The Agency Ep. 3: 2021: A Space Cheese Odyssey | Design Pickle x tribetactics

Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published Mar. 1, 2022 4 Min. Read

Managing client expectations can be tough, right? After all, there is always a huge gaping difference in what clients want and what their budget allows for. As a creative agency manager, you know better than anyone that clients will literally ask for the moon and stars (pun intended!), and still not be satisfied until they’ve been through at least 20 rounds of revisions.

And if you’re busy doing the revisions on a project for one client, what happens to the other projects you have pending with the same client? What about other clients? Well, we might have a solution to your problem.

Automating and Delegating the Revisions Process

Multiple revisions can be exasperating for several reasons: not only does it mean that your people are tied up in them for a long time, it also means that it’s that much longer before you get paid. Not to mention, usually revisions tend to be about things so minuscule and irrelevant that you don’t really need to be an expert to knock them out. The worst part? You can’t even tell clients NO, because competition is so bad right now that no agency can afford to lose business.

The answer? Design Pickle. It helps you ensure that all revisions are taken care of in an easy and timely manner, leaving your superstars with time to focus on the really major projects. Say there’s a client who wants you to change the font from Arial to Montserrat Light in all their banners and social media posts. It’s a long and tedious process since you’ll have to manually change it in every single design. But with Design Pickle, you can outsource this to their designers, allowing you to work on studying orbital geopolitics and getting property rights on the moon.

And of course, you can simply increase the number of designers through Design Pickle whenever you need, and reduce them back once all client projects have been settled. This way, not only do you save tons of time, you end up saving tons of money too.

Maximize Your Video Outputs

Managing 10 clients with 15 projects and 20 revisions each might not leave you with enough time to work on your own social media content and website blogs, so why not leave that to tribetactics? All it takes is a single video to create 5 short image/video posts that you can use for all your social media channels. Just like the Agency and their moon landing, you can record your designers and creatives going about their work, be it the idea generation process, the planning stage, or the final execution part.

Then, add it to tribetactics, specify how you want the content repurposed, and voila! Sit back and focus on giving your 110% to your clients, while resting assured that your own needs are being taken care of by someone whose level of dedication to clients matches yours.

Communication is Key

None of the rest of it matters if your communication with clients and employees isn’t on its A-level. For this, you need to do two things:

  1. Invest in a good internet provider, so the next time the client’s voice does not break out during a meeting.
  2. Double and triple-check the brief with the client before you move forward, especially when it’s a large project. Are you sure he said he wanted the billboard on top of a star or was it “on top of a car”? Getting confirmation will prevent you from having all your employees shouting at you because they had to stay on hold with NASA all day.

But how do you ensure good and clear communication takes place, especially at a time when you cannot go meet clients in-person? By using tribetactics and Design Pickle, whose platforms have been designed in a way that make communication so much easier. Once a piece of content has been repurposed, clients can leave their comments right there, so the team knows exactly what and how to change.

So, if you’re looking to avoid situations wherein you have to fake a moon landing (or should it be, fake a moon landing again, just like NASA did?), what you need to do is automate your revisions, outsource your own video content needs, and maintain clear lines of communication with clients. That means subscribing to both tribetactics and Design Pickle, so that your clients are just as happy as Gale was towards the end of the episode.

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