3 Ways to Build A Remote Fitness Community

Updated Jan. 19, 2022 Published Jun. 29, 2020 3 Min. Read

In recent times, businesses of all verticals have adopted remote structures. From restaurants to retail, the need for social distancing has caused business owners to get creative with the way they engage their audience. The gym and fitness community is no exception.

Gyms face a unique set of challenges in the wake of a physical closure. With fitness equipment often being the main purpose of a gym membership, it can be difficult to prove value to members who are shifting to at-home workouts. To keep your members interested and loyal, engagement is key. Here are 3 ways to build and sustain your remote fitness community:

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Set up a Live Stream

Facebook Groups, Zoom Rooms, and other social platforms are a great resource for building a virtual community for your members. These platforms are the ideal spaces for posting video workouts or hosting live streams.

Live-streamed workouts have become increasingly popular, as they offer the opportunity for group exercise, without face-to-face interaction. To create this experience, establish a live streaming studio at your gym or from your phone. All you need is a phone, laptop, or basic recording equipment.

Build Your Content

The space where you record your content will depend on the type of workout you offer. For example, if your videos guide your audience through yoga meditations, it may be beneficial to stream from a room with minimal distractions and a yoga mat. If you’re a gym owner with access to your gym, recording your sessions around your fitness equipment may help motivate your viewers. We recommend hard lining your recording device directly to your source of the internet to ensure the best connection.

Share the replays of your stream on your dedicated page or group. The more content you make available to reference, the more your gym will be cemented as a resource, regardless of physical location. Furthermore, utilize the chat and communication features of your platform to encourage community engagement through Q&A’s and group discussions.

Provide Supplementary Materials

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Workout sheets, diet guides, habit checklists, and motivational material will further incorporate your gym into the lifestyles of your members. While each member is likely to have their own fitness goals and needs, the addition of customizable templates can help with the implementation of the health goals provided by your gym.

For the creation of these materials, Design Pickle is the perfect creative partner. Our team of world-class creators is able to design any assets for your gym needed to support and engage your community.

The ways we reach our audiences will continue to evolve, and it’s important we stay motivated and committed to innovation. Take a look at your gym and your members and consider what will work best for them, and for your business. Design Pickle has your back every step of the way.

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