5 Things Thursday: Customer Connection

5 Tips on Customer Connection
Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published May. 9, 2019 2 Min. Read

It isn’t always enough to have an incredible service or product — connecting with your customers is vital to the success of your business. Client loyalty saves on marketing costs, bolsters referrals, and creates a network of advocates for your brand. But instead of waiting for the phone to ring, it’s up to you to actively engage with your client base.
Spending time on customer connection can also differentiate your business in a competitive landscape — so how do brands create that personal relationship?
For 5 Things Thursday this week, account executive Alec Melger presents five things you can do to build a genuine connection with your customers. Watch now to find out how to get those awesome customer relationships you’ve always dreamed of:


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Show them appreciation

Let your customers know that you appreciate them not only as customers but also as people you interact with daily. In turn, they’ll appreciate feeling genuinely valued.

Asking for their feedback

Your customers are best qualified to tell you what about your product is and isn’t working. Their feedback will help steer you in the right direction moving forward.

Let them see you

You’re truly more than just a name behind a computer screen — so show up! Whether it’s via IRL meetups, pre-recorded videos, or videoconferences, your “presence” goes a long way in building that genuine connection.

Tell them about yourself

Telling customers about yourself builds trust and rapport. What drives you to do a great job? What do you love about what you do? Do you have pets, hobbies, advocacies? Your customers will appreciate your trust and openness.

Ask them questions… about themselves

Yes, it goes both ways. Ask them about what their work means to them, or why they do what they do. Take note of their interests — they’ll appreciate that you remember. There’s no higher compliment you can pay your customer than letting them feel that they’re respected, listened to, and personally cared for.

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At the end of the day, customers appreciate true warmth clothed in flawless professionalism.
A successful connection can result in a seemingly telepathic understanding of needs to be met, readier forgiveness for minor slips, repeat business, and effective referrals.
All it takes are a little patience and a whole lot of genuine interest.

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