The Agency Ep. 5: Liquid Sleep | Design Pickle x tribetactics

Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published Mar. 3, 2022 4 Min. Read

At the end of that episode, you’re probably thinking the same thing as everyone else: You wish you only had to compete with one other agency. In reality, you’re going to be competing against tens of agencies with the exact same service offering, probably even the same language, and maybe even similar branded water bottles. At a time when business is already scarce and companies aren’t exactly lining up to spend thousands on advertising, this becomes a problem. Because competition leads to a price war, and the pie just gets smaller for everyone.

But maybe, there’s a solution to this. One that does not involve you reducing your margins to the point where you’re barely breaking even. And that solution is Design Pickle and tribetactics.

What’s Unique About Your Agency?

This is a question every potential client asks these days, and when they do, you better be able to answer. You can’t say “we provide the full range of services” because that’s what everyone else says. You can’t say “we focus on client needs and innovation” because that’s what everyone else says too. And you definitely cannot say “because we have branded water bottles.”

What usually happens is that because you’re desperate to stand out, you end up biting off more than you can chew without realizing it, and then your employees end up needing Liquid Sleep. And that’s bad. But now, with tribetactics and Design Pickle, you can offer them what every client wants which no one else has: extremely quick turnaround times and itemized content that they can use across all their channels. And that will make you stand out like no other agency, while also keeping your employees happy and ensuring that your pitch blows Red Agency’s pitch out of the water.

Quick Turnarounds for Everything

We saw earlier how creatives have their own “process”, which cannot be rushed. While that might be understandable for you and me, it’s usually not for clients, who expect quick turnarounds. As a manager, you need to ensure that your staff’s process does not end up costing you business, and the best way to do that is through Design Pickle.

By setting up request forms and curating a list of everything you’re expected to finish, you can decide which tasks are important enough to require the services of your in-house Pablo Piccaso, and which tasks can be handed off to Design Pickle. This frees up time for your designers to work on the bigger projects, and also makes sure that your less-demanding tasks can be quickly and easily completed. That way, you can promise one-day turnaround times to any request forms that they fill. Design Pickle’s subscriptions are also agency-friendly, which means that you can increase or decrease your subscriptions based on how much work you have in a particular month.

Not to mention, request forms ensure that you know EXACTLY what clients want: whether it’s a picture of a billboard on a moon — or a billboard on the actual moon! This saves time and effort all around.

Tailored Content for Every Channel

Every company puts out content in several different ways: blogs, social media posts, podcasts, webinars, Behind the Scenes videos etc. Each of these channels requires a different form of content, and thus, the company’s marketing content needs to be tailored accordingly. While you could ask your employees to do this, the workload often gets so high that they have to rely on Liquid Sleep. The other, smarter option? Send everything over to tribetactics. Whether you need short video clips from a webinar to use on social channels, image posts showing important quotes, or a SEO-rich blog article summarizing the main points from the article, they got your back.

Since content repurposing is literally all they do all day, they’re specialists in it, which means that not only will it be done faster than you could’ve done in-house, it’ll also be better and more effective, because tribetactics’ team of experts know exactly what audiences react to. This means the client is happy, so you’re happy, and tribetactics is happy: It’s a win-win-win! Just like with Design Pickle, tribetactics subscriptions are also customizable based on how much work you have in a month.

So, you’ll never have to run away from “What’s unique about your agency again?” because you’ll have Design Pickle and tribetactics in your back pocket, which will not only set you apart, it will blow them away and make sure that you have their business for all eternity!

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