The Agency Ep. 4: The Shame Suit | Design Pickle x tribetactics

Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published Mar. 2, 2022 3 Min. Read

For all their faults, the Agency got one thing right: “Business is about people and connection.” With the pandemic, there’s really not a lot of scope for agencies to go out and attract clients through the personal touch, which means they’re having to resort to other, more unconventional, methods. While some agencies are opting for socially-distanced dinners with masks on, others have resorted to more mainstream ideas like hosting webinars. But like you’ve just seen, neither of them has a very high success rate, and there’s a reason for that.

The Pandemic and Getting Clients

Earlier, trying to sell yourself to clients and making an impression used to be quite simple. You took the client to dinner at Chili’s (assuming you weren’t banned, of course), had a wonderful meal, and convinced the client to hire you for whatever they needed. But with the pandemic, that is no longer an option (and no, getting dinner delivered to their office so you can eat together on Zoom is not a good idea), and ever-increasing competition means that agencies like you need to do something to stay in the game.

Enter: webinars. Only there’s one problem. Every agency is doing webinars right now, because everyone’s had a bad year, and they think sharing their knowledge and showing people that they know what they’re talking about will help build their community, credibility, and drum up business for them. And what happens when everyone has the same brilliant innovative idea? The idea doesn’t remain as innovative, or brilliant for that matter.

So what you really need is a way to stand out from other agencies that might also be doing webinars, and maybe even on the same topics as you. That’s where tribetactics and Design Pickle come in.

How to Make Your Webinars Stand Out

What happened to the Agency can happen to anyone, especially now that there are so many webinars out there with similar content. This means all of your genius content and ideas might not be seen and read by as many people as you’d like. And while putting Jim in the Shame Suit might make you feel better, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Here’s the thing: no one wants to watch a 4-hour webinar. But watching a few short clips of 2-3 minutes each that can tell them the gist of a nuanced and complex topic? Everyone loves that. Combine that with a few social media posts listing the best quotes from your webinar that’ll make people want to watch the whole thing, a few SEO-rich blog posts that will catapult your website to the first page of Google, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for success. Times are changing, and your means of distributing content to your audience need to change with them.

Design Pickle and tribetactics For the Win

In order to change with the times and ensure maximum engagement for your webinars and other forms of content, you need to use Design Pickle and tribetactics. By getting tribetactics to break down your webinar into small, easily digestible pieces of content, your viewership and following will increase. Their SEO blogs targeted towards your ideal audience will keep you on the top of search engines so that your agency is the first one that comes up whenever potential clients search for agencies.

While tribetactics helps with content, Design Pickle can take over the designing side of things. Whether you need to create social media posts about your webinar to tell people about your best quotes and quick takeaways, or you wish to have thumbnails for uploading webinar snippets, Design Pickle has got your back. With services tailored to your requirements and the message you wish to convey, it is the one-stop solution for all your designing needs.

So what are you waiting for? Take that webinar that had very few attendees, send it to tribetactics and Design Pickle, sit back, and watch the magic happen. And let Jim out of the Shame Suit, he’s been wearing it for too long. 

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