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Published Jun. 20, 2023 8 Min. Read

The days of static photographs and 2D images have passed us by – today’s world is all about striking animations and vibrant sequences with impressive motion graphics. Motion graphics make higher-level concepts easier to understand and draw audience attention with ease, unlike traditional stock images. If you’re looking for a way to make your everyday graphics sizzle and convert more, then you’ve come to the right place!

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics means Graphics in Movement – not rocket science, as they say! We often call it Motion Graphic Design to make it clear that there is a connection between the influence of movement and design. Motion design tools are used by designers to create animated motion graphics that incorporate branding and storytelling into their projects. There are different motion graphic styles used by developers for different purposes, such as data visualization, animated website elements, and infographics. We’ve already seen a HUGE growth in this type of graphic format over the last several years, and we predict even MORE growth in this arena with dwindling attention spans and over-saturated channels and a continuing boom in digital ecosystem growth.

If you’re looking to stay on trend and add some zing to your visual representation, you should start adding motion graphics work to your projects to stand out from the competition! Why settle for an animated GIF when our team of professional creatives can whip up something truly remarkable with your existing assets?

Motion graphics services are invaluable when it comes to making a point without having to break out the novel. Sure, you can tell a story, but what if you want your audience to understand everything in milliseconds, literally? That’s where motion graphics come into play! Do you need to explain a complex process or service so your would-be customers can truly appreciate what you offer? Yep, motion graphics are the best way to accomplish that goal. So next time you need to showcase and communicate something quickly and memorably, go ahead and bring in some motion graphics – they’ll do all the hard work for you!

Let’s celebrate your vision in all its moving glory by breathing life into the static scenes. Forget about the faff – we’ve been doing this for years – so let us take care of the workload instead. Your showstopper visuals are just a few clicks away!

Differences Between Motion Graphics vs Animation

Move over static images, animated graphics are now the order of the day! Long gone are the days when marketers and social media managers were satisfied with using basic visuals in their campaigns — today’s digital customer expects more out of a brand, and motion graphics services can make all the difference. Motion graphics or animation engages people better than still images and videos, encouraging them to make informed decisions about products or services they may be interested in purchasing. Plus, this type of digital content typically infers a higher brand value and drives more brand recall. What more could you ask for from a digital asset?!

You might be wondering what the difference is between motion graphics vs animation. You’re not alone! Motion graphics might sound like just a fancier way of saying animation, but in truth, motion graphics refers to the creative use of motion in graphic design. To think of it another way, motion graphics services could include a branch beneath animation – the umbrella that also includes cartoons, claymation, and every other expression of storytelling with motion.

At Design Pickle, we understand that motion graphics are the way to go to really get your message across. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then motion says all that – and more! Conveying complex ideas in a visually appealing way is key to capturing an audience’s attention, which, let’s face it, isn’t easy these days, given our limited amount of time. That’s why we make sure to offer top-notch motion graphics services, so you don’t have to be concerned with types of motion graphics; leave that part up to us, and rest assured your message will hit home!

Types of Motion Graphics offered with your Premium subscription at Design Pickle:

  • Animated Typography
  • Advanced Animated Titles
  • Animated Logos
  • Animated Graphic Loops
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Product Animations
  • UI/UX Animations
  • Animated Ads
  • Transparent Animated Assets
  • Motion Graphics Template Editing

Motion Graphics Examples

Creative motion graphics is a clever way to tell your brand’s story, get people to elevate engagement on social media and visit your website.

If you’re considering adding motion graphics project ideas to your marketing strategy but don’t know where to start, here are some inspiring ideas that can help you tap into creative ways of making an impact with your audience.

  1. Animate your logo.
    Animated logos are a great way to really show off how unique your brand is, and what better way to do it than in a fun, visually interesting way? They can hone in on really specific details that highlight the special qualities of your business, such as fun animations like winking or spinning.
  2. Market your brand with your story.
    To increase brand awareness, market your brand by highlighting relevant data and the brand’s accomplishments in a visually captivating form. Simple motion graphics will simplify complex data information.
  3. Include animations on your website.
    Put a modern twist on product sales by incorporating visuals that click, flash, and wow with product motion graphics. Not only will it draw web traffic, but it’ll create an unforgettable product experience for everyone who visits. So why not give product motion graphics a chance – just one little experiment could yield huge results! Including creative motion graphics or animations on your website not only can attract more visitors, but also it will push it to rank higher in search engines as well and will garner a 1,200% increase in shares and engagement! It is a scroll-stopper, period.
  4. Add motion to social media.
    With most social media platforms now supporting videos and animation, creative motion graphics can also be used to get creative with your campaigns for maximum effect!

Web Motion Graphics

As we mentioned before, web motion graphics are a great way to add some pop to your website and draw in more customers. But how do you know when it’s time to call up a motion design artist and get cracking? Well, to have these graphics up and running, you’ll need an artist who knows how to create dynamic and engaging visuals. This means someone with a keen eye for details such as typography, tones, light sources, color palette, and transitions. Basically, web animations aren’t something to be taken lightly – you’ll need someone who can turn static visual assets into dynamic experiences that attract visitors back for more!

In Design Pickle we know motion graphics can be a tricky thing, yet our motion graphics artists know what they are doing and are reliable in delivering trendy and top-quality work, no matter the output needed: motion graphics for social media? Motion graphics for Instagram? Motion design illustration? No problem, they do it all. If you think that motion graphics will make your brand more visually appealing and increase customer engagement. They sure will! Our beloved motion graphics artists at Design Pickle make sure that all media channels align — no doubt about that. And why is that? You guessed it: to keep the consistency of your unbeatable brand and make sure we’re sending out the right message on every platform. Go ahead, motion design away!

What Do You Need From A Motion Graphics Designer?

Working with Design Pickle means you get to avoid the dreaded motion graphic designer portfolio search, freeing you up to focus on what really matters: creating motion graphics that make a statement. When you work with a motion graphics freelancer, however, all bets are off as they charge an hourly or one-time fee – and if you need changes after completion, you’ll be stuck searching for another motion graphics editor! Needless to say, it’s much more efficient (and cost-effective!) to go with a reliable motion graphics partner like Design Pickle.

Our artists are amazingly talented, and their skills are unparalleled when it comes to high-quality graphic design. We’re confident that if you use our services, you’ll be more than satisfied with the end results. Even better, we’ve made it as straightforward as possible for you – simply submit your request and then make revisions until the project is perfect. Every part of the process is handled through the same platform, so there’s no need to shuffle around between different websites or software. Just get your creative juices flowing, and let us handle the rest!

Choose the Best Motion Graphics Service

Trying to find a motion graphics agency or an affordable motion graphics studio is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s time-consuming and stressful, not to mention there’s no guarantee that you’ve found the best option and no scope creep. Instead of wasting your precious time, get Design Pickle. With just one subscription design service with us, you get motion graphics, graphic design services, custom illustrations, and presentation design. We like to think of ourselves as one of the best motion graphics companies – and why shouldn’t we? After all, a motion graphics package from us comes with extras that supplement all your motion graphics needs. So why settle for second-best when you could subscribe to our Premium plan and get the full range of motion graphics and additional services?

Schedule a call with one of our experts today! We’ll show you a demo so you can experience what makes us the industry leaders first-hand. Choose from any of our unbeatable graphic design packages and start creating mesmerizing motion graphics!


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