3 Reasons Agencies Partner with Design Pickle

Published Jun. 24, 2024 5 Min. Read

Ever found yourself in a tight spot, juggling deadlines and client demands, while your design team is stretched super thin, and your to-do list is a mile long? Maybe you’ve got clients looking for trendy, innovative design types that you don’t offer (yet) and can’t afford or find time to source? Or you’re struggling to keep your design team majority billable with no off-ramp in sight?

While these scenarios are unfortunate realities for thousands of agencies, Design Pickle has solved many of these major problems for thousands of agencies worldwide over the last decade.

We’ve compiled three compelling reasons why agencies partner with Design Pickle to produce their creative design assets for clients. We’ve delivered over 140,000 quality designs to thousands of agencies (and counting), helping them with three major pain points in a sustainable, scalable way.

1. Increase Creative Bandwidth Immediately

Picture this: You’ve just scored a new client, but your design team is already swamped. Hiring a new designer takes time (and let’s face it, who has that?). Do you want to spend your time working with HR and recruiters and scouring portfolios, or empowering your existing design team to expand their bandwidth immediately? (The latter sounds a lot more reasonable, right?)

With a Design Pickle subscription, you can take on that new client, expand that contract, and never worry about hiring hassles or designer churn again. We’re like the magic wand for instant creative bandwidth. Bam! Problem solved. We match you with designers based on your brand and asset needs, and you tell us how much bandwidth you need for daily design time.  Once you’ve loaded up your queue with design requests, we’ll get to work. We’ll even work asynchronously, while you sleep, allowing you to wake up to the latest rounds of creative to review! With same-day and next-day turnaround on many asset types, you’re going to love the design horsepower.

2. Add New Creative Capabilities Without the Hassle

Ever wished you could offer a wider range of services to your clients but don’t have the talent or the workload to justify a full-time headcount? Motion graphics, illustrations, video editing—these are all design capabilities that clients expect their agency partners to deliver. Have you had to turn down a request or a prospect because they were looking for a creative solution you just don’t have on staff (yet)?

You’ve gotten them in the door, you’ve done all the work to get in front of them; you and your team deserve to be able to confidently say “YES, we can deliver that.” We get it.

With Design Pickle, you can start selling these shiny new services without the painful process of sourcing talent or worrying about keeping them full-plated as you ramp up. The way our design subscription works means you can have many designated designers who all specialize in different areas – but you still pay ONE flat fee. Add some video requests, some illustration requests, some presentation requests, no problem; we’ll tackle them all.

It’s like adding new tools to your belt without buying the whole toolbox. Magic, right?

3. Offload Billable Work and Keep Your Team Focused

Let’s be real: not all work is created equal. Some tasks are billable gold mines, while others… not so much. And yet, you’ve got KPIs to hit. Without adding more hours to the day (we tried it), what do agencies do with non-billable design work? It adds up. We’re talking brand marketing for the agency, new business and RFPs, and even expansion work can all be considered non-billable, but important. How do you ensure your team can handle it all, while juggling the billable work?

Design Pickle helps you offload whatever requests you want –  like all the non-billable work – so your in-house design team can focus on what really helps your margins grow. And, let’s face it, hit those KPIs for billable hours. Got lots of non-billable internal marketing to handle? Hand it over to us. Need help with new business designs? We’re on it. Your team stays happy, productive, and billable with Design Pickle.

Ready to Get Out of That Design Pickle?

We get it. Increasing design output, adding new skills and services, all at a predictable rate with no risk sounds like a fairy tale. But it’s real, and it’s simple. Our plans start with one designated designer, and you can scale up as needed. Land a client today? You could have a designer working on their project tomorrow. No fuss, no delays.

Here are some of our agency client’s favorite features of our services and platform:

  • Brand Profile Tool: Keep your brand’s colors, fonts, and assets organized in one place.
  • Unlimited Revisions: No more worrying about scope creep or overage fees; make as many requests as you need.
  • Share & Review Link Tools: Easily share designs with your team and clients for feedback and approval outside of the Design Pickle platform (your secret’s safe with us). Say goodbye to messy email threads and hello to clear, organized design requests.

Why Design Pickle?

We’ve worked with over a thousand agencies and delivered over 140,000 designs for agency clients. Our tools, people, and processes are tailored to make your life easier. With white-glove onboarding support, super-fast response times, unlimited brand profiles, and built-in production coordinators, we’re not just a service; we’re your new best friend in the design world.

If you’re ready to increase your margins and fortify your business continuity with a trusted creative production partner, let’s talk. Reach out to us today and discover how Design Pickle can transform your agency.



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