The Agency Ep. 2: Creatives Are The Worst | Design Pickle x tribetactics

Updated Sep. 7, 2022 Published Feb. 28, 2022 4 Min. Read

Every creative agency manager knows that different people have different personalities. If your designer is like Chad, then it is important for you to manage their client interactions to avoid disastrous consequences. Everyone has their own skill sets: some people are fabulous designers, while some people are better at dealing with clients and providing soft landings to blows. Such different personalities can cause problems in creative organizations. Read on to find out the single best way to get around this problem (spoiler alert: it’s a combination of Design Pickle and tribetactics).

How to Manage Creatives Through Design Pickle

You know, we get it. Sometimes it feels like they should add another semester in MBA courses simply on how to manage creatives. But until that happens, your best bet is to subscribe to a service that knows what it’s like to manage creatives and can simplify the process to the extent where half your job isn’t getting the creatives to do theirs.

With Design Pickle, your life becomes so much more stress-free than it was. Have a mundane task that is below the pay grade of your in-house Pablo Picasso? Send it to a designer and get it done quickly, so your designers can focus on what’s important. Have a particularly stressful month where you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and the deadlines are getting to you? Simply expand your subscription with the click of a button and add more creatives to the team, just for that one month.

Not only this, but the tiny Pickle man on Design Pickle will also ensure that your creatives are on top of their deadlines and doing everything else that you want them to do without being reminded hundreds of times. This way, you can let them go through their own process without worrying that the client will get a Pollock painting instead of the sleek minimalist social media designs they ordered.

tribetactics: Let the Vlogger in Them Thrive

Maybe your own designer, just like Chad, keeps telling people how great his/her ideas are and how they’re God’s gift to the planet? Well, with tribetactics, you can actually use that to your own advantage. Stoke this vlogging fire inside your designer, let them record themselves discussing their process, creating their designs, or anything else, and send it over to tribetactics. Then, let them work some of their very special brand of magic and repurpose that vlog into a series of social media posts that you can use to tell potential clients how talented your team is.

With tribetactics, all you need to do is simply submit these vlogs on our website, and we’ll get to work. We crop out the parts where they’re saying client ideas are “the dumbest thing they’ve heard since they started working here”, take out useful parts of the vlog where their greatness really shines through, and whip out a series of posts to demonstrate the Picasso-esque work of your designer. You could also set up your own website blog, by letting tribetactics repurpose your vlogs into easy-to-read, fun articles just like this one. This way, you’re not only adding value, you’re also allowing clients to better understand the designing process.

Who knows? If more clients start reading your blog and liking your designer, maybe they’ll finally come up with a “smart” idea for once.

Keep Your Mind Stress-Free and Calm

If you use Design Pickle and tribetactics, you can rest assured that they will handle most of your more headache-causing tasks, making sure that you can free your time and energy for the tasks that really matter, such as getting new clients and keeping them. Also, through their model where you only pay for as much as you use, you can scale up during months of increased client demand and scale down in months that might not be so active.

Overall, using our subscription services ensures that your job becomes so much easier, your team’s productivity goes up, and your agency becomes that much more of a force to be reckoned with. So subscribe today, and never have to worry about your creatives missing deadlines or annoying people again!

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