is delivered via Intercom. When a client clicks a response in their email, we set up a Zap in Zapier to trigger a tag to be added to their client profile and an appropriate response is sent.
Once we have a full month of data, we’ll be able to do MONTHLY NPS reporting based on the scores in Intercom and be able to segment that data against other stats in Intercom. For example, we can look at the scores and determine relations to high or low scores based on usage, numbers of requests sent, and eventually per designer and quality review teams.

Update #3 – Designer Review Surveys Revisited

The final move was also bringing in the Designer Review surveys. These are in the same sequence as the NPS survey as to not bombard a user with too many surveys.
We have created a new Designer Survey in YesInsights. So if you are an existing client, you can expect to see something fresh when we ask you to review your designers ?
At the moment we have 2 NPS and 2 Designer Review surveys going out over the first 2-month experience. We can add more as we see fit and as we see what the current response rate is.
Whereas NPS surveys are easy to tag inside Intercom (NPS-1, NPS-5, etc.) I created the Design Survey tag based on their answer – the higher the better:

  • I love them! Keep up the great work! -> DesignerReview-3 tag added
  • A little bumpy, but we are on the right track. -> DesignerReview-2 tag added
  • Things aren’t going well… I need someone to review my account -> DesignerReview-1 tag added
  • No feedback yet – I still need to use the service more! -> DesignerReview-0 tag added

This will help us determine which of our designers and quality review teams are delighting customers as well as giving us an actionable plan to help those clients who have been dissatisfied with our service.
We will reach out to clients with a DesignerReview-1 tag with an Intercom message to gather more information on their circumstance and work with them so they get the service they expect.
DesignerReview-0 ratings will generate supporting messages to increase engagement down the road when we have more Customer Success members.
Also, once we have a month or two of data, we plan to run reports against Designer Reviews + Intercom metrics to paint a more vivid picture of what is making our happiest clients promoters, and what is making our disappointed clients churn.

Our end goal is to have happier clients who look forward to receiving their designs every single day. We believe with these new processes (thanks to Intercom, YesInsights, and Zapier) will create a better Design Pickle for everyone!

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