5 Examples of Explainer Videos We’re Loving

Updated Jan. 25, 2024 Published Sep. 12, 2023 5 Min. Read

We’re a Little Motion Obsessed (Who Isn’t?)

It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that 96% of consumers watch explainer videos to understand more about a product or service 1. 88% of consumers claim that seeing a brand video has influenced them to purchase a good or service 2, and 78% of consumers said the same about being influenced to buy or download software or subscribe to a SaaS. That’s pretty compelling!

That’s why explainer videos are EVERYWHERE these days, and not just in commercials on TV. You see them in your Instagram feed, in their airport, at the gas station, in your aunt’s social stories, and even in streaming ads that interrupt you from listening to your favorite playlist. Motion graphics have animated the product marketing world, now more than ever!

No matter when and where you see them, one thing is for certain, they are an amazing tool to communicate a brand’s style, voice, and the services that any given company provides. And these colorful animated assets are here to stay.

What makes a great motion graphic asset? While all art is subjective, there are definitely some key components and tactics that make some motion marketing marketing videos much more engaging, high-performing, and ultimately, more successful. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula, there are definitely some key tips and patterns to be gleaned from these awesome examples. Let’s check them out!

This video can be described as the perfect fusion of live action with motion graphics. The viewer is able to understand the message, and the visuals are stunning. The way the narrative is visualized is on-brand, innovative, and intentional. Their video shows possibility, while educating on scope.

In order to accomplish this amazing video, the team clearly coordinated, planned, shot, and edited with all of these beautiful animations in mind. The cinematographer and the editor knew in advance what these animated assets were and how they were going to affect the narrative of the ad.

Another great example of how motion graphics can drive the direction of an ad’s narrative, this time incorporating an auditory story! This plan explainer or service explainer carefully combines the product with visual (motion graphics that coordinate with the Artilist scores).

In order to accomplish this type of explainer, your narrative must coincide with your visuals in a way that makes the audio as much of a star as the design. Craft your storyboard and script with this in mind for success.

This beautifully made explainer video has a very unique purpose – introduce a new visual identity for a brand, leaving viewers with a feeling of familiarity. There’s a clear cohesion from start to finish, with an extra dynamic style of lighting. By focusing on capabilities and explaining them in a visual way with a refreshed brand identity, the ad communicates a TON of information in one minute and twenty-two seconds of run time with very little live action needed. Nothing about this ad feels out of place or jarring to the viewer.

To get this look, you need to be intentional about style from the get-go, not just messaging and CTA. The style has to be the unifying thread, and your visuals should all contribute to that end, or they’ll feel superfluous and disconnected.

We’ve decided to go with a Design Pickle original for this next example. Though this example is a tad bit more subtle when it comes to motion graphic elements, it really exemplifies how animations and graphic elements can be a simple but mighty narrative tool to communicate a use case for a product.

To nail this type of motion explainer video, the storyboard that your video producer works with should be in super tight lock-step with your vision for your animations and graphic components. There’s still a story and a CTA – and the UIUX matches what the end users will experience.

As always Adobe creates some ridiculously imaginative and visually stunning ads (they are a creative platform afterall, so the ad itself MUST inspire creativity). The use of motion graphics in this ad takes what would be a mundane subway ride and turns it into a wellspring of pure imagination. Though this ad’s CTA is far less direct than the others on this list,  it really encourages and inspires, which leads to the end goal of end users creating more content.

This type of video requires skilled artists who have wild imaginations to truly surprise and delight the viewer. Highly skilled animators and motion graphics artists or even just an illustrator can be very difficult to find, and expensive, so finding a partner who can help you tap into this talent is key.

Ready To Try an Explainer Video?

These are just a few of MANY different examples of how motion graphics can really level up your explainer videos for your brand and breathe new life into old and tired CTAs.

Looking to capitalize on using motion graphics and don’t know where to start? Talk to one of our motion graphics experts to explore how Design Pickle can fill that gap. We can be the creative engine behind your animated assets and explainer videos. You’re just a click away from a flat-rate subscription that gives you full access to a dedicated motion graphics artist, video editor, and more.

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